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Babysitter Cover Letter

A babysitter cover letter is a professional document that works like a resume in the process of a babysitter being hired by some family or individual in order to babysit their offspring or a child in need of care or supervision in the absence of his parent(s)/guardian(s). It highlights to the hiring party why they should hire the specific applications for the required role in terms of reliability as well as responsibility.

Babysitters are tasked with taking care of children while their parents/guardians are away.

Typical duties of babysitters include preparing/serving meals, following specific dietary rules, changing diapers and clothes, doing house chores, bathing and dressing the children, organizing activities, administering medicine, teaching children social manners, and helping children their homework, etc.

In most cases, babysitters are not required to have any educational or official training background before they sign a babysitter contract and begin working. However, some babysitters usually opt to take babysitter courses or obtain certificates in CPR and first aid to gain a competitive edge, but this choice is absolutely optional.

Importance of a Babysitter Cover Letter

Even though most families usually opt to hire people they already know to babysit for them on a short-term basis, those looking to hire full-time babysitters tend to be very picky on whom they hire. Having a well-drafted babysitter cover letter is a great way for a person looking to have a babysitter job to help them put their best foot forward and explain why they are the best candidates for the job.

With a well-drafted babysitter cover letter, babysitters can let the parents see who they are, their personality, and their babysitting approach so that the parents can decide if they would be a great fit for the role. Resumes are normally too fact-based and impersonal, and even though they are important, they do not enable the parents to get to know well whom they are dealing with.

Writing a Babysitter Cover Letter

Following are the steps you need to follow when writing a babysitter cover letter:

Reference details from the job advert

Read the job advert keenly. Is the employer looking for someone with an infant CPR certification? When going through the job advert, try and identify what the child parents’ deal breakers are. Reference how your skills and experience apply to their needs. This way, you will be showing them how you are the best candidate for the job.

Avoid copy-paste

Personalizing your babysitter cover letter is very important. It may take you much more time to properly personalize your letter than the time it will take you to copy-paste that very same application several times; however, it is a great and effective way for you when you are applying for a job.

You will improve your chances of being chosen for a job if you tailor your cover letter to the job requirements as advertised in the job listing. Avoid sending the same cover letter to all the families that you are applying to.

Also, do not copy-paste your resume. Your babysit cover letter is an invitation to the recipient to read your resume. If they find your cover letter good enough, they will want to learn more about you by referring to your resume and ultimately invite you for an interview.

Showcase your experience

In as much as it may sound impressive that you have ten years of childcare experience, the number may not be enough to convince the parents of how amazing work you’ve been able to do over that period. Try to make your cover letter sound less like a CV and more like a story.

Talk about some of the families you have worked for and the specific duties you tacked in your previous job. Did you take care of an infant? How many kids did you manage at a go? Did you pick the kids from school on time and drove them to practice? Did you help them out with their homework?

Dedicate a sentence or two of your cover letter to explain how the experience you gained in your previous work is relevant to the job that you are applying for.

Express talents and tricks of trade

Parents usually not only look for babysitters whom they can easily connect with but also the ones they believe are a perfect match with those that their kids need.

Every kid is special in their own way, and all parents are looking for that one special babysitter for their kids. In your cover letter, explain what you believe sets you aside from other caregivers.

Mention your go-to fun activities

All parents would like to know the type of babysitter that they will be hiring. Give the parents a general overview of what a typical day with you and the kids would be like.

Explain some of your favorite outdoor and indoor kids’ activities, games, or routines. Do you like to teach kids how to play music? What books will you be reading to them before bedtime? Explain some of the activities that will help set you aside from other applicants.

Suggest a starting date

Some babysitter job listings usually don’t mention specifics about the day or date one will be starting the job. To help the parents see if you are the best candidate for the job, let them know when you are available to start working. We recommend that you keep your availability as up-to-date as you can.

Baby Sitter Cover Letter Sample

Sample 1

Emily Wright

(122) 475-0985

[email protected]

June 3, 2017

Dear Hiring Manager

I have a great desire to care for children. I want to be given an opportunity for the position of Babysitter at Jane and Joy. I have been babysitting since I was young. I was responsible for groups of children ranging from 5-15.

I can also create fun games for children. I have done counselor work during summer and branched off into babysitting during school days. I began babysitting with five children, and it gradually grew. I tripled my clientele through marketing by word of mouth.

The main focus of a babysitter is keeping a child safe. The job is more about safety and care.

I know there is a different vibe at Jane and Joy than what I am used to as the child comes to us. Thank you for your time and consideration


Emily Wright

Free Templates

Writing a great and effective babysitter cover letter is a very significant step in your job search journey. A well-crafted babysitter cover letter can help set you aside from hundreds of applicants. Download and use our free and premium templates today to make sure that your letter stands out and has all the content that is important in landing you an interview with the employer.  

Baby Sitter Cover Letter Samples

Baby Sitter Cover Letter Samples

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are some of the best babysitter skills to include in my cover letter?

    • Listening skills
    • Physical fitness
    • Effective communication
    • Supervisory skills
    • A caring personality
    • Dexterity and problem-solving skills
    • Previous experience with children

    Do I need to be educated to apply for a babysitter job?

    In most cases, you will not be required to have any educational or official training background before you begin working. However, you may opt to take babysitter courses or obtain a CPR certificate and first aid to gain a competitive edge in the market.


    When you are applying for a babysitting job, you want to clearly communicate your availability to the employer, your pay rate, and your experience with kids. You also want to emphasize your personality so that the parents can easily determine if you are a great fit for their kids. You can demonstrate your work and educational background in your resume, but your personality and any other notable character should be shown in your cover letter. Remember that your letter should have a friendly, professional tone that shows your genuine confidence and dependability, just like any other job application letter.

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