Meeting Appointment Letter Samples

A meeting appointment letter is a letter written by individuals or institutions to specify meeting related items such as meeting cancellation or a possible meeting. This letter puts more emphasis on the importance of the meeting as compared to emails or text messages. Furthermore, it shows professionalism since the writer is able to put across the reasons for calling he particular meeting. 


Sample of Business Meeting Appointment letter Template

simple meeting appointment letters


Meeting Appointment Letter Sample

editable meeting appointment letter


Request for Meeting Appointment Letter Format

printable meeting appointment letter


Confirmation Meeting Appointment Letter

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Sample of Meeting Appointment Letter

formal meeting appointment letter


Meeting Appointment Reply Letter Format

editable meeting appointment letter


Sample of Customer Meeting Request Letter Template

free printable meeting appointment letter


Elements of a Meeting Appointment Letters

A professional appointment meeting letter needs to have the following elements:

The return address:

Also known as the writer’s address, it should be placed at the beginning of the letter to the top left margin or the top right margin. This include the name or institution writing the letter,physical address, town/ city and its postal code. All this should be written on separate lines ending with commas(,) after which one should skip a line to write the date. In this section one should not include their telephone number.

The receiver’s address

This should be placed at the left margin just below the return address. This may include the name, department of the institution and title of the receiver, adding their address in full.One should not add the date after this address.


As it is in many letters, salutation is a formal way of greeting a person.This is “Dear Mr” or “Dear Mrs” followed by the name of the person, ie: “Dear Mr Blake”. this should be completed with a comma(,). It is advisable not to use “Dear Mr” or “Dear Mrs” separately unless you are aware of the gender of the receiver.

The main body

The body of the letter comes next and this contains the reasons for writing the letter. This may be in three to five paragraphs, containing five to six lines each. The paragraphs can be either block or indented format.

The body of a meeting appointment letter should contain the venue of the meeting,a concise and brief description of the reason of meeting, the date of the appointment, suggested meeting duration, date of possible follow up meeting and what the people attending may gain from the meeting. To gain a reader’s attention easily one may consider using phrase such as; “Please note that”, “Please consider” etc


One may close with “Yours Sincerely”. This is written at the bottom left of the page after which you leave a space for a signature followed by the writer’s name. 

Some writing tips of appointment letters are as below;

  • The length of the letter should not exceed one page.
  • The language used in the letter should be simple and not use any broken words in the language being used.
  • The letter should have no errors as one should check for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and punctuation errors.
  • The letters should be typed to avoid dirty work presented through handwritten letters.
  • Although it is modern to send letters via email, it is more official to print and present the letters physically.
  • One should use a standard piece of paper in their country/ region and for proper delivery one should consider using a manila envelope to ensure the letter arrives intact.