Free DS-3053 Form (Passport Parental Consent) – How to Fill

A child passport can be a problematic passport to apply for. Parents who wish to take their children out of the country will need to follow form DS 3053 carefully to ensure that the paperwork is done correctly and that they can get the passport back for their child in time.

The child passport is for all under 16 years of age applicants who wish to get a passport. There are no renewals for minor passports. If a child is still under 16 years of age and needs an updated passport, they must file a new application. This form shows the parents’ consent to letting the child get this passport if they can’t be present with the child during the application. This form is required to be notarized as well.

There are times when only one parent has sole custody of the child, and the other parent is not available, or their whereabouts are unknown. When this happens, the parent with sole custody will not need to fill out the form DS 3053.

What is a DS 3053?

Form DS 3053 is parental consent or statement of consent. This form is used when a minor is applying for a passport, and only one of their parents can be present. Any person under the age of 16 will not need this form to apply for a passport, regardless of whether their parents can be there or not. However, a minor’s passport can’t be issued without both parents’ authorization due to the child’s age. Both parents must also provide the proper documentation of their guardianship and citizenship.

When one of the parents cannot be present in case the minor child is applying for their passport, the non-applying parent must grant their permission for the child to obtain this passport. The DS 3053 form shows this permission and must be submitted simultaneously as the child’s DS-11 form.

For the document to be used, the non-applying parent will need to sign it in front of a notary and present a government-issued photo ID. This ID will be photocopied at that time (both the front and the back) and submitted with the parental consent form.If both parents can be present when the child applies for their passport, this form is unnecessary. This should only be used if one parent can’t be present at that time.

Download Forms

Filling out a DS 3053 form is not a complex process. It just shows the issuing agent that you agree your minor child is allowed to apply for a passport when you can’t be present. This website provides a free downloadable DS 3053 form for anyone to use to make this process a little easier. Remember that the signature must be done before the form is accepted in front of a notary.

DS-3053 Form - Free Template 01

DS-3053 Form - Free Template 02


    A form DS 3053 is necessary for a non-applying parent who wants to provide consent for their minor child in the United States to receive a passport. The applying parent can also fill out the form if they still need the written consent of the non-applying parent who isn’t available when applying for the minor’s passport.

    This form is only necessary if one parent cannot be present for the application. If both parents can apply for the passport and be there in person, no one will need to fill out this form.

    Components of DS 3053 Form

    A few components are included in the DS 3053 form for you to fill out. Ensure that you read page 1 of the form before continuing to the rest of the form to fill things out. This helps you be fully aware of what you are signing and agreeing to at the time.

    The following components are usually present in a DS 3053 form:

    Minor’s name

    You must include the full name of the minor applying for the passport. This includes their first name, last name, and middle name. Do not put any nicknames in this section. The name on this form must be the same name given to the child at birth, found on their birth certificate and social security cards. Putting down other names or forgetting a part of the name can slow down the application process.

    Minor’s date of birth and authorization validation

    Under the name of the minor, you will need to include the full date of birth of the child. Then you can check off what the authorization form is good for. You can specify the authorization to a book only a passport book and card simultaneously. Choose the one that makes sense for your current situation.

    Signatures under the statement of consent

    When you get to this section of the form, you will be at the statement of consent. The non-applying guardian will need to include their name and the name of the authorized person on the form. In addition, there will be a need to include the contact information, including the physical address, telephone, and email address of the non-applying parent. You can fill out all of the information in the consent statement but wait to sign the document until you are in front of the notary.

    Signatures in front of the notary public

    You have to wait to sign the form until you can get in front of a notary public. The notary will need to look at your government-issued ID and make a photocopy of it front and back to submit the rest of the paperwork. All of the signatures on the form need to be done with the help of a notary public.

    Finding a notary does not have to be complicated. Many local banks will have someone on staff who will be able to work as your notary or can give you information on someone who can do this for you. In addition, many notaries will come to your current location to help make signing the paperwork a little easier.

    Statement of consent notarization

    The notary public will fill out the final portion of the DS 3053 Form. This section will have room for their name and ID number, where the signature occurred, the type of ID you presented, and the notary’s signature. The notary will also need to add information about dates, including the issue and expiration date and the date they notarized the paper.

    You do not need to fill this part yourself because the notary will fill it in with their professional information. Then, once you have signed all the other necessary components and presented your ID, the notary public will finish the rest.


    A passport for a child 15 years or younger can be an excellent document. This document allows your child to travel the world or even have a government ID for different purposes. The child will not be able to get the passport on their own and will need the approval of both parents before a passport is awarded.

    It is best for both parents to show up for this process if possible.There are situations where one of the parents cannot be there during the application. When this happens, the form DS 3053 can be an excellent tool to help.

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