Sample Drug and Crime Free Lease Addendum

As the name suggests, a crime and drug-free lease addendum is a legal declaration laden within the rental agreement that upholds the spirit of the law within a domicile. It is an agreement between a landlord and the tenant(s) occupying his or her property. By the terms of such an addendum, the tenant(s) agree that they will refrain from committing and/or enabling any crimes, as per the local legal code, for the duration of their occupation of the premises. This addendum is designed to renew itself with the lease, and so, typically applies for the same amount of time as the lease itself.

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The template provided below is a meticulously crafted document designed to address the specific concerns and risks associated with drug-related activities and crimes in a leased property. This professionally designed template offers several technical benefits, including clarity on prohibited activities, enforcement mechanisms, and the establishment of tenant obligations. By utilizing our pre-built template, you can ensure a comprehensive and legally sound lease agreement. Download it today for free and protect your property rights effectively.

Printable Crime and Drug Free Lease Addendum Template

    Basic Terms of this Lease Addendum

    While such addendums can vary depending on local law, they typically establish similar principles. Generally, it is an agreement to hold occupants legally culpable in the case that they are involved with any crimes on the premises. Typically, these include the following terms;

    • The tenant(s) will not engage in criminal activity, including drug-related offenses. This includes, but is not limited to, manufacture, sale, distribution, use and/or possession with intent to sell or manufacture.
    • The tenant(s) will not engage in any acts that intentionally or otherwise, facilitate criminal activity, and/or results in criminal acts.
    • The tenant(s) may not use the dwelling unit in the capacity of facilitating criminal activity, irrespective of the parties involved in the activity. This applies to guests, as well as members of the domicile.
    • Tenant(s) will refrain from any sort of unlawful process, including manufacturer, sale, storage, and distribution of illegal and/or controlled substances, as defined in the local penal code.
    • The tenant(s) will not engage in any unlawful activity that pertains to but is not limited to, prostitution, criminal gang activity, and arson.
    • The tenant(s) will not engage in any sort of unlawful activity that results in a threatening, assault, discharge of a firearm, battery, and any other violent act as it may apply.
    • Additionally, such a clause in a rental agreement may also extend to other legal boundaries, as it varies greatly from area to area and is largely dependent on the legal code in place in the locality of the property.

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