Bank Teller Cover Letter Examples (Guide & Tips)

Many significant positions are available to those who plan to work in a bank. As a bank teller, you will spend your time helping customers and ensuring that all transactions are handled correctly. As you prepare to apply for a bank teller position, you may need to start writing your bank teller cover letter.

A bank teller will need to have specific education and skills before being qualified for this position. Many may consider this an entry-level position within the bank, but there are certain expectations the candidate needs to meet even to be considered for the position. For example, a bank teller needs to have a strong sense of ethics, work well on computers, and have a personality that is ready to help customers often.

A bank teller cover letter is one of the best ways to introduce all of the experience and strengths that you can bring to the table if that organization hires you as their new employee.

Purpose of the Cover Letter

When you write a cover letter for any bank teller position, the goal is to utilize it as a way to increase your chances of landing the job. There are many candidates who will apply for the position and it is likely they will have many great skills and even experience that will make them perfect for the job. You can use the cover letter to help show how your qualities and experience will make you the perfect fit for the bank teller job.

Take some time to properly write the cover letter. Include your relevant experience, expanding on some of the items you wrote about in the resume. This is the perfect place to write how you have handled difficult situations in the past when your customer service skills were put to good use. Tell a story and show the hiring manager why you are such a good fit for this position.

The bank teller cover letter will help you expand on any of your relevant experience listed on the resume while also helping to explain any of the gaps that you have in the resume, giving you a chance to smooth over any skills or experience that you may lack for this position. When it is done right, the bank teller cover letter will help maximize your success in getting the bank position you want.

Formatting of the Cover Letter

The proper formatting on your bank teller cover letter is essential if you want to get noticed for the position. This helps show that you are detail-oriented, able to follow directions and a professional, the bank will want to hire.

Some of the instructions for the formatting of your cover letter include:

  • You must pick a professional-looking font. Most cover letters will be Arial, Times New Roman or Cambria, with the size at 12 points. If your cover letter goes slightly over one page, lower the font to 10 or 11 points to get it to fit.
  • The margins of the cover letter should be set at the proper distance. Most bank teller cover letters will have margins between 1 and 1.5 inches.
  • The information in the cover letter should be concise and relevant. You must aim for between 250 to 400 words. If your cover letter is shorter than this, you did not showcase your skills enough. On the other hand, a cover letter over 400 words is too lengthy and will get thrown out.
  • The file should be saved as a PDF. Make sure you choose a professional name to help it look good when you send it.

This formatting will help your letter look good and catch the hiring manager’s attention. It only takes a few minutes to set up the bank teller cover letter, but it may differ between getting ignored or getting that interview.

What to Write in a Bank Teller Cover Letter?

The correct information can help your bank teller cover letter stand out from the crowd. You always want to make the letter professional while expanding on your experience and unique characteristics to make you the perfect candidate for the position.

Some of the content you should include in a cover letter include:

Step 1: Start with a hook

The bank teller’s cover letter must be start with the hook. This introduction will show you have done your research and are excited about the position. To start, look up the branch manager’s name and then put that in the cover letter. Next, list out which position you are applying for and find a way to show how excited you are to join their team.

Step 2: Show that you are the best candidate

This cover letter aims to show the hiring manager that you are the perfect choice for this position. Adding the correct information to the cover letter for the bank teller position will help with this. You may need to do some research to help be successful with this. For example, look at the original job description and see who they consider the perfect candidate. You can find more information by visiting the company’s website and learning about their goal and mission.

With this information in hand, you can tailor your cover letter to show that you will be perfect. List out the achievements and skills you have that will match the ideal candidate for that bank. Your research should help lead you to what is essential to the bank, and you can utilize keywords and phrases that are used many times in your cover letter to stand out.

Step 3: Highlight your bank teller skills

Bank tellers will spend a good deal helping clients with their accounts. Whether they help resolve inquiries about the account or perform a financial transaction, the bank teller needs to be there to assist the customer.

Candidates who have experience working in any finance role in the past should emphasize this in their bank teller cover letter. However, even if you do not have this experience, try to showcase some of your service skills to show how you can utilize them in the banking field.  

There are different skills that a bank will need from its bank tellers. The hard skills will include handling cash transactions and ability to work with numbers accurately. Some soft skills that a bank teller should have on their cover letter include attention to detail and communication skills. Many job descriptions for bank tellers will list out some of the skills they desire in their new hire. Look for some of those and find ways to add those skills to your cover letter.

