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Sip and See party

The arrival of the baby is a time of great joy for parents and also for family and friends. Everyone wants to meet the new member of the family and find out who he looks like, the color of eyes and hair, details of labor, what size, and how many pounds the baby was at the time of birth.

Mom loves to tell all these things, but the truth is that as great as this happiness is, receiving visitors after giving birth can be immensely exhausting. The woman is tired, anxious, and worried about the care of the newborn. Parents and the baby are still adapting to the new routine, and the first few nights with the child at home are usually challenging.

But birth is to be celebrated. And to modernize and make visits to the newborn and his family more pleasant, an excellent idea came up: the baby’s Sip and See. And that’s what we’re going to talk about in our post today! Good reading!

What is Sip and See?

The Sip and See is a small party to introduce the newborn to family and friends. Unlike baby showers, it was designed to avoid the wear and tear of mother and baby with the many visits in the first days, by gathering in a single day all the warmth of welcome that the closest people want to give to the baby.

Why is this event more and more common?

As proud as the parents are of their new child, the newborn’s first days at home are quite exhausting. The woman is still weak from delivery; the house is upside down, and giving the attention that visitors deserve can be very difficult.

Therefore, the idea of ​​having a special day to present the baby has been increasingly accepted as a solution that serves parents, family, and friends.

It is a way of elegantly advising when the couple wants to receive visits, in addition to bringing more peace and privacy to the family. It is still a beautiful record to show the child how dear he is.

When should a Sip and See party be done?

Sip and See is organized when parents feel comfortable introducing their child to the world. It usually happens in the second half of the first month of the child’s life, when the mother is more recovered from childbirth and her, and the baby’s swelling has subsided.

Another good time is in the first half of the child’s second month of life when the first vaccinations have been taken, and the baby is more protected, especially if he is premature.

Who organizes the Sip and See party?

Usually, the tea is organized by the baby’s aunts, grandmothers, remembering that the idea is not to overload mom. But, it can also be planned by the pregnant woman before the birth of the child.

Anyway, it is possible to count on the help of professionals specialized in the organization of these events.

How long should it last?

Ideally, the party should not change the newborn’s routine too much. A good time is mid-morning or mid-afternoon. This meeting should not last more than four hours in order not to tire the little one and mom too much.

Where should the Sip and See be organized?

The family home is the best place to organize the party as it is more intimate. You can gather friends in the living room, and the baby can relax in his room.

When the couple has a very large family or wants to invite many people, it is best to rent a space that accommodates the guests better. Even if the party is organized outside the home, it is important to have a more reserved corner for the baby to rest and the mother to breastfeed with more tranquility.

How to decorate?

The decoration can be made with the theme chosen for the baby’s room or any other that the mother wishes to welcome her little one. You can also download and use our free templates!

When the party is hosted at home, a decorated table is enough to make the environment warm and pleasant. Photos of the child’s birth and first days of life can also make up the scene.

Avoid using too many flowers, as they can cause irritation and respiratory allergy in the newborn.

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    Who should be invited?

    Sip and See is a more intimate event for family and close friends. But it is up to the couple to decide who to invite. The ideal is that it is not a big party, with a lot of noise, as it will be very stressful for the baby. We hope this is all you wanted to know about the baby’s Sip and See party.

    To help you out with the invitations we have created ready to use templates which you can download and use for free!

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