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Cover letters are a very crucial part of any job application. This is because they give the applicant a chance to personalize their application more than they could in their resume. This is where they get to show a bit more of who they are as well as provide specific examples of how they believe they are the best candidate for the position that they are applying for. And an actor cover letter is no different.

Free Templates

An actor cover letter template is a pre-designed document that serves as a guide for actors to create an effective and compelling cover letter when applying for acting roles or auditions. These templates offer several benefits, such as providing a structured format, highlighting essential information, and guiding you through the process of crafting a well-crafted letter. Best of all, these templates are available for free download, allowing you to focus on showcasing your skills and experiences without the hassle of starting from scratch.

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    How to Write an Acting Cover Letter

    Following are the steps for writing an acting cover letter:

    Step 1: Download the best acting cover letter template

    Choose and download a well-structured acting cover letter template from the options that we have provided. Tailor the template that you have downloaded to ensure that:

    • The margin is one inch on each side
    • The spacing is 1.15 or single spaced
    • The font size is 11pt or 12pt

    Step 2: Create a good header

    • Include your name, contact information and address at the top left corner of the letter, followed by your phone number, social media handles, and email.
    • Include your city and date right below
    • Then, add the recipient’s address

    Step 3: Start with a professional greeting and a compelling first paragraph

    • Begin the letter with “Dear” and then address the potential employer/hiring manager by their last name
    • Indicate the position that you are applying for
    • Choose some of your best achievements that are related to the position that you are applying for and describe them here

    Step 4: Show that you are the best candidate for the role

    • Go through the job description carefully and choose the best accomplishments that go with the description
    • Mention a few acting gigs that you managed to do well
    • Highlight your experiences you can add the names of the agencies that you acted in and the stages that you performed at

    Step 5: Explain why you are excited about the role

    • Explain why you like their production
    • Let your employer know that you want that specific role
    • Ensure the potential employer that you will be devoted to the production

    Step 6: Make them a great offer and include a call to action

    • Ask them to contact you and offer to showcase your acting skills to them on stage
    • Repeat your value- tell them once more of what you can bring into the role

    Step 7: Close the letter with a standard sign-off

    • Sign off the letter with your full name
    • Include your contact details in the footer

    Actor Cover Letter Samples

    Some samples are given below for your convenience.

    Sample 1:

    Brian Johnson,

    3564, East 79 Street,

    Phoenix, AZ 08453,

    (123)-538, 8945.

    Date: 3rd July 2007.

    Mr. Brad Taylor,

    National Acting Talent Unlimited,

    446, West Park Avenue,

    Brooklyn, NY 36745-7587.

    Dear Mr. Taylor,

    I am an actor new to the state. I grew up in Arizona and just graduated from the University of California. Your client, John Bell, recommended I get in touch with you after we were called back by Klay Curry, the casting director for “Coming Home”. He also told me to contact you.

    I just booked a returning u/5 on ‘Brain Storm’ after being called back for a contract role. The film I shot has been accepted at the State Level Competition.

    I also have a series of selected scenes I can send you. I will be doing “Sixty Seconds” at the Brooklyn theatre, and I would be happy to send you a pair of tickets. I will send you a postcard the week before we open.


    Brian Johnson,

    New York.

    Sample 2:

    John Watkins

    (123) 567-6754

    [email protected]

    2nd April 2015

    To whom it may concern,

    I have seen your online posting for Actors for a new film and I would like to be considered for a part. I have been working hard toward my dream of becoming an excellent Actor for years now. A role in your West point Productions film could be an important step in my journey.

    I loved acting ever since I was young. I starred in films when I was in elementary school and high school. In university, I majored in Theatre Arts, putting my skills to the test.

    I also continued to look out for local performances and opportunities. I was privileged enough to star in two productions; “Alone at sea” and “At Home.”

    That showed my stage prowess. I have also played key roles in films and plays that didn’t include a starring role.

    I hope to become a part of that cast in your venture to show what I can do.


    John Watkins

    Industry Specific Skills

    Your actor cover letter has to be specific to the role that you are applying for. Some skills are essential for all actors, and examples of your successes in these areas should be inserted into your actor cover letter.

    They include:

    • Creativity: all actors have to be creative, finding engaging ways to express what at times may be old ideas or standard roles.
    • Communication: as an actor, you have to have command in your voice, and you should also be able to get points across in a well-spoken manner.
    • Perseverance: In acting roles, there are usually many applicants for each role, so as an actor, you need to show perseverance and not give up in order to reach your goals.
    • Memory: no actor can perform well on stage without being able to memorize their lines well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the covering letter?

    An actor cover letter is a document usually attached with the resume to help provide additional information on an applicant’s skills and experiences. A cover letter also provides the hiring manager with detailed information on why you, as the candidate, are qualified for a specific advertised position.

    What is the best greeting for an actor cover letter?

    A cover letter greeting is as important as your first in-person salutation. It is an opportunity to help you demonstrate professionalism and even effort- for example, addressing your potential employer or the hiring manager by their first or last mane shows that you did some research. You can, however, also use “Hello,” “Dear,” “Dr.,” or “Professor,” or any other professional greeting.

    How long should my actor cover letter be?

    A standard actor cover letter should be one page long and should be divided into three or four paragraphs. Your first paragraph should indicate why you are writing the letter and how you came to hear about the position. The second should explain your qualifications and outline some of your relevant skills, experiences, and examples. The third paragraph is the closing paragraph used to thank the potential employer for their consideration and to request an opportunity to meet and discuss more the job.

    The objective of writing an actor cover letter is to grab the potential employer’s attention by convincing them that you are the best candidate for the role. The letter is meant to make them want to read and find out more about you in your resume and profile and, of course, call you to set up an interview so that you can sell yourself in person just like you did on paper. Ensure that before sending your cover letter that it is perfectly drafted and free of any grammatical errors.

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