Flight Attendant Cover Letter (20+ Samples & Email Examples)

Flight Attendant

Like any other vacancy, a cover letter is absolutely crucial for flight attendants. It is the one that accompanies your resume. Its role is mainly to give your would-be employer a peek at your own competence and what makes you qualified for the job. Other than that, it points your would-be employer to your resume. Given its absolute importance, you have to draft it in the best way possible. The following discussions endeavor to explain the tips to adhere to while drafting such a crucial document.

Tips for writing a flight attendant cover letter

Tip I: Personalize your Cover Letter

Airlines have different requirements for their jobs and vacancies. It is important that you appreciate this reality. In this light, you have to see to it that you personalize your letter to the unique requirement of the airline you are applying to. Avoid using templates thus as you draft your communique.

Tip II: Lay Emphasis on your Skills

Many people have this misguided notion that academic paper qualifications are all. Nothing could be further from the truth. On the contrary, airlines cherish experience and expertise. Show them you have these two vital ingredients in your cover letter. If possible, highlight any past significant achievements for their consideration.

Tip III: Make do with Examples

While drafting your letter, slot in some examples from time to time. Have you ever helped a passenger in distress? In the course of your career, have you ever encountered an emergency situation like turbulence, emergency landings, or aborted take-offs? If so, how did you respond to them? Airlines are always looking for persons of that kind as they hire their new workers.

Tip IV: Proofread and Edit

Needless to point out, you have to proofread and edit your cover letter before eventually submitting it. Remember, any vacancy normally attracts huge applicants. You do not want to take any chances at all. Seal any loophole which might lead to your rejection.

Tip V: Make Appropriate Follow-ups

It is a good thing to make appropriate follow-up after submitting your application. Other than confirming that the airline has indeed received it, you will also prove that you are serious and passionate about joining the team. This will definitely put a gap between the other applications and you.

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Templates

American Airlines Flight Attendant Cover Letter

American Airlines Flight Attendant Letter 01

American Airlines Flight Attendant Letter

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Application for Flight Attendant

Application for Professional Flight Attendant

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Flight Attendant Cover Letter Example

Flight Attendant Cover Letter Sample

Flight Attendant Cover Letter

Flight Attendant Letter Sample

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Sample Resume for Flight Attendant

Southwest Flight Attendant Cover Letter

    Sample Flight Attendant Cover Letter

    Friday, July 19, 20XX

    (Hiring Manager’s Name)
    (Airline Address)
    (City and State)
    (Zip Code)
    (email address)


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am greatly thrilled to have to submit my applications for consideration for the position of a flight attendant with your organization. With well over 10-years experience as a flight attendant with a budget carrier, I do feel knowledgeable and equipped enough for this role.
    Other than the raw paper qualification, I have some special skills and achievements which I feel set me apart from the others. These include:

    • Combined 3,000 hours of local and international flights in passenger jets that hold 200+ occupants at a time
    • Training of 30+ flight attendants in matters customer service, health and sanitation, first aid, and safety techniques. My efforts improved the said standards by a whopping 40%.
    • Recognitions and certifications from fellow members of the flight crew
    • 80% positive feedback from clients and surveys

    My most recent contract was with Alaskan Airlines. Being large and reputable, the company has given me more than enough exposure and expertise. Expect me hence to add much value and satisfaction to your firm.

    Truly yours,

    Sample Email for Flight Attendant Cover Letter

    Dear Mr./Mrs./Sir/Madam,

    Having come across your advertisement for the position of a flight attendant in the local dailies, I am thrilled to hereby submit my applications for the same. My competence draws from the facts that I am trained and experienced for the job.
    I received my flight attendant training from the prestigious Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. After completing my course of study, I proceeded to work for Delta Airlines in that capacity for 5 years.
    During my stint at the airline, I earned numerous accolades from passengers, airline management, and fellow members of the crew. Find those certificates of recommendations attached. You also indicated that you want a person who is well-versed in matters first aid. Well, I hold a St. John’s Ambulance First Aid certification too!
    Kindly consider me for an interview. I will divulge further information when we meet.

    Gratefully yours,

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