Step 4: Provide examples of achievements

When writing your cover letter, it is time to shine. You want to show areas where you have been successful in the past. You must do well with numbers as well as have the skills to accurately and efficiently handle the customer transactions that come up each day. To help you prove that you are the best candidate available for the job, you need to provide some examples of your professional achievements. Make sure to use solid numbers and statistics when showing these.

Step 5: Make an offer

Your call to action is the key to getting the hiring manager to give you a callback. You can do this by making an offer to them. For example, you can end the letter with an offer to call or meet with the hiring team or set up an interview. End with a promise that you can share more about your experience and how you will be a big asset to their organization.

Step 6: End with a professional signature

As you get to the end of your cover letter, you can leave off with a signature. You already added information on your name and how the hiring manager can reach you at the beginning of the letter, so there is no need to add it again later. A quick “Sincerely” followed by your signature will do nicely for ending the letter.

Sample Bank Teller Cover Letter

Alice Weathers
Bank Teller
5544 Candy Lane
Brookings, SD 57006


Karen Leiffort
Branch Manager
First Bank and Trust
1213 6th Ave.
Brookings, SD 57006

Dear. Mrs. Leiffort

My name is Alice Weathers, and I am applying in your company for the open bank teller position. I am excited to bring my experience to your organization in this role as a bank teller and believe that my past customer service skills at the ZYC Call center will be helpful in this position.


During my time at the call center, I frequently met goals of upselling and customer service the entire time. I often beat the weekly upselling targets set by 10% or more each week. My call times were consistently below the average, with minimal complaints or issues with customers on the other side. As I enhanced my skills, I was offered a promotion to Team Lead, handling 20 other employees through training and meeting weekly goals. As a result, we increased upselling by 20% across my team and lowered wait times by 33% through my work.

I know that First Bank and Trust must maintain their reputation as one of the leaders in customer service and efficiency in the banking world. My experience at the call center makes me the perfect fit for this position. I will be able to utilize my customer service skills and team leadership to provide the next level of service to all of your customers when I take over this position. This bank teller position will allow me to use all of my skills and talents to the fullest.

Can we set up a time to talk in the next few weeks to discuss how I feel my skills in previous positions will help recommend me to the bank teller role at First Bank and Trust? I feel confident that we will be able to agree to work together through further discussion.



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    Beware of the Following

    When writing your bank teller cover letter, there are a few things you need to avoid. First, remember that you work as a professional and want to be considered for a professional role. Your cover letter needs to show how you are the best person to handle all of these tasks. Some of the things you need to beware of when writing your cover letter to apply for the bank teller position include:

    Making grammar and spelling errors

    A bank teller is a professional position, which means you need to show you are a professional from the very beginning. First, check and double-check your bank teller cover letter to make sure there are no glaring mistakes that will hurt your chances of getting the position.

    Not only these grammar and spelling mistakes bring your skills into question, but if you have too many of them present on the cover letter, the hiring manager may not be able to read the information. Your cover letter needs to show how much you care about this position and the value that you plan to bring to the organization. Proofread it to avoid mistakes that could cost you the job.

    Using generic cover letters

    Never write a generic cover letter for a bank teller position. Even though the roles of a bank teller will be the same from one organization to the next, writing a generic cover letter or finding a generic one online is never a good idea. You need to personalize the information that you write to the bank to fit the exact duties and responsibilities that they want. While there is no need to change each word of a cover letter before you send it off, the hiring manager will be able to tell when you use a generic format, and it can make you lose out on the job.

    Having poor tone

    When you apply to a bank for an open position, you need to make sure you use the right tone in your cover letter for the bank teller position. This can be hard. While banks are often known for being more formal, the bank teller needs to be friendly and ready to help customers when they walk in the door. Your tone in the bank teller cover letter needs to strike a good balance between both of these. Keep the tone professional throughout the letter while still finding ways to come across to the hiring manager as approachable and friendly.

    Using unprofessional formatting

    Stick with the professional formatting guidelines to help your cover letter look professional. Most of the companies prefer the business letter format for the cover letters. Having bright colors on the cover letter, no white space, and the wrong font make the cover letter look like it is thrown together and leaves a wrong impression. Your cover letter is your key to getting your foot in the door; don’t let lousy formatting get in your success.

    Wrapping Up

    Working as a bank teller can be a rewarding career and help you move up within the organization to other roles over time. Writing a cover letter for a bank teller position helps to get some attention from a hiring manager who may have hundreds of applicants for the position,  and shows the hiring manager that you are the perfect candidate. So, take the time to write a bank teller cover letter in which showcase your skills, expand on your resume, and land that interview!

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