Promissory Note Template

Every once in a while you might find yourself in a position to either borrow money from someone or be able to loan money to someone. When the world was a different place a simple handshake was all it took to seal the deal and that was that. Now however you never know who the person really is that is borrowing the money from you, and you need a little more security for that transaction. This promissory note template can help you create the right note in order to keep track of that transaction.


This promissory note template is simple to use and has everything in it that you might need to keep up on the transaction. By using this promissory note template you are letting each person involved in the transaction know that it is a serious transaction and that payment needs to be paid back at the time specified. Our promissory note template can be edited to add all the information you need giving it a professional look and keeping the locations for signatures open. This makes it easy to use, and all you will need to do when done making your changes is print and sign the agreement.

This promissory note template will hold up with a lawyer and with the court as well, as it is a legal promise between two parties concerning funds of items passing between them. The promissory note template also can be used by the person borrowing the money and not just the lender. It shows the lender that the borrower means business and has a plan to pay back what they owe. By using the promissory note template you are almost securing your funds, and at the very least know where they are, and when they will be coming back to you.

Preview for Promissory Note Template and Sample :


Preview for Promissory Note Template and Sample

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