The Only Baby Essentials Checklist You Need (Free Templates)

A baby is a great blessing for both the parents and their families as well. Parents and their family members all get very excited to buy things for the new addition to their family. The necessities required of the baby come under baby essentials. In this article, we will provide you with a baby essentials checklist that is crafted by our very own professionals so you may have an idea about what to buy and what to leave.

It can be challenging to gather all the basic requirements for the baby by the couples who will be the parents for the first time. Therefore, it is essential to know everything a new baby requires in the early days after birth because it is essential to have all those things before the baby is born.

A lot of stuff is required by newborn babies. So the greater number of things are available, the more it is good. Some things are the essentials, and some can be bought to make your life easier with the baby.

Baby Essentials Checklist

A baby needs more care and stuff in daily life routine ranging from various things in a nursery to the stuff related to sleep time, mealtime, and changing the diaper.

The following checklist can assist you in buying essentials for your newborn baby:

Baby nursery

All the parents want that their baby’s room is full of essential and beautiful things. Some things are essential to be present in the nursery and some can be optional which will be used for giving an attractive look to the room baby, as listed below:

  • Clothes storage: Baby’s clothes should be kept in a clean place. For this purpose, a shelf, drawer, or even a small and separate cupboard or basket can be used.
  • Glider/Rocking chair: A rocking chair can be suitable for feeding your baby. It can also be used to tell a story to your child before bedtime when your child has grown up. Moreover, your baby will also feel good from the motion of the rocking chair.
  • Pacifier: It is a nipple that can be made of plastic, rubber, or even silicon. It satisfies the baby when it’s not the time for getting a feed. Some babies develop the habit of sleeping while having a pacifier in their mouth.
  • Toys basket: It is suitable to put your child’s toys in a basket so that they might not get dirty because if not kept in an appropriate place without any care, babies may put the toys in their mouths.

Baby wardrobe/clothing

The wardrobe section of babies in any shop is always appealing for everyone. But it is impossible to buy all of them because the necessities should be considered practically. After all, clothes will get out of size for them after some days or months.

Usually, the babies require more clothes to get them changed for more than one time a day. A kid’s clothing may include zero-size shirts, pants, footies, one-piece pajamas, rompers, front buttoned sweaters, jackets, socks, newborn hats, mittens, blankets, fleece suits, and mild laundry detergent.

Uses of some different types of clothing have been given below, which can help you select an appropriate number of clothes according to your baby’s needs.

Here is a checklist of the baby essentials for the wardrobe:

  • Blanket: Whether it is summer or winter season, the blanket is a must for the baby. The stuff may vary from light to heavy one in different seasons. Now, blankets with a hook and loop fastener are also available in the market.
  • Sleeping suits: Newborns sleep most of the time in the day, and for this purpose, they will need a comfortable sleeping sort in the form of pajamas, sleeping sacks, etc.
  • T-shirts: T-shirts will go well with the pants and leggings for your child in the daytime or during a visit to any relative’s house.
  • Pants or leggings: You can keep your baby following the trend and decide to have the pants or leggings worn by them according to their interest because babies also have their likes and dislikes, which are expressed by them well.
  • Sweaters or jackets: During the winter season, sweaters or jackets are required to keep your baby warm and save them from getting a cold.
  • Socks/booties: A large number of socks and, in some cases, booties are required for your baby, and you can choose matching socks with the color of the dress being worn by your kid.
  • Hat/Cap: A hat with a brim can save your baby’s eyes from direct sunlight. A cap is helpful in the winter season for keeping the baby’s head warm.
  • Special outfits: You might plan to have a family photo shoot with your baby, and for this purpose, you can get a unique outfit according to your particular theme of interest.

Baby diapering

It might be challenging to change the baby’s diaper initially, but you will learn it with time. Some of the things which can be helpful for you can include newborn-sized disposable diapers, odorless baby wipes, diaper cream, diaper bags, etc.

Tip: You can also use cloth diapers if you are sure to maintain proper hygiene while reusing them.

A list of different baby essentials along with their uses has been given below that you may or may not add in your checklist:

  • Diaper changing table: The diaper changing table has different shelves or drawers. All the things required during changing a diaper are present such as baby wipes, new diapers, etc.
  • Changing pads: Placing changing pads under your baby will help to keep the changing table clean. There is a variety of such pads; some can be cleaned with the help of a cloth, and some are washable also.
  • Diapers: Diapers should always be in the baby’s stock because you can never know the correct number of diapers required by your baby on different days.
  • Baby wipes: Baby wipes should be used for cleaning your baby because they are gentle and mild for the baby’s skin so that your kid might not get any infection.
  • Washcloths: A washcloth can be used for cleaning your baby instead of giving a proper bath. You can dip this cloth in warm water and use it for cleaning your baby.
  • Rash cream: A rash cream is one of the essential things that can be used if any rash appears on the baby’s skin.
  • Diaper pail: It is not a good idea to throw the diapers anywhere in any open area. So, diaper pails are useful for adequately disposing of dirty diapers.

