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If you are looking for a job as a customer service representative, you need to find the best way to convince your employer that you are qualified and appropriate for the job. This means being unique and standing out among other job candidates. For this to happen, you will need to write an effective customer service cover letter alongside your résumé. The customer service job has a high demand, which means that, as a person writing a cover letter, you must know how best to craft a proper one.

The aim is to convince the hiring manager that you can meet all customer needs and help increase company sales. With this cover letter, you will be able to provide a summary of those personal and professional skills that make you a great customer service representative. A great cover letter can help you secure an interview. The hiring manager should read your cover letter and be convinced that you will be valuable to the company if employed.

In this article, you will learn more about the format, required content, and tips to consider in writing a cover letter for customer service.

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    What is it?

    A customer service cover letter is an official and professional letter written by a job applicant applying for a customer service representative job. It is a one-page document that helps introduce you to your prospective employer by providing them with details about your character and qualifications in dealing with customer needs.

    This letter aims to show your employer that you are interested in this job and have the right skills and experiences. It includes your background and work history and demonstrates your relevant customer service skills. The cover letter for the customer service sounds like a face-to-face conversation with the hiring manager. This will set you apart from many job candidates applying for the same position.

    What to Include?

    In your customer service cover letter, there are essential details that you must include to make your letter unique and effective enough to get you that interview and even help you get the customer service job.

     Those details are as follows:

    Introduce yourself and the job position

    In the first section of your customer service cover letter, you should properly introduce yourself to the hiring manager. It is also important to mention the job position you are applying for, which in this case is the customer service position. Ensure that this first section is compelling and captivating to the reader. This first section will determine whether the recipient of your letter will read it all or put it aside.

    Explain why you are perfect for this job 

    You should then explain why you are perfect for the job position. Your aim is to convince the hiring manager to hire you as the customer service representative. You can achieve this by including the reasons in your cover letter that make you the most suitable candidate for the job. In addition, include information that shows how you will be beneficial to the company.

    Highlight your skills 

    Your cover letter should also include your customer service skills. These will include both hard and soft skills. However, since a customer service representative regularly deals with people, you will need to focus more on your soft skills. Some of the customer service skills that you can include in your cover letter include communication skills, public speaking, using positive language, professionalism, service-oriented, active listening, patience, empathy, time management skills, and many more.

    Provide examples of achievements 

    The customer service cover letter should also include examples of your achievements. You need to focus on data and numbers that support how you used your skills to gain your achievements. These examples may include the number of customer cases you resolved or even the new strategy you employed to deal with your duties that improved sales by a certain percentage.  Whatever you choose, ensure that you include examples in your cover letter and the data to support it.

    Show passion

    The cover letter should also highlight your interest and passion for the job. You can achieve this by using the following strategies to write your customer service cover letter: use storytelling, conduct adequate research and be persuasive. With the storytelling approach, your prospective employer can easily relate to you as a person. In addition, conducting extensive research will help you draft a cover letter that aligns with the company’s values, hence, expressing your passion for working for them.

    Finally, it would be best to persuade the hiring manager to pick you for the job. You should focus on convincing them that you are the solution they need by using the right tone. These three strategies will help you successfully express your passion to the hiring manager. Keep in mind that a hiring manager will be more excited to work with you if you are genuinely interested in their brand and passionate about providing customers excellent service.

    Explain why you want this job

    In your cover letter for a customer service job, you can highlight the reasons for wanting the position by mentioning your goals once you get the job. These are things you intend to do or change to improve how you do your job and increase company sales. The explanation can also be a list of things that excite you for the job. Also, do not forget to mention how your experience makes you qualified for the job and will help you perform as expected.

    Make an offer in closing

    In the final section of your customer service cover letter, you need to make an offer to the hiring manager. You can suggest how you would love to provide more information about yourself in an interview. Also, you can choose to encourage them to reach out to you. 

    Postscript (Optional) 

    The postscript is optional when writing your cover letter for a customer service job. However, if you choose to include it, ensure that you use ‘P.S.’. The postscript should be found after your closing as it is usually content that you wish the hiring manager must-read.

    Template & Sample

    Here is a Customer Service Cover Letter template and sample that you can use to include all essential information in your letter:


    [Your name]
    [Your full address]
    [Your phone number]
    [Your email address]


     [Recipient’s name]
    [Recipient’s title]
    [Company’s name]
    [Company’s address]

     Dear [Hiring Manager],

     I am writing this letter regarding the vacant [name the job position] as advertised on [mention where you saw the job posting]. I am interested in working for [company’s name] as a [name the job position]. My name is [introduce yourself], and I have been working as a [name your previous role] for [mention the number of years].

