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General Book Template – The technological advancements of the past decade are truly remarkable; today an individual can find, purchase, collect and transport a mind-boggling number of e-books. However, despite the very best innovations, there has yet to be any replacement for the tactile sensations of paper books; the feel of the page being turned or the smell of the paper and ink is what brings many of us back to the brick & mortar bookstore.


Despite how people are choosing to read, with the ease of transporting books and with readership numbers growing, now is the ideal time for first-time authors to write a book and have it reach large markets, faster, cheaper, and easier.

The first step to any form of writing is to know what you are writing. Never approach a project casually or unprepared; even if your ‘research’ involves reading only a few articles on the subject, you’ll never regret it. The more you research and comprehend about your topic, the more often the proper words seem to come easier and flow smoother.

Develop a structure. What are you trying to say with your book? What is the easiest way for the reader to comprehend that meaning? How did you reach your conclusions? By creating a structure for your book, you set the pace for the knowledge being shared. With an elegant chapter layout, the author leads the step-by-step exploration for the hidden meaning of the text, an expedition in which all readers participate.

Create a schedule. Whether your work is fiction or non-fiction, a cookbook or tawdry romance, before it will become the bestseller you know it is, first you must actually write it. By having a time each day specifically dedicated to writing, you’ll not only increase your out-put, but also develop the tools for overcoming writer’s block. For even if you can only commit to 300 words a day, they will be the best 300 words you will produce that day. If you share your life and/or home with others, stress to them how important to you that block of time is and request not to be disturbed.

Dedicate a space. Find a place in your home or office to create, free from the noise, diversions, and distractions that plague our daily lives. Even if you are just sitting in a bean bag chair in the corner with a laptop while wearing noise cancelling headphones, you need some space to organize your thoughts, sort research materials, organize notes, and, of course, write.

Know how to accept criticism. If you are reading this article, if you are driven to write for the sake of writing, you obviously are passionate about your work and that is to be admired. However, passion can complicate matters, particularly when working with an editor. No matter what you write or for whom it is written, at some point you can guarantee either requested changes or critiques; which can be infuriating to an author while drastically improving the end result.

Here are a few samples to help you with your tasks…

General Book Template for PDF,

General Book Template for PDF


General Book Template for Word,

General Book Template for Word