Farewell Letter from Student to Teacher

A farewell letter from student to teacher is a message sent to mark the end of a relationship between a teacher and their learner that is sent when one of them is leaving the learning institution. It is typically written to appreciate the teacher’s work, time, and guidance and wish them well in the future. When appropriate, you can also use the letter to maintain communication with your teacher.

Parting ways with your teacher can be difficult, especially if they were your favorite, but it doesn’t have to be. A well-written farewell message can help you remember and appreciate everything they have taught you during your time together.

Below, we provide you with guides, tips, and sample letters to help you bid farewell to your teacher.

When to Send a Farewell Letter to Your Teacher

It is not uncommon for teachers to leave school and new ones to join. While all these changes may affect you, not all of them will significantly impact your studies. For example, a Music teacher who leaves the school may not affect you if you don’t take the class. This means that you don’t have to write a farewell letter every time a teacher leaves.

When should you send the letter? Consider drafting a farewell message for the following recipients:

  • Your class teacher
  • A subject teacher who has taught you for a while
  • An associate teacher who tutors you
  • Your team’s coach or instructor
  • A senior position teacher who mentors you

What to Include in Your Letter

While a Farewell Letter from Student to Teacher should be short, it should also be precise and informative, which means it must contain key details. These include:

  • Your name, class name, or extracurricular activity through which you interact with the teacher.
  • A short memory you shared with the teacher where they helped you or you learned a valuable lesson.
  • A personal lesson you learned from the teacher. Did they help you pass in Math? Mention it.
  • Appreciation for all the lessons and memories.
  • Best wishes to the teacher in their next venture

Writing Tips for a Farewell Letter

A farewell message may be somewhat personal because it involves expressing emotions, but it is still a formal letter sent to your superior. Consider the following tips when drafting it:

  • Keep your message short and to the point.
  • Write positively and cheerfully.
  • Express gratitude for what your teacher has done for you
  • Personalize the letter by sharing a memory
  • When sharing memories, avoid exaggerating or embellishing details.
  • Use formal and appropriate language.

Farewell Letter from Student to Teacher (Format)


{Teacher’s Name}

{School Name}

{School Address}

{City, State, Zip Code}

Re: Farewell {Teacher’s Name}

Dear {Mr./Mrs./Ms./ Last Name},

I am a {subject name} student from {class name}. We were recently informed that you will be leaving {school name} to join {new school name} on {insert date}. As one of your devoted students, I am writing to bid you farewell and thank you for your influence on my life.

In the {duration} that you have been my teacher, you have taught me, {mention specific lessons}, for which I am grateful. I remember this day {mention a cherished memory}. Your lessons will stay with me forever.

As you embark on this new journey, I wish you all the best. Thank you, once again.


{Your Name}

{Roll Number/Class Name}

Sample Farewell Letter from Student to Teacher

10 January 2031

Cameron Lane

Skylight High School

211 Flower Lane

Jefferson City, MO 56777

Re: Farewell and Good Luck

Dear Mr. Lane,

I read in the school newsletter that you will be transferring to our sister school in New Jersey. I feel conflicted because while I am happy for you for this new opportunity, I will also miss you as a teacher. You have been my Biology teacher for 2 years, and I am beyond grateful.

I remember experiencing problems in Biology during my first months. If it hadn’t been for your insistence, dedication, and support, I wouldn’t be the A student I am now. Your mantra to never give up will be my constant guide.

I wish you all the best in the new school. Thank you, and good luck.


Fiona Prince

Biology 2, Batch 2030/31

Farewell Letter (Word Template)

Key Takeaways

If you valued and were close with your teacher, you will want to send them a goodbye letter when they leave your school. Your message should be positive, appreciative, reminiscent of the memories you shared with them. Remember to get straight to the point, write clearly, and send your letter in time, so it has the desired effect.

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