Printable General Color Charts (Word | PDF)

A general color chart inspires designers. Graphic designers, interior designers, web designers, product designers and the like all need color themes. Instead of defaulting to their go-to colors, designers can venture out using a general color chart to help them.

Color Chart Templates

General Polymers Color Chart


General Polymers Color Chart,

General Color Chart


Hexadecimal Color Gradient Chart,

Hexadecimal Color Gradient Chart


PMS Chart With RGB HTML Conversions,

PMS Chart With RGB HTML Conversions


PMS Color Chart Template,

PMS Color Chart Template


How Color Charts can Help?

Charting Your Business

A general color chart has all the primary colors, secondary colors and beyond. Seeing the color is better than imagining the color. Picking a color is the first step. What tone or shade of the color would look perfect for your business logo? What will having a bright orange say to your clients if you use it to design your stationery header? A general color chart assists you with coloring inside the lines. You will not misstep if you use the chart correctly.

Improving Your Home

Are you looking to improve your home? You can get inspired by colors for every room and detail. Would your choice of an accent wall color work with the other colors you chose? You can decide by examining a chart. Sometimes, time is a luxury, and you may not be able to visit your local hardware store to pick out samples. You can download a chart today, and find a color you love. Take it to your hardware store tomorrow, and they can match it for you. It is as simple as that.

Designing The Web

Whether you are a web designer, a graphics designer or a book cover designer, color matters. You have to make sure that you a picking the best color theme for your project. Your clients may have a vision for the overall design, but it is your job as a designer to make sure that design is professional and uses color to gain attention. The right color can help a book cover stand out on Amazon. The right color can turn a flyer into a viral sensation. Colors matter and you can make sure that you are using the right one by referencing a general color chart.

If you are designer, a general color chart is a must have resource for you. You can download 5 samples of one to help you with your tasks.

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