Arizona Unemployment Weekly Claim [Guide + Form]

A request for benefits known as an Arizona/ AZ unemployment weekly claim can be made by people in the state after they have been wrongfully terminated from their jobs. The funds come from state-provided insurance and are disbursed at weekly intervals. If you voluntarily left your job or were fired for a just cause, you cannot claim unemployment insurance.

To receive unemployment insurance (also known as unemployment benefits or AZUI in Arizona), you will need to meet the eligibility criteria and file a claim using the UB-106-A-FF form. It is a legal document you will need to file every week while you are unemployed if you want to receive your benefits. This document will attest to both your eligibility and your lack of employment during the reporting week. Failure to submit a AZ unemployment weekly claim may cause a delay in the approval of your benefits and/or the delivery of your weekly benefit payments.

Keep in mind that each state has a limit on the amount and duration of unemployment benefits. In Arizona, the minimum weekly amount is $187, while the maximum is $240. Depending on your base period earnings, you can receive benefits for up to 26 weeks or until you have received a sum equal to one-third of your total base period wage.

Eligibility Criteria for Arizona Unemployment Insurance

You will need to meet stringent eligibility criteria to receive your unemployment weekly claim in AZ. You will need to have worked in Arizona for the past 12 months (or longer, depending on your unique circumstances) and earned the minimum amount of base wages. Finally, you would also need to actively look for employment while receiving your benefits.

Examine the eligibility criteria listed below in greater detail:

Wage requirements

Your base wages determine the amount of your insurance benefit and whether you are eligible for it.

Primarily, you will need to have spent at least 12 months working with an employer who paid their unemployment taxes. Secondly, your base wages need to have been at least 390 times the Arizona minimum wage during your highest-paid quarter. Earnings in the remaining three quarters must equal at least half of your highest-paid quarter earnings.

Place of employment during the base period

To receive your unemployment benefits in Arizona, you will need to have worked in Arizona and currently reside in the state.

However, if your primary residence is in Arizona and you earned income in two or more other states during your base period, you may be able to collect your benefits in Arizona. If that is the case, you can decide whether you want to file a claim in the state where you worked using only your earnings from that state or file a claim using all the wages from the different states where you were employed. 

Military personnel submitting their justification for leaving

Assume you were in the armed forces or the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and wanted to file an AZ unemployment weekly claim. In that case, you will need to provide your reason for separation. Make sure you have your DD-214 form and Service Member Copy No. 4. You can request it from the Veterans Service Records if you do not have it.

Arizona will then determine your eligibility for the benefits after reviewing your files.

Unemployment through no fault of your own

As previously mentioned, you can only file an unemployment insurance claim if you were terminated from your job due to no fault of your own. For instance, if you were terminated due to COVID-19, the closure of the company or the branch, or a lack of work, you can claim these benefits.

However, you will not be eligible for these benefits if you voluntarily left your job or were terminated for violating your employment agreement, company procedures, HR policies, or any other justifiable reason. 

In some cases, even though a person loses their job for a specific reason, they are still entitled to some kind of benefit. This, of course, has to be determined by the court according to specific state or federal laws. 

Report severance, vacation, holiday, or sick pay

When filing for unemployment benefits in Arizona, you will need to report all severance, vacation, holiday, or sick pay earnings you receive during the claim period.

If the amount you receive from severance, vacation, holiday, and sick pay is higher than your weekly benefit amount, you will not be eligible for any benefits during that week. If the amount is less than your weekly benefit, it will be deducted as earnings. 

Other issues affecting eligibility

There are many other factors that could impact your eligibility for unemployment benefits in Arizona. You might not be eligible for any benefits if you have some illnesses or injuries, failed to look for employment while receiving benefits, rejected work or were unwilling to work during your benefit period, attended school during the period, received retirement and/or severance pay, refused job referrals by the Employment Service, and failed to report to your scheduled Re-employment Services Orientation. 

UB-106-A-FF Instructions

The process can seem overwhelming to complete the UB-106-A-FF form because of the details involved in it. The guidelines provided below will help you complete and send the form correctly.

Answer eligibility questions

You will first have to answer all eligibility questions, including:

  • Whether you were willing and able to work each workday during the benefits period: If you were willing and able to work means that you had no physical or mental conditions or other restrictions (such as lack of child care or transportation) that would have prevented you from working during that period; 
  • Whether you have looked for work during the benefits period: Provide the name and information of any person or employer you have contacted, how you have contacted them, and the type of job you were seeking. You will need to make at least three work search contacts during the week:
    • Whether you refused any referrals or job offers;
    • Whether you earned any money during the benefits period;
    • Whether you want to skip filing your UB-106-A-FF form for failing to meet eligibility criteria for that week.

Make sure to answer all questions truthfully to avoid unnecessary delays in your payout. You risk prosecution if you have found full-time employment while claiming unemployment benefits and have not reported it. 

Provide your personal information

Once you have answered the questions on the eligibility form, you will need to provide your personal information. Include your full name and social security number, mailing address, county of residence, and your driver’s license’s valid, state-issued ID number.

Record the ending date of the report week

Make sure to input the ending date of the report week correctly. You will need to file your benefits claim consecutively, in the right chronological order. Failing to do so may result in delayed or reduced payouts.

Date and sign the document

Finally, put your signature and the date when you are filing your UB-106-A-FF form. Whether the filing date and the end date of the report week are the same or not, you must write both dates.

Submit the form

You may submit the form once you have completed all of the required fields. You can fax it to 602-364-1210 or 602-364-1211 in Phoenix or 520-770-3357 or 520-770-3358 in Tucson.

You can also mail the form to the following address:

Department of Economic Security
Unemployment Insurance Administration
MD 5895
PO Box 2925
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9225

Fillable form UB-106-A-FF

We have provided a PDF version of the UB-106-A-FF form for your convenience. It allows you to enter your information and send your benefit claim request. However, make sure to check the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s official website to ensure that you have the latest version of UB-106-A-FF.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do if my Wage Statement (form UB-107) is incorrect?

    If your UB-107 form is incorrect, you will need to file  Wage Protest Form UB-217-C immediately. If some of your earnings are missing, you could receive a lower benefit amount than you are entitled to. If you receive benefits for the wages you did not earn, you will not only need to cover the repayment but you could also be charged with a felony. Always examine your Wage Statements, and file a Wage Protest as soon as you notice any inconsistencies. You may continue filing your benefit claim normally in the meantime. 

    How much will my weekly benefit amount be?

    Your weekly benefit amount depends on your last employer’s base wages. If your employer paid unemployment taxes in Arizona, you would be eligible for benefits equaling 4% of your earnings during your highest-paid quarter. At the moment, the minimum weekly compensation is $187, while the maximum is $240.

    What do I do if I receive a Determination of Deputy saying that I am disqualified or that my benefits are denied?

    In case your benefits are denied, you are allowed to file an appeal within the time frame specified on your determination. It is also possible for your former employer to file an appeal if they disagree with the decision.

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