Free Church Bulletin Templates (Editable)

A church bulletin is a communication paper used by churches to pass information, make announcements, and share updates with those in attendance at the church service.

Church bulletins are also known as service guides. The bulletins include details about the congregation, the ministry, the times of worship, the local community, song lyrics, and inspirational verses.

Some people will want to learn more about your church; having a bulletin is the best way to keep them informed. It will not only inform those who missed the announcements during the service but also inform them of the different events. It is, therefore, essential if you want to share different messages with your congregation. 

If you use templates, make sure the layout and text reflect the needs of the community and pique their curiosity enough to keep them reading for more information. Using church bulletin templates is the most efficient way to prepare this communication tool. Templates will help you select the right format and prepare the intended message for the people present during a church service. 

This article will help you learn more about why you need it, how best to create it, and what to include in your church bulletin. It will also provide free templates that you can use multiple times.

Editable Templates

Free Church Bulletin Template 01 for Word

Editable Church Bulletin Template 02 for Word

    Why a Church Bulletin Is Important?

    There are different reasons why you should use a bulletin to communicate with your congregation. It is a simple and convenient way to share announcements and updates in the church. Additionally, it offers a means of informing people about the service schedule. A church bulletin is an excellent way to inform and guide church members, particularly newcomers, about the church.

    It also works as a way of delivering different ministry information to the people, such as youth registration, prayer requests, etc. Bulletins often offer blank spaces for church members to take notes on the message being delivered. Finally, it also has information concerning the different announcements and upcoming events listed. This way, as a church, you will be able to reach out to more people to aid them in different matters. Therefore, it is important to create a bulletin since it is incredibly beneficial.

    Things to Include

    The church should use a template to create its bulletins. They are easy to use and are the best option if you want to save time and effort. Therefore, it is useful to use a church bulletin template, as you can use it multiple times. You can edit and modify the content of your template and subsequently reuse it because the content of bulletins changes depending on the church service.

    To be effective, your bulletin must be comprehensive. Here is what you need to include in your bulletin: 

    The contents page

    Your bulletin should have a table of contents where you list the contents that will be included in the bulletin. To make it simpler for readers to skim this section while reading it, it should have wide margins and concise content. Leave out the specifics and only provide summaries of what the bulletin will contain.

    Welcome message

    Make sure to include a welcome message for your audience. This message can either be short or long but must be genuine and sincere. You should take care when writing this section because it typically captures the mood and character of the church.

    Basic church information

    The next thing you should include in the church bulletin is basic church information. This will include the address, phone number, email address, website, and social media handles for the church. These are typically the church’s contact information, which your congregation may require to communicate or share feedback.

    Order of service

    The template must contain the order of service so that your congregation, including both current members and newcomers, is aware of it. The order of service includes a list of service items, instructions to people regarding those items, words of prayer, and songs to be sung during the church service.

    Sermon notes

    It should also have a blank section where people can include their sermon notes. Individuals may decide to record these notes for their use in light of the sermon’s message.

    Participation cues

    These are instructions for people to help guide them on what they are supposed to do during the service. Participation cues may include when people should rise, sit, speak, be silent, kneel, and stand. You will need to include this in your church bulletin template to avoid confusion and have a smooth flow during service.  Most importantly, newcomers will not feel lost during the service and will be able to participate fully.

    Church updates and announcements

    The bulletin template should also include any church updates and announcements. This will include the 5Ws (who, what, when, where, and why), information about church events, and other important details the people need to know.

    For instance, when announcing a church event, it is important to provide information on the event’s topic, date, organizer, venue, and motivation. Making church updates and announcements clear and detailed will go a long way toward encouraging people to attend. 

    Prayer requests

    Your bulletin template should include a section of prayer requests where you encourage your church members to pray more often. A prayer guide and a list of prayers for their various needs can also be included to help remind them to pray each day of the week. To make them more accessible, try to group these prayer requests on a single page.


    People will believe more if you can convince them with examples, according to research. That is why you need to include testimonials in it. Sharing testimonies from your congregation will encourage them to respond to the message of salvation and give courage to those going through tough times.