Baby feeding

Babies require feeding many times in a day. Feeding time also requires a couple of things: feeder bottles (4-8 ounces), nipples, bottle brush, a small basket for putting feeders, formula milk, feeding pillow, bibs, burp cloths, etc. On the other hand, if you are breastfeeding your child, you may need a breast pump, milk storage bags, nursing pads, nipple cream, high chair, etc.

  • Burp cloths: These clothes can save you and your clothes if your little one spits up after feeding.  It is smaller in size so that it can be managed easily.
  • Nursing cover: You can cover yourself and your baby while breastfeeding. It has a strap tied around your neck to keep you and your baby covered appropriately.
  • Nursing pillow: These pillows are U-shaped and allow you to be comfortable with your newborn. It helps you to get your arms free while your baby can sleep calmly on this cushion.
  • Bibs: These can be tied around the neck of the baby or attached to the shirt with the help of a safety pin. Bibs help in saving your infant’s clothes from getting dirty by any sudden milk drool after feeding.
  • Feeder bottles and nipples: Various bottle feeders are available, either made of plastic or even glass. The size and shape of bottles and nipples should be considered according to the age of your baby.
  • Formula milk: You should give only that formula milk to your baby, which the physician has prescribed.
  • Bottle warmer: You can set a specific temperature on the bottle warmer. It will help you have warm milk for your child instantly because once the babies start crying due to hunger, it becomes difficult to get the milk warmed at an appropriate temperature.
  • Bottlebrush: The feeder bottles of babies should be cleaned thoroughly, and for this purpose, a bottle brush should be available at hand.
  • Bottle sterilizer: After washing the feeding bottles and nipple with water, you can sterilize them with the help of a bottle sterilizer because the health of your child comes first for you.
  • Bottle drying rack: You can have a separate drying rack for the baby’s feeding bottles if you do not want to get them mixed up with other things in the kitchen.

Baby bath

Some couples may feel reluctant to give a bath to their child, but it is fun. All you need to practice is controlling your baby while giving them a bath.

Tip: All the essentials required during bath time should be formula-free and mild for the baby’s body.

It is not required to give daily bath to your baby in the initial days after birth. But there are some of the crucial things required for your baby’s bath:

  • Baby bath seat/tub: At first, sponge baths will be given to your baby, but after some time, you will have to acquire a bathtub where your baby can get fit while taking a bath.
  • Baby shampoo: That shampoo should be purchased, which is specially designed for newborns and contains fewer chemicals.
  • Baby soap: Baby soaps having mild formation are available, which are not harmful to the baby’s sensitive skin.
  • Small cup: A small-sized cup can help pour water on the baby’s head and body after applying soap and shampoo.

Tip: Be careful while pouring water that the soapy water may not get into the infant’s eyes.

  • Towel: The towel used for drying your baby should be made of a soft material. You can either use a simple small towel or a towel with a hood for covering the baby’s head along with the body immediately after giving a bath.
  • Baby moisturizer: To save your baby from dryness, you can use a mild moisturizing lotion.

Baby health/safety

It would help if you had the prescribed syrups for your child in the case, the baby becomes sick, unfortunately. On the other hand, you should also take care of the cleanliness and grooming. You should have baby nail clippers, a thermometer, petroleum jelly, sterile gauze, a first aid kit, cradle cap brush, etc.

  • First-aid kit: You should have a first aid box available at home in which the basic things such as a small-sized thermometer, tweezers, antibiotic cream, bandages, etc., are present. You can also keep it with you while going out with your baby.
  • Bulb syringe: Bulb syringe is suitable for removing the baby’s nose mucus when your newborn feels irritated due to flu.
  • Nail clippers: Nails of newborns are very sharp, which may cause scratches on your baby’s face, so they are to be trimmed down after every few days. For this purpose, you should have a nail clipper that is small in size.
  • Hairbrush: The newborns do not have much hair on their heads, but a hairbrush is still required. The hairbrush should have soft bristles so that your baby’s head does not catch any scratches.
  • Sunscreen: The baby should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. But if it is unavoidable, you may apply sunscreen on the exposed body parts such as the face and hands of your baby.
  • Detergent: A separate detergent should be used for washing the bed covers and clothes of your child. The detergents made especially for baby clothes should be included in the essentials.
  • Baby-proof accessories: Although you will not leave your baby alone, some baby-proof things should still be there, such as keeping cushions around your baby while he is sleeping, and changing the doors and cupboards’ locks to the baby proof ones.

