3 Best Concierge Cover Letter Samples [Writing Guide]

Concierges usually work in the hospitality industry and are based at the main entrance desk in a hotel. They play a crucial role since they give the first impression of the hotel to customers. They perform roles like answering inquiries, greeting guests, identifying requirements, confirming reservations, understanding customer needs, arranging recreation activities, delivering personalized solutions, and solving any customer concerns. When looking for a job as a concierge, you need to write an excellent concierge cover letter to increase your chances of success.

It is important to reference the requirements listed in the job description when writing the letter. Start by referencing your most exceptional or relevant qualifications to help the recruiter see how qualified you are for the job.

Free Templates

A concierge cover letter template is a pre-designed document that helps you craft a compelling cover letter specifically tailored to the concierge position you’re applying for. By using a template, you can save time and effort while ensuring that your cover letter adheres to professional standards. These templates are completely free to download, making them accessible to everyone seeking to make a strong impression in the concierge industry.

Free Concierge Cover Letter Sample 01- Word Format

Editable Concierge Cover Letter Template 02- Word Document

    Writing a Concierge Cover Letter

    In most cases, employers look out for applicants that can efficiently carry out job responsibilities and are able to focus and work on the needs of hotel guests. The concierge should also have the ability to correctly answer the questions asked by guests and initiate a healthy and professional conversation with them. This will improve the guest’s perception of the hotel.

    An excellent concierge should know the facilities and services the hotel offers and give advice to customers when they ask questions concerning them. When writing a concierge cover letter for a job application, there are tips that can help you write an excellent one.

    Follow these tips to write an outstanding cover letter to the employer:

    • Showcase readiness for the role: Guests mostly asses the hospitality of a hotel by the concierge service. Therefore, present yourself as a person who is ready and willing to help improve the hotel’s service delivery in your concierge cover letter. Mention how ready you are to answer customer questions and concerns. Guests need to be treated like they are at home to feel comfortable. If you are not ready to fulfill the client’s request, then you won’t thrive in this role.
    • Highlight advantages: Many employers prefer hiring a concierge who has excellent knowledge of English and notably, fluency in a foreign language.  Including this in your concierge cover letter will make your communication skills better, increasing your value as a specialist. A high school diploma will be accepted by many employers when applying for this role. A Bachelor’s degree in hotel administration will however, be an added advantage. Always remember to mention your academic qualifications in the cover letter.
    • Maintain an enthusiastic and professional tone: This is because concierges are in constant communication with guests. So a confident, friendly and enthusiastic attitude is vital to be successful in this position. You can express this part of your personality through your cover letter. Highlight your remarkable communication skills and end the letter with a simple call to action.
    • Use a simple language: In your concierge cover letter, avoid using jargon and other phrases that can make it hard to understand. It is important to remain as simple and precise as possible. Many people apply for the same position and your application could easily be thrown out for such reasons.

    Concierge Cover Letter Samples

    Following are some concierge cover letter samples provided for your help:

    Sample 1

    Dear Mr. Edwards

    I recently came across a concierge vacant position on your hotel’s website, and I would apply for this role. I have over nine years of hotel and service experience, and I enjoy helping guests during their stay. I have acquired a wide range of professional skills over the years. I believe these abilities will greatly benefit your hotel.

    I started off my career as a waiter in a restaurant. This was an exciting role and I learned how to deliver services in a fast-paced and challenging environment. I still work here, and after a few months as a waiter, I was promoted to a front-desk guest representative. Even though this environment is not fast-paced, I understand what guests expect from a restaurant or hotel when they check in.

    I believe that landing this role will immensely contribute to my personal growth. I can represent your hotel efficiently and in a professional manner.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

    Yours Sincerely,

    John Smith.

    Sample 2

    Dear Mrs. Williams,

    I am writing to apply for the concierge position your organization recently announced vacant. I came across the posting on your hotel website. I really admire your work and I would like to present my resume for this position. Having been in the hotel industry for the last four years, I know I can meet the responsibilities and requirements of your company. I can offer excellent customer service and offer my help whenever they need it. I am always ready to listen to guests and ensure they are having the best experience.

    I am available for a personal interview where we can discuss my past experience and future goals in detail. You can also contact me through my email address [email protected] or phone number (555) 222-555-112.

    Yours sincerely,

    Kate Hudson.

    Final Words

    A concierge cover letter is an essential requirement when applying for a concierge job position. It is also very important to craft this letter as efficiently as possible so that the impact of it can be as fruitful as possible in the process. One way to attain that benefit is by downloading our free-of-cost and fully customizable concierge cover letter templates and samples from this website.

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