12 Perfect Engineer Cover Letter Examples (Free Templates)

Applying for engineering positions puts you in an exciting career with a lot of competition. Submitting a compelling engineer cover letter can be the key to setting you apart from the other candidates. This cover letter is a chance for you to show the potential employer why you are the best person for the job because you can use this to describe any skills and qualifications you have for the job.

Learning how to format and write a good engineer cover letter can help you engage with a potential employer and land that interview. In this article, we will discuss all the important information, essential tips, and a template and sample that you can use to write your letter.

What Is It?

An engineer cover letter is a document that job candidates can submit along with their resume to a hiring manager when applying for an engineering position. It is meant to list out all of the qualifications and experience the job candidate has, making them a good fit for that open position. It should never be sent in on its own but should accompany a resume and other application materials.

While every employer may not require a cover letter, a job candidate should consider submitting it as a way to showcase their skills for an open position. A resume can give an excellent overview of the talents the job candidate can bring to the table. In contrast, the engineer cover letter can dive down to show a more individualized candidate image.

This engineer cover letter is your chance to shine for a potential employer. As an engineer, you can showcase the specific projects you have handled for a past employer, show your education, or show how your specific skills would benefit the hiring manager. The engineer cover letter may only be one page long, but it is a great way to introduce yourself to the hiring manager and show your skills above the other applicants.

Writing an Engineer Cover Letter

The engineering professional will need to write it correctly to make the biggest splash with the cover letter. Even though the letter goes into more details about the candidate and their qualifications, it needs to be done professionally.

Some of the steps to use to write an engineer cover letter include:

Begin with a header

Your engineer cover letter needs to include a header that must contain the date you apply for the position. In addition, you can include the information for the hiring company like your name, address, phone number, and email address to make it easier for the hiring manager to get ahold of you.

Under the heading, you need to include a professional greeting to the hiring manager. Take the time to learn who is responsible for hiring for this position and add their name to the greeting. Start the letter off with “Dear” and then their name. If you can’t find the name, address the recipient as their job title here. This adds a note of personalization and shows your attention to detail.

Write your strong introduction

A strong introduction is essential to draw the employer in. Make it compelling enough that they want to learn more about you and will continue to read through the letter. An excellent place to start is by mentioning which job you are applying for at that time. Next, you can mention where you found the job posting, whether through an advertisement or if any mutual connection told you about the position.

An engineer cover letter is an excellent place to show off your excitement for the position, which is hard to do with just a simple resume. You can tell them why working for the company is exciting for you or why you look forward to working with the team.

Remember, this first paragraph is the same as a first impression, so add all the impressive stuff to make the employer interested.

Demonstrate your qualifications and achievements

It would be best to write about your qualifications and achievements for the open position as this is the best chance to sell yourself and prove to the hiring manager that you have what it takes to do a fantastic job in this position.

As you write this part, make sure to review the information in the job description. Then aim to detail one or two qualifications or job responsibilities that match what the job desires. Adding some of the keywords from the job description into this part of an engineer cover letter can help you stand out.

As you discuss your qualifications and past achievements, talk about the impacts of your work, not just awards and things you have done. These details help show the employer that you can get positive results for them if they give you the position.

Highlight engineering skills

As you work through the engineer cover letter, you will need to highlight some of your engineering skills. This is a critical component of the cover letter because it shows the hiring manager how you are qualified for the position and why they should hire you.

It is not just about the technical skills to succeed as an engineer. You must also be prepared to handle complex situations within the workspace.

Some of the soft skills that hiring managers are looking for in this industry include the ability to:

  • Adapt to different situations
  • Work well under pressure
  • Have interpersonal skills with others
  • Work on a team well
  • Handle any project management handed to them
  • Communicate well with anyone on the team
  • Take on a leadership role
  • Think critically when things do not go their way
  • Think innovatively to make changes that work
  • Pay attention to the details and catch mistakes when they occur.

Close professionally

A professional closing in an engineer cover letter is essential. This will help end positively and leave a good impression before they look over your resume. In addition, this is an excellent place to re-iterate that you are enthusiastic about the position and the right person for the job.

To finish the cover letter, add a call to action. This can be as simple as requesting to set up an interview with the hiring manager for the position. At the end of the letter, thank the employer for taking the time to read through the cover letter. End with a simple salutation. Something as simple as “sincerely” and then your signature will be a great way to end the letter professionally.

Engineer Cover Letter Examples

You can use the following samples as guidance for organizing your engineering cover letter:

Sample 01

March 22, 20xx

 David Johnson
1234 ABC Lane
Valrico, FL 33594

 Dear Ashely Crawford,

 I am excited to apply for the position of Engineer at Tampa Electric. I have been working with Valrico Engineering for the past four years as a mechanical engineer and feel that my experience and qualifications would make a strong match for this position, especially in software-designed products.

