Career Gap Analysis Examples – 6+ Sample Templates

Ever feel like you know where you want to go with your career but don’t know how to get there? A Career Gap Analysis will help. A Career Gap Analysis Template helps us determine our skills and competencies, while also clearly delineating where one’s gaps are, and helping to develop a plan to acquire new career skills that will fill those gaps. This concept can be accomplished using a structured system, can be accomplished in an unstructured manner, or can be accomplished by using a combination of both.


When first learning about the concept, it is best to use a structured system, or template, in order to properly identify the gaps between one’s current knowledge, skills, and abilities, and those knowledge, skills, and abilities that are required for their ideal career.

There are five steps to follow when using a Career Gap Analysis Template:

  1. Conduct a self assessment – What are the skills and competencies necessary to be successful in your dream job or career? Organize these into categories such as “Knowledge required” and “Leadership competencies”. Then, determine what your current level is within each of these categories.
  2. Determine the target level for success within each category and figure out in which categories you fall short.
  3. Rank the categories identified in step 1 by priority. Which are the most important to be successful in the job or career? Which are the least important?
  4. Based on the priority list from step 3, develop a plan to strengthen your short falls in the categories based on the most critical to least critical categories.
  5. Review the plan frequently and continuously repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have successfully met the needs of your dream job and/or career.

Through the use of this Career Gap Analysis Template, one will be on the path to achieving their dream job and following the path to career success. Here are a few samples to help you with your tasks…

Career Gap Analysis Example,

Career Gap Analysis Example

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Gap Analysis Career Action Plan for PDF,

Gap Analysis Career Action Plan for PDF

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Career Gap Analysis Sample,

Career Gap Analysis Sample

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Career Skill Gap Analysis Example,

Career Skill Gap Analysis Example

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Career Growth Gap Analysis for PDF,

Career Growth Gap Analysis for PDF

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Career Gap Analysis Template,

Career Gap Analysis Template

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