Membership Offer Letter Template – 7+ Samples

A membership offer letter allows a company or organization to offer an individual the opportunity to cement an ongoing relationship with their organization through a membership program. A membership program is a great way to foster loyalty and inform potential members of the perks of joining the club or program. An offer letter is usually sent in response to the individual’s application for membership to an organization such as a gym, sporting or social club.


Gym Membership Offer Letter

A gym membership offer letter informs a potential member that they can eligible for a membership with your gym.

Gym Membership Offer Letter 1

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A gym membership offer letter should inform the recipient of the key conditions of membership as well as the perks that they will experience by becoming a patron of your gym.

A gym relies on the loyalty of its users making a membership offer letter a key resource in expanding and solidifying ongoing relationships.

Gym memberships generally include ongoing payments and an offer letter should outline these payments briefly so that the member will not get any unpleasant surprises when they sign their contract.

Club Membership Welcome Letter

A club membership welcome letter allow an organization such as a social club to welcome and remind a new member of the perks and obligations of membership.

Club Membership Welcome Letter 1

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A club membership welcome letter is a great way to formally express gratitude to a new member, making them feel valued and appreciated from the outset.

A club membership welcome letter informs the applicant that they have successfully gained membership and what they can expect from being part of the club.

A well-designed club membership letter makes a great impression on your new member inspiring respect for your club or organization.

International Membership Offer Letter

Membership Offer Letter in PDF 1

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New Membership Welcome Letter

New Membership Welcome Letter

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Membership Offer Letter

Membership Offer Letter 1

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Board Membership Offer Letter

Board Membership Offer Letter 1

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Membership Invitation Letter

Membership Invitation Letter 1

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Tips on Writing a Membership Offer Letter

Keep it positive – You are giving a new member good news so your tone should be positive and professional. Congratulating your new member is important but don’t include language that is too flowery or colloquial.

Include details – Without including details about the membership and the organization you might find that the letter creates confusion. Keep it brief but offer a few details about perks, conditions and general club information.

Point of Contact – Giving your new member a person to contact if they have questions not only helps them to feel included and supported but giving your new member a contact within the organization can help clear up any confusion or issues.

Call to Action – As with many letters associated with a business or organization, it is important to include information that prompts the recipient to take a specific action, such as visit in person to sign a contract or pick up a welcome pack.