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Baby bedtime

It should be made sure that your baby gets a sound sleep because if he does not sleep well, they will remain irritated and annoyed all day long. So below is a checklist for baby’s essentials during bedtime, which can help you in purchasing some things for your baby as well:

  • Crib: If you decide to start shopping for your baby, then a crib is one of the necessities. Your baby can sleep safely in it. If you buy a crib made of reliable material, then it can also be used in the future.
  • Crib mattress: A stable and comfortable mattress should be purchased according to the size of the crib so that the mattress can fit into it appropriately.
  • Bedding: Colorful bed covers can be bought for your baby’s crib mattress according to his/her gender. Beautiful bed sheets of various themes are readily available throughout the market.
  • Bassinet/Cradle: A bassinet or cradle can be easily shifted from one room to another. It is suitable for newborn babies up to four months of age. So it entirely depends on your choice whether you want to buy it or not.
  • Night light: Completely darker room is not suitable for babies. A night light will help to illuminate the room a bit. Your baby will also not get frightened if he wakes up in the mid of the night.
  • Music player: Music players specially designed for babies are suitable for having a mild sound for babies. This mild sound can help your newborn to sleep soon.
  • Humidifier: You can make the room environment moisturized with the help of a humidifier in the dry season. It will save your child from having a cough or catching a cold.

Baby playtime/toys

Playing is the favorite thing for every child. For this purpose, you can have different types of toys for your baby. Some of the types of toys that can be attractive for your kid are elaborated below:

  • Swing: Small baby swings work by swaying or vibrating, which you can set according to your baby’s wish. You should consider the weight of your baby while buying a swing for them. Some swings have some toys hanging with them which will be attractive for the baby.
  • Bouncer: Your baby can play in a bouncer by causing movements with the help of their legs. It will be an enjoyable experience for your child.
  • Playmat: If your baby has many small toys, you can spread a play mat on the floor where your baby can play with those toys. You can also give him/her something to eat while sitting on the play mat.
  • Portable play yard: A portable play yard can be placed at any place because your baby is safe while playing inside it. You can take it along with you to the other room if you have some chores to be done there.
  • Other toys: The number and variety of toys are always insufficient for the babies despite having many toys available for them. You can also include some books with animals/birds pictures in them, sound-making toys, puzzles, blocks, and other such kinds of various small toys.

Tip: You should consider the factors that any toy should not be sharp or small enough that your baby could swallow while you are not with them.

Baby gear/on the go

While you are going for an outing or staying at home, some things will be required for your baby that will help you to not have your baby in your lap or arms all the time, as discussed below.

  • Car seat: Such a car seat should be installed in your car that faces the backside. Because your baby will go everywhere with you after his birth, it will also help you not keep your baby in your arms or lap while traveling long distances.
  • Stroller:  Various types of strollers are available in the market, which can be used for different purposes ranging from traveling to using the strollers as carriers for babies.
  • Baby carrier: The baby carriers or wraps allow you to keep your baby with you while going anywhere. It comes in many varieties, such as front packs, backpacks, etc.
  • Diaper bag: The diaper bag is a must for your baby. Nowadays diaper bags are also fashionable along with being portable.
  • Portable crib: If you plan to go outside with your baby for a couple of days, you should take a portable crib because newborns cannot sleep well at a new place. So if their crib is available, then they can have a good sleep time.
  • Sunshade: You should use sun shades for your car’s windows to protect your baby from the direct and dazzling rays of the sun.
  • Portable changing pad: With a portable changing pad, you can ensure that the baby’s diaper will be changed in a cleaner place. They can easily be rolled up and put in the diaper bag.
  • Disposable diaper pail: These can help you safely dispose of your baby’s diaper anywhere.

Baby Essential Checklist Templates

You might forget that which things have been purchased for your baby and which things are remaining. For this purpose, you can have an essential baby checklist that will help you keep a record of everything so that nothing will get skipped, and you will also have an idea of how much time is required for purchasing all those essential stuff.

The baby essential checklist template can be helpful for you in listing down all the things. Such downloadable templates are also available here. In these templates, different sections have been made for the essential things required for the baby’s bedtime, diaper changing, playing, outing, and for your kid’s wardrobe.

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    Concluding Remarks

    A lot of things are required for babies while shopping for them for the first time. So it can be a challenging and exciting task for the couples who are going to be the parents for the first time.
    However, a properly made checklist can prove to be helpful for them in deciding which things are the basic requirements of their baby and that should be bought on a priority basis. Other things could be purchased after some time as they are not required for the initial days.

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