 As a mechanical engineer with more than seven years of experience in the field, I believe that my experience working with 3D CAD software, SolidWorks in particular, to architect and execute lightweight materials creation will significantly contribute to your company.

 I have been recognized for my precision and attention to detail in handling and manipulating fragile materials. In addition, I have a proven record of expert communication, working as an essential point of contact between various teams, including quality assurance, machine shop floor personnel, production, and design to get the work done.

 What draws me to your company the most is your work in the healthcare industry. During my time at Valrico Engineering, I learned the demands of working in an environment regulated by the FDA. I pride myself on being able to adhere to the strictest safety and sanitation rules and regulations. Therefore, I prioritize studying the latest industry trends, ensuring that I can bring the most current standards to the shop floor.

 Enclosed you will find my resume, which I believe further details my experience, skills, and qualification. I look forward to further discussing my skills and how I can contribute to your company’s goals. Contact me at the earliest convenience via email at [email protected] or by phone at 123-456-7789.



Sample 02

April 22, 20xx

 Jonathon Taylor
678 Rose Road, Phoenix, AZ

 Dear Mr. Anderson,

 My name is Jonathon Taylor, and I am interested in applying for the position of Mechanical Engineer at ABC Company. I have been working with UM & N Inc. for five years. Your description for the mechanical engineer position at ABC Company strongly matches my qualification and experience, especially in industrial machine components prototype design. Due to this, I am interested in joining your team.

 I have received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from U.C. Berkeley and have worked as a mechanical engineer for six years. In my previous role, I worked to develop three prototype components of the SuperDrill 9000 that were employed commercially. In addition, I acted as the leader of four engineering projects for my previous employer. Also, I won “Best Machinist – Western Region” – nominated twice.

 I am aware of some of the exciting projects and initiatives that ABC Company has engaged in over the recent years, especially with your initiatives for creating innovative tools in the engineering industry. I have done similar work at M & N Inc. and look forward to sharing my skills with you.

 During my time in previous employment, including at M & N Inc., I was responsible for sticking to the highest standards of safety and care while managing my time. My role put me in a unique position to work with several company areas, enhancing my communication skills and giving me a unique look into how my tasks related to what others got done at the same time. I feel that I can lend these skills to help improve your efficiency.

 Thank you for taking the time to read my application and your consideration. I would love to come in for an interview and look forward to hearing from you.




Free Templates

Download the collection of free Engineer cover letter templates from our site:

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    Writing an engineer cover letter can seem daunting at first. You want to make a big first impression on the potential employer, so some of the things you can do to write the perfect cover letter include:

    Tailor the cover letter

    The engineering cover letter needs to be tailored to the position you are applying to. Include specific language or unique details about the role or company you apply to. Sending a tailored cover letter will help show your interest in the position and is a great way to add a personal touch. Potential employers will notice the extra effort, and you are more likely to get the interview and land the position.

    Emphasize your attention to detail

    When a company hires an engineering professional, they want someone who can pay attention to the details. Attention to detail is vital for all engineering positions. You need to emphasize this skill in your engineer cover letter to show that you will fit their position well. Employers want to hire someone who knows how to handle the tasks of their open position. Your cover letter gives you a unique chance to show how you will fit within their company.

    Review the job description carefully

    The job description is your cheat sheet to what to include in the cover letter. As you read through the job description, you may notice that specific keywords will pop out at you, especially concerning the skills that the new employer is looking for. As you write your skills in the engineer cover letter, try to add a few of those skills to the letter. This can make you stand out for the job interview.

    Use proper formatting

    The formatting of your cover letter is essential. The first rule is never to let it be more than one page long. The hiring manager does not want to read a book about your life.

    Outside of writing a one-page engineer cover letter, keep the formatting between the resume and the cover letter the same. This consistency shows an eye for detail, essential to a hiring manager. Most hiring managers will want to receive your application as a .doc file but check the job description to see if they would like another format.

    Proofread your cover letter

    Once writing the engineer cover letter is done, you should proofread it. First, you should review the document for grammar and spelling errors before sending it out. Then, read through the letter, preferably out loud, to ensure that it makes sense and flows well. You can also have someone else read it and provide feedback to make it perfect.

    Wrapping Up

    An engineer cover letter is a great option to help set your application apart from the rest. By highlighting your experience and showing the employer how it can be used in their company, you will be able to get more attention than others. By following the steps given in this article, you can create the perfect engineer cover letter each time.

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