     I am applying for this [name the job position] as I believe that being a [name the job] requires [briefly name what makes you perfect for the job]. With this in mind and the level of experience, I have as a [name the position], I believe this makes me the perfect candidate for the job. In addition, I readily displayed a range of skills in my previous workplace that made me stand out as a [name the position].

     As I handled my roles and responsibilities, I was always known for [highlight your relevant skills]. This helped me [mention examples of your achievements using appropriate dates]. I would love to be part of your team as [show your passion by telling a story of your success or showing how well you have researched the company]. I would also wish to work at [name of company] as it is a way for me to [name your future goals or career goals].

     I want to offer more details about my capabilities in person by [make an offer or suggest an interview]. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.


    [Your signature]



    Ahmed Caleb
    21, Downtown Street
    999 999 999
    [email protected]

     19th April 20xx

     Alice Walker
    Hiring Manager
    XYZ Holdings
    345, Everywhere Avenue

     Dear Mrs. Walker,

     For success in any business, I believe that you need to have a solid and efficient customer service department. This department plays a huge role in determining how successful your company will be in providing the correct information to customers to increase sales. That is why I believe that you need the perfect person to fill the vacant position of customer service representative here at XYZ Holdings as advertised on your company’s website. I am Ahmed Caleb, and I believe I have just the right personality and qualifications. In my seven years of experience as a customer service representative, I have always focused on being professional, patient, and finding how best to relate with people. My focus is to make customers feel special, appreciated, and respected.

     Apart from my education and on-the-job training, I am also incredibly versatile in resolving problems, being attentive, persuasion, and handling my communications effectively. I also know how to maintain the positive language, and I am always service-oriented. I can easily take charge of a situation using my creativity and critical thinking abilities. While working at ABC company, I increased the annual sales by 10% by providing the exact information and helping customers required in terms of our products. I also efficiently took orders and handled complaints concerning our services while simultaneously overseeing any flawed product’s return process.

     I understand that as a customer service representative, time management is essential. I am passionate about this job as it deals with helping people out and providing information at the right time and moment when they need it. This is my goal as soon as you employ me. I intend to make sure customers are served on time and appropriately to encourage them to make more purchases from us. Giving clear instructions requires thought, and as a customer service representative, I will always be present to provide the customers with proper advice and directions to convince them to make the right purchase.

     I am confident in my abilities, skills, and experience as a customer service representative. I believe that I can share more about my qualifications and personality in an interview. Please feel free to reach out to my email address. I appreciate your time and consideration.


    [Your signature]


    Cover Letter Writing Tips

    There are tips that you need to consider and have in mind when preparing a cover letter for a customer service job.

    Some of these tips include the following:

    Address the manager professionally

    Ensure that you address your manager or employer professionally. This cover letter is an official document; therefore, you must remain professional. Ensure that you mention their name, which will present you as knowledgeable and pleasant. If you do not know the manager’s name, use “recruiting manager” or “hiring manager.” Ensure that you start with ‘Dear’ before including the name or a particular term.

    Tell story

    As for your skills and qualifications, ensure that you craft your customer service cover letter in a way that tells a story. Your cover letter should not be a copy of your résumé but instead, focus on describing how successful you can be as a customer service person. In addition, you can highlight opportunities in your experience when you demonstrate your customer service skills. It is all about sharing your passion and personality with the hiring manager.

    Check the spellings

    After writing your customer service cover letter, make sure that you check for grammar and spelling mistakes. This is important as any mistake will reflect on you as a job candidate. In addition, you need to ensure that your document is error-free, as it will present you as a person who pays attention to detail.

    Use data (Where needed)

    Another essential tip to consider is to include substantial data that will quantify your story. For instance, you can provide the exact numbers for the customer cases you resolved, the number of years you have worked to gather your experience or your performance score from previous employers.


    Securing a customer service job can be hectic since it is highly demanding. However, there is a way that you can use to ensure that you stand out among other candidates and increase your chances of getting the job.

    First, you should write and include a strong cover letter for customer service alongside your résumé in your job application documents. With this document, you will be able to pitch your potential and convince the hiring manager of your customer service qualities. Ensure that you describe your personality and relevant professional skills that make you fit for the position.

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