Free Table of Contents Templates (for Microsoft Word)

Table of Contents Templates

Whether you are writing a book, large essay, dissertation, or other longer academic papers, you will have to include a table of contents. It will act as a roadmap for the reader to each portion of your writing. It helps the reader to locate specific information in a document or revisit their favorite parts easily within the text. A well-structured … Read more

Free Subcontractor Agreement Templates – Editable

Subcontractor Agreement Template

As a contractor or business person, you must know how to utilize the skills and expertise offered by subcontractors. This is especially important when performing projects that require a wide range of specialized personnel. You can recruit different professionals to help complete various tasks efficiently. With proper delegation, you can set timelines within which each task should be completed, which … Read more

Free Lesson Plan Templates for Teachers (Editable)

Lesson Plan

As a teacher, a lesson plan is an invaluable tool for teaching. A lesson plan is a document that assists the teachers in organizing their lesson material, as well as helps them assess the overall learning experience of the students. Teachers plan their lessons ahead of time using a lesson plan template. A well-organized lesson plan will ensure clarity regarding … Read more

Free Printable Chore Charts For Adults (Daily, Weekly)

chore chart for adults

Household management can be a challenging thing for many individuals. This is particularly applicable to individuals who either live alone or with a partner. If you are employed and have a full-time job along with a house to manage, it can be even more daunting. At such a point, a chore chart can be significantly helpful in organizing a harmonious … Read more

Printable Body Fat Percentage Charts – Free Downloads


Men and women vary on what will be considered high, low, or standard fat when it comes to body fat percentage. Therefore, it is essential to know the ideal percentage of body fat for both men and women if you are to stay within the healthy range. Remember that high body fat can lead to diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, while … Read more

Free Classroom Management Plan Templates (Editable)

Classroom Management Plan Template

Teaching is an exciting but challenging experience. Most teachers want to maximize their effectiveness and minimize the likelihood of behavior problems within a classroom setting. But to achieve all these goals, a teacher must be able to guide their class. Creating a well-developed management plan for the classroom can help maintain order in any class and ensure that students receive … Read more

Mississippi Residential Lease Agreement Template (Editable)

Mississippi lease

The residential lease agreement in Mississippi is a legally binding contract signed between a landlord and a tenant. The landlord usually prepares this legal document to lease their property in exchange for money from the tenant. The landlord must first screen a potential tenant and then provide them with a lease agreement for signing before renting out their rental property. … Read more

Free Weekly Lesson Plan Templates (Edit & Printable)

Weekly Lesson

The purpose of a weekly lesson plan is to provide a clear and organized framework for teaching a particular subject or topic during the week. A plan helps teachers set learning objectives, select appropriate instructional strategies, identify necessary resources and materials, and assess student learning outcomes. By having a well-designed plan, teachers can ensure that their lessons are aligned with … Read more

10 Free Newborn Baby Checklists – Must Haves! (Printable)

Newborn Baby

Besides time and attention, babies need a lot of material things. Therefore, it is essential to ensure these necessities are bought before birth. This stuff includes basic care essentials, comfort items, and entertainment gadgets. Some of these items are must-haves, and others are simply optional. A checklist for items needed for a newborn baby can be prepared to avoid last-minute … Read more

Free Marital (Divorce) Settlement Agreements – Editable

divorce settlement agreement

A divorce settlement agreement is a document that outlines the terms of a divorce between two spouses. It covers important topics, including the division of assets, child custody, and alimony.The divorcing spouses write it when they reach a mutual agreement on the terms of the divorce. This is typically done after negotiating multiple aspects with or without the assistance of … Read more

20 Free Postcard Templates (Editable)


A postcard is a thick piece of paper used to send a short message through the mail. The most common type is used as a form of correspondence between friends or family members to share information about their lives: recent news, events, vacations, etc. They are also used to share details about upcoming events, displays, and exhibitions. They can also … Read more

Free Printable Car Sale Receipt Templates – Word | PDF

Car Sale Receipt Template

People buy and sell their cars all the time. Therefore, a receipt is issued in car sale transactions as evidence of the sale. It benefits the seller by acting as proof of the sale and as evidence that they transferred the vehicle’s ownership to the buyer. Further, the seller can use it as proof of the agreed-upon purchase price when … Read more

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