Administrative Assistant Resume Objective Examples (Ideas)

A resume objective refers to a section of the resume in which the job applicant summarizes their career perspective, skills, and what sets them apart from other applicants.

An administrative assistant work to support an office’s general management in running their daily activities of an institution.

When you are looking to apply for an administrative assistant position, you must tailor your resume objective to convince the hiring manager that you are a strong candidate for the role. State your level of experience, previous work experience, your level of education, and your skills and career goals. Your resume objective should be enough to make the employer want to set up a meeting with you and, in the long run, work together with you to realize the company’s objectives.

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    Writing an Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

    When crafting an administrative assistant resume objective, you should think of it as your resume’s introduction, i.e., a summary of your goals, objectives, and resume’s purpose. Your administrative assistant resume objective should include details such as the position that you are applying for, your level of education, experience, and skills that you are offering to bring to the organization.

    Here are some steps to help you craft a great resume objective:

    Be concise

    When writing an administrative assistant resume objective, you want to be brief and direct to the point.  Employers usually get thousands and thousands of applications when a job opening has been advertised; as such, it is important that you keep your resume objective short and to the point.

    At a glance, the hiring manager should be able to go through your resume objective and draw enough conclusions from it. To give you an edge, make sure that you include the most crucial information about yourself in a way that captures their attention with the simplest language possible and minimal filter words.

    Explain your worth

    It is important to sell yourself properly when writing your resume objective. However, do not overdo it. Simply state what skills and experiences you are bringing to the organization. Also, remember to include your abilities and any unique skills that will help you gain a competitive advantage over other applicants.

    Also, be confident in the way that you put your point across. Being confident will lead to the hiring manager finding the need to know and understand you better. It will also help them determine if you understand the company’s culture and easily set you apart as a strong candidate for the role.

    Begin with strong skills

    Your resume objective is your selling point. When writing it, you have to sell yourself and convince the hiring manager that you are the best fit for the position. Make sure to include all the relevant professional skills and traits that apply to the job description at the beginning to capture their attention instantly.

    Mention your qualifications

    Duties that are undertaken by administrative assistants usually vary from one organization to another. Nonetheless, it is still important to do your research about the company to find out what you will be required to do and the skills and qualifications that they are looking for. This will help you not only in writing the resume objective but will also come in handy when you are going in for an interview.

    Show that you fit well

    Even though you will include your academic qualifications and achievements in detail in your resume, set yourself apart by mentioning some of the qualifications you have that match what they are looking for in a candidate. If you have no work experience or are a recent graduate, make sure to focus on your soft skills to convince the hiring manager that you are the right fit for the role.

    Focus on ambitions

    When writing your resume objective, it is important to include your career goals and show your eagerness to grow professionally in that organization. Mentioning your willingness to grow with the organization will help the employer understand that you are motivated and dedicated to your career path.

    Customize it

    If you are looking to send your resume to more than one organization, it is important that you tailor your resume objective to fit what each organization is looking for in the applicants. Match each resume objective that you write to the requirements of the different companies.

    Basic Template

    Here is a template that you can use when writing your resume objective for an administrative assistant position:

    Administrative Assistant looking for a job at _ [organization’s name], where I can apply my ____ [Your years of experience] of _ [Your experience] and [ mention some of your endearing skills] and _ [any other unique skills that you have] to support _____ [Shared goal or career goal]

    Administrative Assistant Jobs and Samples

    Before writing your resume objective, it is important to go through the job advert to understand some of the skills, qualifications, and experiences they are looking for in a candidate. This will help you come up with a great resume objective, one that will set you apart as a strong candidate.

    Crafting a great resume objective will also require that you know some of the skills to include to capture the hiring managers attention, such as:

    • Expertise level on Microsoft Office Suite programs
    • Experience with Excel tools that help create workflow management charts and tracking
    • Illustrated skill in using the timekeeping and bookkeeping applications
    • Accustomed with the numerous phases that entail professional licensing and credentialing
    • Proficient in handling official tasks associated with an office environment, including supply management, setting up schedules and payroll and utility maintenance
    • Comfortable holding talks with vendors as well as other external resources providers
    • Strong typing skills (70 wpm)
    • Detail-driven and a very excellent multitasker

    Now, a few samples are as:

    General Sample

    “To offer outstanding support to the staff and management at Jimsons Supply Services via my customer service expertise, positive attitude, attention to detail, to grow together with the company.”

    Entry-Level Administrative Assistant Sample

    “Recent graduate from an administrative assistant degree program seeking a full-time position at Raspy LLC, where I can apply my communication and computer skills to aid the company’s growing editorial staff line-up.”

    Sample for a Career Change

    “Experienced copywriter searching for a new career opportunity with Homegrown wishing for an administrative assistant role where I can practice my passion for helping others using my strong communication, computer, and time-management skills.”

    Sample for Seeking Career Advancement

    “Motivated team player and driven human resources representative aiming to build a career by applying my organizational expertise and customer service skills as an administrative assistant with Staffing Services Inc.”

    Experienced Administrative Assistant Sample

    “A detail-oriented administrative assistant with a decade of experience in organizing, bookkeeping, scheduling, setting up appointments, and managing practices to streamline office operations.”

    Final Words

    There is no doubt about how a well-crafted resume objective can significantly increase your chances of being selected for a position. With this guide, we believe that you will be in a position to craft a great resume objective that will set you apart as a strong candidate and land you an interview in the long run. Don’t forget to also download and use our free templates to help you out. Good luck!

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