House Moving and Packing Checklist (25 Pro Tips for Easy Shifting)

Free House Moving Checklists and Moving Tips

Moving to a new house can be very exciting. The new house can be full of new opportunities, but it is important to pack everything correctly and the fragile items in a manner that they do not break. Moving to a new house also means taking all the necessary items. However, there is a huge variety of items, which is unnecessary, and it is extremely important to get rid of such items. There can be unwanted clothes, shoes, crockery, socks, and paintings, or anything that is no longer in use. When a person is relocating, there can be numerous things in mind. Sometimes it is impossible to remember each detail. It is a good idea to make a checklist and work accordingly.

I have listed few tips and a comprehensive guide on shifting house efficiently along with a FREE House Moving Checklist to do easy shifting.

25 Professional Tips on House Moving


  1. Get Moving Tools & Supplies

Packing-ToolsIn order to make the entire process of shifting organized and easy it is important to collect the correct tools and supplies. For example, moving boxes can assist in organizing the items in a single place. Packing tapes, cardboard boxes, and measuring tape can also assist in packing.

  1. Pack Decorative Items Ahead of Time

Decorative Items The decorative items inside the house can be costly and they are very fragile. It is important to pack them in advance and keep aside so that nobody packs them in rush. Use bubble wraps for packing these items as they are going to be an integral part of the new home as well.

  1. Use a Numbering System to Label Boxes

packing box numbringGoogle docs can be very helpful in keeping track of the boxes, which are numbered. Mark each box with a number and list the details on Google Docs. In case, a person needs bed sheets, he or she can search from the Google docs and can easily locate the box for the bed sheets.

  1. Use Blanket & Bubble Wrap for Heavy Items

It is wise to pack the items like dishware with bubble wrap and blankets. Stuffing the dishes with bubble wrap can prevent them from breaking. It is important to pack such items with care, as these are essential and expensive.


  1. Use Saran Wrap

Wrap toilet items

The toiletry items can leak while moving and using a saran wrap can prevent the leakage. Remove the cap, place the saran wrap and close the bottle. This can be quite effective.


  1. Pack a Clear Plastic Box with Essential Items


In order to make the first night at new home comfortable or to survive easily on the last day at the old house, it is important to pack a clear plastic box containing essential items. For example, toothpaste, toothbrush, hand soap, face wash, small shampoo, and tissues can be a part of this plastic box.

  1. Utilize Boxes According to Size

different box sizesSmall boxes can be used for packing the books and big boxes can be useful for packing other items. Books are quite heavy and they would stay organized in small boxes.


  1. Sell or Donate Extra Items

In order to make the whole process of moving to a new place smooth and to keep everything organized it is important to donate the extra stuff in charity. If the items are valuable but of no use, it can be a good idea to sell them.

  1. Take Assistance from Professionals

moving company helpA professional moving company can make the whole process of moving a lot easier by packing the items in the most efficient manner. If one can afford, hiring a professional moving company can be the best option.


  1. Use Suitcase for Important Items

suitcaseIf there are important items in the house like wedding clothes, gowns, or anything like that than using a suitcase can be a good idea. A suitcase can protect these items since it would be locked tightly.


  1. Use A Map

map in mobileThere are various apps, which provide the best route. It is wise to use a map to get an idea about the best route to the new house. Finding the best route can save a lot of time.


  1. Pack Personal Bag Separately

Packing a personal bag for the night at the new house can be very helpful. Shifting can be tiresome and it would not be possible at times to decorate the new house, the very first day of moving. In such a case, a personal bag containing essential items can be very handy.


  1. Do Not Buy Groceries Until Moving

GroceriesIf there are few days or a week left in moving, it is better to stop buying any new groceries. Try to finish whatever is in the refrigerator. Buying new groceries means packing those extra items, which require refrigerator and sometimes it is difficult to manage the groceries if a person is moving quite far away from the current location and the weather is extremely hot.

  1. Take Pictures of Electronic Items

Electric wiresIt can be difficult to set up the electronic items, as there are likely to be many wires. It can be confusing to set up these wires, however; taking a picture of these wires of the electronic items can be very helpful when setting them in the new house.


  1. Use Storage Bin

Storage Bin A storage bin can be used in packing the light clothing item, towels, and the pillowcases. It is even possible to pack the bed sheets in the storage bins.


  1. Make Copies of Important Documents


While moving to the new house, a person can lose the important documents. Packing can be a hassle and it is important to keep track of essential documents. It is wise to make copies of these documents and keep them aside in advance.


  1. Use A Cleanup Kit for Cleaning House

Cleanup Kit for Cleaning HouseA cleanup kit can be very useful in cleaning the house. After packing the house, one should clean it for the new tenants or new owners. A clean house gives out positive vibes and lets others know that the person living hear maintained cleanliness. The cleanup kit can be useful for cleaning the new house as well.

  1. Defrost the Refrigerator

Defrost the RefrigeratorDefrosting the refrigerator before moving can be a great idea. It is important to clean the refrigerator thoroughly. Get rid of all the unwanted items from the refrigerator.


  1. Keep Boxes Separate for Each Room

Keep Boxes Separate for Each RoomThe boxes, which belong to the bedroom, should stay in the bedroom and the boxes, which belong to the garage, should stay in the garage. While loading items in the truck it is better to keep in order to remember what belongs where. It can be very useful when unloading the items in the new house.

  1. Load Heaving Boxes & Items First

Load Heaving Boxes & Items FirstFurniture is the heaviest item however, it is important to keep the wooden items with care. There can be chances of damage in loading and unloading. Place the heavy items first and then load the lightweight boxes and items.


  1. Take Pictures of New Home

Take Pictures of New HomeIt is wise to take the pictures of the new home so if there is a damage before decorating, one can have a proof that he or she was not responsible for the damage.



  1. Delegate Tasks

Delegate TasksAsk the friends and family members for assistance and delegate the tasks as in who is going to do what. One person can unpack the items in the bedroom while the other person can take care of the kitchen.


  1. Make Bed First to Sleep Well at Night

Make Bed First to Sleep Well at NightIt is wise to make the bed first for a good night’s sleep. It can be tiresome to decorate and unpack the entire boxes in a single day. Focus on making the bed first.


  1. Unpack Wisely

UnpackIt is important to unpack then items wisely. Some items might be fragile therefore, it is important to be extra careful when unpacking those items. Unpacking in a clumsy way can result in damaging the items.


  1. Host A Party

PartyFinally, when the new house is all set it is time to host a party. Invite the friends and the family members. It is a good idea to invite the old neighbors as well. Look forward to making new friends in the new neighborhood.




Free House Moving Checklist Template

Free house moving checklist template is available to help to keep a track on packing status, box numbers, and much more. There are various benefits of free house moving checklist template such as:

  • It can serve as a reminder for the belongings.
  • It can assist in checking what tasks are complete and what is left.
  • It can assist in prioritizing the tasks.
  • It can also assist in delegating the tasks accordingly.

Download the free house shifting checklist template and make moving to a new place a lot easier.



Moving Home Checklist PDF Free Download

House Moving Checklist-PDF Free Download


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