Cosmetologist Cover Letter (Sample Letters & Examples)

cosmetologist cover letter

Cosmetologists are people who work to improve the physical appearance of their clients through services, such as the application of makeup, hairstyling, skin care, nail care, and hair removal. Cosmetology jobs can be found in many industries, from fashion to film and theatre.

Skills Required for a Cosmetologist

Cover letters are important when applying for any job and tend to have a basic format to follow. However, when creating a cover letter for a cosmetologist position, you need to highlight the skills that are most important. Aside from the main skill of cosmetology, like manicures, pedicures, hair cutting, hair care, and skincare, you should also have the following:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Customer service
  • Being able to meet the needs of the client recommending the right treatment
  • Discussing different services and explaining them clearly
  • Payment collection
  • Familiar with fashion trends
  • An ability to work for large-scale events, such as proms and weddings
  • Be up to date on beauty products
  • Know how to create a work environment that is safe
  • Follow up with clients or give aftercare
  • Be able to work with other cosmetologists
  • Have good problem-solving skills.

Writing a Cosmetology Cover Letter

While your cover letter should be unique to yourself, there is a basic format that you should use. To get a better idea of how a Cosmetology Cover Letter should look, download one of our free samples or templates.

Your cover letter should include:

  • Contact section, which goes at the top of the page and should include all of your contact details. If you are sending an email contact letter, this information should be placed under your signature.
  • Address of the employer
  • Date
  • Salutation/Greeting
  • Body of the letter, which should consist of 2 to 3 sections. The first should explain why you have an interest in the job. The second should summarize your skills and why you feel you are the best candidate for the job. You can mention any additional skills that you have that are not related to the field but that would benefit the employer in a third paragraph.
  • Closing and Signature. The last paragraph, or closing, should include a thank you to the person hiring and give details, such as when you are available to start and how you may be reached. Lastly, sign off the letter (With Thanks, Kind Regards, etc.), and sign your name.

Now that you know the basic format to use, here are some details that you should have in your letter that is specific to the cosmetology industry.

In your first paragraph, tell them what attracted you to working for their company or mention a specific project that drew you to them. This shows that you have taken some time to learn about the company. There are also certain action verbs that you can use, such as innovated, beautified, served, created, connected, improved, helped, and impressed.

Sample Cosmetology Cover Letters

Sample 1:

Felicia Miller

(555) 123-4567

[email protected]

March 1, 2021

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Felicia Miller, and I am very interested in the Cosmetology position that has opened up in Beautiful Body, Inc. I feel I would be the right candidate for the position with my 7 years of experience in the industry. Beautiful Body, Inc. has been the leader in innovative cosmetology procedures, and it would be my honor to bring my skills and expertise to such a reputable company.

In my last position at Devon Spa and Beuty, I was the lead stylist for a team of four. I worked tirelessly to help my company promote a positive self-image. During my time there, I increased the client database by 45% in the first year of my employment. Many cosmetologists came to me for advice, especially for difficult issues that needed good problem-solving skills. I have always made my clients happy with the work I have done for them, and you will find that I am a dedicated professional cosmetologist who can cover all areas of the industry.

From the time I graduated from Clark Technical College, I have given back to my community by running a “Care for the Homeless” event that offered makeovers to those who are less fortunate and needed a boost to their confidence to get back into the workforce. I have also worked on prominent figures, such as Marla Green, a famed public speaker.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration of my application. I look forward to putting my skills and passion for using with my passion and skills to use with Beautiful Body, Inc.


Felicia Miller

Sample 2:

Skye Clarke

Smalltown, CA 12345 | (555) 123-4567 | [email protected]

January 5, 2021

Ms. Julia Morgan

HR Manager

Fashion Cuts Salon

105 Main Street

Anytown, GA 55555

Re: Licensed Cosmetologist as advertised on LinkedIn

Dear Ms. Morgan:

I am a licensed cosmetologist with eight years of experience in the fashion industry and a stable base of longtime loyal clients. My current beauty spa is relocating out of state, which makes me available for a new position. I hope that position can be with your reputable business, Fashion Cuts Salon.

I feel I would be the best candidate for the position because of my stellar reputation with my clients, my experience level, and my multitude of skills in the cosmetology profession. I take pride in the services that I am able to provide, giving people a confidence boost, helping to relieve stress, offering excellent customer care, and being on top of the latest beauty and wellbeing trends. I have enclosed several references from clients of all caliber for your perusal.

I thank you in advance for your time and consideration for the position and look forward to becoming an important asset to your team. I am available if you wish to speak further about what I can bring to your salon on (555) 123-4567.


Skye Clarke

Enclosure: Resume

Tips for Writing Your Cosmetologist Cover Letter

Cosmetology can be a competitive profession. If you want your cover letter to stand out from the rest, here are some tips to grab the attention of employers.

Put your skills in the spotlight

There is a range of skills when it comes to cosmetology, and you need to make sure that you highlight yours. Employers like to see a balance of hard and soft skills. Hard skills would include your area of expertise and your qualifications, as well as knowing how to handle equipment related to the field. Soft skills include customer service, being well organized, and paying attention to detail. Here are some hard and soft skills to consider:

Hard skills 

  • Supply management
  • Knowledge of safety practices and standards
  • Using appointment scheduling software
  • Being up to date with the latest techniques and procedures

Soft skills:

  • Creativity
  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Communication
  • Detail-oriented
  • Sales
  • Decision making

Use the right format 

Your cover letter should follow a professional format and tone. It will make the letter more readable. The proper format to use:

  • You should organize your letter into 3 to 4 paragraphs. The first is for the introduction; paragraphs 2 to 3 are for highlighting your skills and why you feel you are the best candidate. You can also include something about the company that impresses you. The last paragraph is your conclusion.
  • Margins should be set at 1-inch on the left and right sides, and you should choose a font the is between 10.5 and 12 points. Be sure the font itself is professional looking.
  • Keep the letter short and to the point. A good cover letter is between 200 to 400 words.

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