    Information on how to become a Christian

    You should also include information on how someone can become a Christian. Along with the testimonies, you ought to offer information that will help people who want to become Christians or who want to reaffirm their faith in salvation. Make sure there are phone numbers or other means of communication available for these individuals so they can contact church leaders for additional guidance.

    Your template should include a section with digital resources and links to the church’s website. You can also post your bulletin on your website and even on your church app for those who can access and use technology. This will be beneficial for church members of all age groups. 

    Make sure you offer instructions on how to use digital resources like the website page, Facebook, Instagram, and the church app to help members of your congregation. You will be able to reach out to more people who are looking for a good church to attend. Providing digital access will make your bulletins more effective, encourage feedback by questionnaires and other mediums, and promote the registration of new members through digital resources.

    Engagement hooks

    The engagement hooks are a further element that you ought to include in your church bulletin template. These are brief pieces of information that encourage people to join your church. This will include invitation messages as well as contact information for those interested in joining the church. Include the names and contact information of those who can be found in the church office to help people who want to join the church.

    Additional information

    The final component is to have a section where you will include additional details like how the church operates, how people can connect after Sunday service, and updates on the small church groups, including youth groups, children’s Sunday school, prayer meetings, weekly meetings, and home prayer groups. When it comes to ministries in your church, this section should include more details and news about the different ministries present.

    Tips for Success

    Here are some guidelines for using it that you should always consider, along with some tips on what to avoid. 

    Things to consider

    • Be creative: When formatting your bulletin, it is important to be creative about the design. You can change the colors, switch graphics, and add any other appealing effects that will keep people interested in the information and engage them in a way that helps generate feedback. Make sure to use your creativity to make the church bulletin easier to read.
    • Brand it to reflect the message: Make sure the message is presented in a way that gives your bulletin a distinct identity. This means that you should incorporate the church’s branding elements, such as its colors and logo, into your design.  
    • Be organized: Ensure that your bulletin is neat and organized, as this will attract your congregation’s attention and entice them to read these bulletins. Your information should be divided into sections with a subheading for better organization. You can also choose to use margins for neat work.
    • Ask for a designer’s advice: Even when using a template, you can ask for advice from a graphic designer. With a designer, you can create a visually appealing bulletin to improve your communication tool.
    • Focus on the design: Choosing a good design for your bulletin is also an important tip that you should always remember. The design should be simple and user-friendly so your bulletins become appealing to your congregation. Make sure to use a straightforward cover, a readable font and size, a bold effect for titles and subtitles, white space to prevent reader boredom, and a limited number of essential images.
    • Use a template: The most important tip is that you should use a sample or template to guide you when creating and writing your church bulletin. This will make your work easier and provide a proper reference for well-executed church bulletins.

    Things to avoid

    Avoid the following when writing a church bulletin:

    • Avoid using too many fonts: To ensure you have enough white space, avoid using too many fonts in your bulletin. The ideal number is two, as this will help the reader differentiate between the headings and content without tiring their eyes.
    • Avoid reducing the margins: Ensure that you avoid reducing the margins of your bulletins. If you have to squeeze the margins to print out the information, that means your bulletins are packed with too much information. Instead, your margins should be standard for an appealing final look.
    • Do not put too much information: Church bulletins should be brief and concise. Including too much information will make these bulletins hard to read, as people are likely to get tired or lose concentration. People tend to get bored or even entirely avoid reading long texts. That is why you should avoid including too much information in your bulletins.
    • Avoid abbreviations or jargon: Jargon or abbreviations should not be used in church bulletins. The language you use as a church community will make it difficult for newcomers to feel welcome. That is why you should avoid using abbreviations and church jargon.
    • Do not forget your audience: Make sure to keep your readership in mind as you write your bulletin. The information you include should be welcoming and thoughtful. It should be based on helping out your congregation.

    Final Thoughts

    You must use a bulletin to make sure that you are effectively communicating with your congregation. This communication tool will allow you to share updates, make announcements, and inform the people attending church services about the different events. With it, you will not only be able to reach out to your congregation but also newcomers at your church. The best way to create a proper church bulletin is by using a template. Utilizing a template makes the process quicker and simpler, and it also guarantees that you have included all the essential elements as outlined in the article.

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