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We live in a digital age where technology has made our lives easier. Today you don’t have to leave your home or office to apply for a job. You can easily accomplish this task by sending your application documents via email. The main idea behind email job applications was to make it easier for job applicants to apply for their favorite jobs from anywhere provided they have access to the internet.

An email cover letter is a content that accompanies your resume when applying for a job. The primary purpose of this content is to act as a brief introduction of the applicant and highlight the main reasons why they should be given the job. In ordinary cases, the email cover letters are shorter than regular cover letters.

If you want to land your dream job, you must learn how to writing winning email cover letters. If you have any doubts about how to go about it, you can rely on samples like the one below. You can alter the layout and design to meet your specific needs.

How to Write an Email Cover Letter?

Use a Professional Email Address

Before writing your email cover letter, it’s essential to ensure you have a professional email address. Your email and the subject line are what the hiring manager will first see — it’s your first impression. If you use an informal email such as [email protected] or [email protected], it’s wise to open a new email account that you’ll use when communicating with employers. Preferably, the email address should include your first and last name.

 Write a hearty subject line

A successful job application must include an eye-catching subject line. If your subject line is weak or boring, the hiring manager may not even look at your application for a second time. A well-crafted subject line should include: your name and the position you’re applying for, you may also add that you are applying for a job, and probably the company’s name. Ultimately the subject line should be brief, precise, professional, and relevant.

The only exception should be if the employer has specified a particular format that you should follow. Always double-check the listing to avoid mistakes.


You must start with an appropriate greeting. If possible, personalize the salutation by using the name of the hiring manager. You can get this information by visiting the company’s website or by interacting with the company’s administrative assistant. If this isn’t possible, you use a salutation such as “dear hiring manager.

The body

It’s in the body of the cover letter that you share the meat of the story — the position you’re applying for, your qualifications, skills, experience, and why you’re the best match for the job. This section includes around three to four paragraphs.

First paragraph: this is the ideal place to grab the attention of the hiring manager. In a few sentences, offer information on the job you’re applying for, how you came to know about the opening. Also, highlight a few of your strengths that demonstrate you’re the best fit for the job.

Second paragraph: This is the section where you showcase your competencies. You will highlight your past successes with examples to show what you can offer. You may draw this information from your resume but don’t copy it. If possible, use bullet points to highlight your successes.

Third paragraph: Offer some compliments about the company. This shows you’ve done some research on what the company does. You should relate this to what you can offer to the company. For example, you can say, “I have known XYZ company to be a leader in embracing the latest technology in the manufacturing sector, something that I hold dear and would like to contribute towards.

Closing paragraph: It’s vital to finish your email cover letter strongly. You should close via a call to action. Motivate the hiring manager to call you for an interview or a meeting where you can discuss more about the position and what you can offer to the company. Make it clear to the reader that you are available and ready for the role. Also, remember to thank the hiring manager for their time and consideration.

Finally, you need to sign off courteously. Some phrases that you can see to end your letter politely include: “sincerely,” “best regards,” “Yours respectfully,” “cordially,” “regards,” etc.

How to Format an Email Cover Letter?

An email cover letter layout should be similar to a typical business letter only that you should not include the contact information but the subject line and salutation.

Additionally, it’s important to space your letter appropriately. You must leave a space between the salutation, each paragraph, the closing, and your signature. Your entire letter should be single-spaced. And finally, you need to left-justify the entire email cover letter.

Pick a simple font for your email cover letter like Courier New, Times New Roman, Arial, or Verdana. You should also ensure your font size is not less than 10-pt; it should also not be larger than 12-pt. Most individuals opt for 12-pt to avoid irritating the reader by having them to squint read the font.

Number of paragraphs

Typically, a standard email cover letter should comprise 3-4 paragraphs. Each paragraph should be made up of 3 to 5 sentences. You should leave a space between the sections.


If you have a website or you’re applying for a technology job, you can attach some links or URLs within the paragraphs to share additional information. For example, if you’re a web designer, software developer, or freelance writer, you can insert links for your past work. This provides the hiring manager a chance to see what you can do.

Sample Email Cover Letter

Email Subject Line: Customer Service Manager- Mary Justin

Dear Mr. Peterson,

In response to your posting on your website for a customer service manager, I, with this, submit my interest in this position. I have over10 years’ experience working for different organizations in the customer care department


In the last two years, I have managed to establish a customer service team from scratch, improved the customer follow-up system by 10%, reduced the average customer call time by 3 minutes, and grown the customer service department from two to seven employees at Joyland Holdings. I believe this experience and other significant achievements highlighted in my resume have molded me for the customer service manager position at your company.

Currently, I manage a team of 20 employees at GreyTask Electronics, a role that I assumed in the past seven months. My roles are to nature, train, and promote comprehensive customer service in the company. I have also been in daily engagement with customers besides managing the customer service team. My passion over the years is to leave a remarkable legacy in every company I work for— ensure the customer is happy at all times. I believe this is what I will replicate in your company


I’m convinced I’m the best candidate for this role since I’m both customer and data-focused in my duties. I also delight in assisting and motivating employees to offer their best. As a customer service manager in your company, I will dedicate my efforts to empowering and growing the support team to effectively and conclusively solve customer pains.

I will appreciate your time to discuss this pivotal role in your organization.

I am thanking you for your consideration.


Johnson Matthews

[email protected]

(222) 400-7000

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Email Cover Letter

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