Free Five (5) Day Eviction Notice Template (Word, PDF)

Five Day Eviction Notices

As its designation, the ‘Five (5) Day Notice to Quit’ is notice which lets a tenant know that the landlord shall kick him out of the premises within five days effective from the time the notice is issued. It is mainly issued out under three main circumstances.

These are default or non-payment of rent, engagement in illegal activities, and the violation of the terms that govern and oversee the rental contract. It is non-binding in the sense that it is subject to revision and appeal especially if the underlying issue is non- payment of rent.

Each state has its own rules and regulations that govern the issuance of this form. It is hence important that you, the landlord, familiarize yourself with the prevailing rules in your state. This way, it will be possible for you to determine how best to go about the issue if and when the time to do so comes.

How to fill Five (5) Day Eviction Notice Form

Step I: Identify the problem

Before filling this form and sending the notice, it is important to know exactly the kind of violation which your tenant has suffered. Three common kinds of violations do exist. These are the late payment, zero compliance with the terms of lease agreements, and the undertaking of illegal activities in the premise.

Step II: Download the form from the internet

Next, proceed to download the form from here. Follow this to find out more:


Then, print it out in a hard copy format. Peruse through the instructions to understand exactly what you are supposed to do. This is the time to seek any clarifications if need be. Remember, any errors or oversights at this stage may haunt you later on.

Step III: Fill the form out

It is at this stage that you have to fill the form out. You will discover that the form has three main sections. These are explained here below:

  • Section I: Enter the exact name of the tenant in question and his social security number. Follow this with the physical address of the property in question. State categorically the state, city, and the zip code of that property. Close this section with the date on which the initial contract was signed between the tenant and you.
  • Section II: This is the violation section. It is the one that indicates clearly the kind of violation which warrants the issuance of this notice. There are three main kinds of violations as we have already stated above. These are:
    • Late Rent – Refers to the situation in which the tenant does not remit the rental dues within the stipulated timeframe. In this sense, specify the outstanding balance and the due date for the issuance of the same.
    • Non-Compliance – In case the tenant has broken any rule or regulation that governs his stay at your premises or facility. The notice serves to warn the tenant of an impending search by the landlord.
    • Enjoyment in Illegal Activity – Lastly, the tenant may engage in illegal activity. This again warrants the landlord to terminate the lease agreement prematurely. The failure to remedy this situation results in eviction.

Step IV: Append the Signature

Sign the document at the bottom of the page which contains the information we have shared out above. Thereafter, turn to the ‘certificate of service’ page at the back. Here, fill out the manner in which you intend to deliver the form to the tenant. As a general, you would rather use the registered main for the sake of convenient record keeping.

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