Contractor Invoice Template – 6 Printable Contractor Invoices

Contractors are hired by an individual or a business to perform all kinds of work around their property. There are contractors that perform electrical work, roofing, plumbing, heating, painting, and more. The contractors work on the tasks for a specified time and supply labor along with materials. The contractor requires a method to provide a detailed summary of the work that was completed for the client or the business. A Contractor Invoice Template is used to take care of those important details for the contractor and to provide proof to the client that the work was completed and the contractor needs payment.


A contractor is a professional that is hired to complete certain tasks by a specific time. The Contractor Invoice Template is their proof that the work requested was completed. For example, a painter is contracted to paint the outside of a building. They add the labor or hours worked to the template along with the materials that were used. All the labor and materials are added up and the template should show the amount required to pay the contractor for their services.

Contractor Invoice Template Features :

Generally, every Contractor Invoice Template has the same features. The template should have the contractor logo at the top of the template. The contractors address is also an important feature. There is also a section for the name of the contractor, a date, invoice number, the name of the client, a material section, and the labor performed section.

Preparing just the right invoice is difficult. Fortunately, this page contains 5 Contractor Invoice Templates for you to consider. They are professionally crafted and will give any that uses the templates a very businesslike and professional look that will also make it very easy to keep track of all their professional work performed.

Consultant Invoice Template for Excel® :

Consultant Invoice Template for Excel®

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Contractor Invoice Template :

Consultant Invoice Template

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Freelancer Contractor Invoice Template :

Freelancer Contractor Invoice Template

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Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template :

Plumbing Contractor Invoice Template

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Sample Contractor Invoice :

Sample Contractor Invoice Template

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Service Contractor Invoice Template :

Service Contractor Invoice Template

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