4 Best Art Teacher Cover Letter Samples [with Guide]

An art teacher cover letter highlights some of the most striking information provided in the applicant’s resume. It lists the applicant’s qualifications and experiences, showcases their accomplishments, and provides insight into the applicant’s knowledge of form, history, theory, and technique. An art teacher cover letter must make a case for why you are looking to become an art teacher.

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Welcome to our collection of professionally designed art teacher cover letter templates. An art teacher cover letter template is a pre-built document that serves as a framework for crafting your cover letter specifically tailored to art teaching positions. We understand the importance of convenience, which is why we offer these meticulously designed templates free of charge, allowing you to download and customize them effortlessly. Let our templates be your guide as you embark on the journey of securing your dream art teaching job.

Art Teacher Cover Letter Samples

Art Teacher Cover Letter Samples

    Writing an Art Teacher Cover Letter

    Following are the steps you need to follow while writing an art teacher cover letter:

    Address the letter to the right person

    Address the letter to the hiring manager, the school’s principal, or the person who put out the ad for the job opening. Avoid using generic terms such as “To whom it may concern,” as it is not professional. Do your research and find out the recipient’s name and use either Mr. or Mrs. or any other professional title before their name.

    Start with a brief introduction

    In at least three sentences, inform the recipient why you are writing and the position that you are applying for. Use one sentence to clearly state that you believe that you are the best fit for the position.

    Highlight qualifications and experience

    Write a paragraph on your qualifications and provide relevant examples to help back you up. After listing the qualifications, now match them with the advertisement’s job requirements with core skills and competencies as included in your cv. You can include your ability to identify and nurture creativity, knowledge of art history and genres, and your communication skills abstract concepts.

    End with a call to action

    Finalize the art teacher cover letter by stating that you have attached your resume for consideration and invite the contact you for more information about the position.

    Close the letter

    Close the letter by thanking the recipient for their time and consideration. You can use “Sincerely” or any other suitable synonym and sign off with your full name.

    Questions to Consider During the Process

    Here are four key questions that you should ask yourself when drafting your art teacher cover letter:

    1. Why do you want to work for that specific organization?
    2. What interests you more about that organization?
    3. Why are you the best fit for that organization and for the positions that you are applying for?
    4. Have you tailored your letter to the position that you are applying for?
    5. Have you proofread your cover letter?

    After going through the above questions and finding the answers to all of them, then you are good to go.

    Samples Art Teacher Cover Letter

    Following are given some art teacher cover letter samples for your clearer understanding of the format:

    Sample 1

    Kimberly Trent

    (222) 354-6783

    [email protected]

    Dear Ms. Porter,

    I am writing to express my interest in the position of Music Teacher at Cornerstone Elementary.

    I am an expert at encouraging creativity while concurrently teaching solid technical skills with over ten years of experience teaching music at all levels. My specialty is music performance, scholarship, and research-backed by a master’s degree in music.

    I have worked with a wide range of ages in my time as a Music Teacher, and I have realized that elementary is my favorite. This is where creativity is at its highest as minds are still young. At this age, students can sharpen their technical skills, given the right tools and environment.

    I am very good at following curriculum plans and also creating my lessons. I have a playful yet firm teaching style that parents love that supports their children while also setting certain boundaries. I am looking forward to getting the chance to work with your team. I have attached my resume to this letter for your review, and I am available for an interview at your convenience. Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Kimberly Trent

    (222) 354-6783

    [email protected]

    Sample 2

    Brian Memphis

    34 Lincoln Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, 54623

    [email protected]


    Mrs. Janet Banks

    Golden Gate Elementary School

    467 West Valley, Brooklyn, NY, 54623

    Dear Mrs. Banks,

    I wish to apply for the position of Music Teacher you have posted on your school district’s website. I have become an expert in organizing and maintaining a nourishing and educational classroom in my six years of classroom experience. My teachers at the University of Leeds, where I graduated from in 2010, stressed the importance of involving students in learning processes.

    I currently work at Brooklyn Heights Elementary in Brooklyn as a Music teacher. My primary goals in an elementary setting are to focus on teaching technical aspects of art and the importance of creative expression.

    One of my achievements in this position has been the establishment of our after-school music club. This allows the students to further their music interests and take part in safe and educational activities after school. There has been an increase in student participation since I have started to include real-life music lessons.

    My passion for music creativity and ability to work well with children recommend me as a music teacher. My friendly nature makes children like me, which encourages them to participate more in class. Being able to share my love for music with children who are ready to learn new things continues to be a passion. I can be contacted via email or phone if you would like to discuss my qualifications further.


    Brian Memphis

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How long should the cover letter be?

    An art teacher’s cover letter should be at least one page long. The letter should have at least four paragraphs and should make the case that the applicant is the best candidate for the position.

    What should go into an art teacher’s cover letter?

    • Your name, address, and contact information
    • The recipient’s name and address
    • A paragraph or two about your qualifications, experiences, and teaching philosophy
    • A sentence or two on why you think you are the best candidate for the role
    • A sentence on how you will contribute to the growth of the organization
    • A call to action

    How do I write an art teacher cover letter?

    Before writing the cover letter, analyze the job description, and research the company you are applying to. Follow the samples provided to help guide you through the process.


    When drafting your art teacher cover letter, make sure to include your love of creativity together with your passion for teaching children. The hiring manager would want to see that you are capable of teaching creative subjects in new and more innovative ways, so you may want to include any achievements that make it appear as though you are highly qualified for the duties listed in the job requirements.

    We hope that by following our guide and downloading the templates provided, you will be able to draft a cover letter that will stand out among thousands of applications.

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