Free Eviction Notice Form for Illegal Activity (Word, PDF)

From time to time, your tenant may engage in some social deviant or unethical behaviors. If and when this happens, you might want to evict them for the sake of saving face and protecting the rest of the tenants. This is where the ‘Eviction Notice for Illegal Activity’ comes in.

It is issued by a landlord to a tenant. Its aim is to inform the tenant to vacate your premises within a stipulated timeframe. This frame varies greatly from state to state and as such, there is no universal framework. Unlike other notices, this one is incurable in the sense that a tenant has no room for appeal.

Types of Illegal Activities which can trigger the “Eviction Notice”

Some of the illegal activities which may warrant the issuance of this notice are:

  • Prostitution
  • Possession of illegal firearms
  • Dealing in counterfeits and contrabands
  • Sales of drugs and other illegal products
  • Handling of stolen property
  • Occultic tendencies and behaviors
  • Wrong information during the application for tenancy
  • Illegal migrants

State Laws

Each state has prescribed in its laws the rules that govern evictions in case of illegal activities. Further, each state even has its own definition of ‘illegal activity.’ What may be deemed illegal in one state may not really be illegal in another state and so on.

Given this diversity, it is important to familiarize yourself with the laws that govern this kind of eviction in your state. It is only then that you will be able to act within the limits of law and order. Specifically, you should observe the grace periods and rectify any violations.

Notices Duration by States

Notices By State

How to Fill the Eviction Form

Step I: Download and print the form

As always, you should start by downloading the form. Access it from this uniform resource page:


Go ahead to print it out in the form of a hard copy. Read through each section thoroughly to see to it that you understand every bit of it. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to raise the same. Remember, any wrong information may often spoil the party later.

Step II: Fill the Banks

Now fill the blanks. Use a black pen to print the details in the spaces provided. Go slow and meticulous to avoid any errors which may render the form ghastly to behold later. Yet again, you may want to invoke the assistance of a trained attorney to prevent any errors and mistakes from arising. After you are through with the exercise, append your signature at the back.

Step III: Serve the tenant involved

As the last step, serve the tenant involved in the dispute. You may choose to do so on your own. Alternatively, you may wish to engage a third party to deliver it on your behalf. In case you opt for the latter, the deliverer should fill and sign the ‘certificate of service’ section at the back of the form.

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