How to Email Your Cover Letter and CV (with Examples)

Job searching can take a short time as possible or even a very long time before you get success. Well, most people argue that it is all about luck. Well, it might be based on lack but how you do your application also contributes to the success of the whole process. Depending on the job you are applying for, you should email the hiring manager based on the job requirements. In doing this, you should send your resume together with the cover letter. Ensure you include a subject that can attract the readership of your letter then put your signature at the end.

If you are being referred to apply for this position, you should forward the same resume to the person referring you for perusal to enable him or her to recommend you in regard to what you are professional. You can also share the resume with other people who are able to connect you with other employers.

How to Email your Cover Letter and Resume

Follow the employer’s instruction

If you are applying for an advertised job, you will have to follow the instruction in the advert. For instance, if according to the advert you are expected to send only the resume and the cover letter, ensure that that is exactly what you attach. do not go ahead to attach other things like academic certificates. For the cover letter, you can place it on the body of the mail and attach it to the files again. Also, you should attach the needed documents in order of what the employer requires. If you do not follow instructions, your email can be considered trash or spam then you will be wondering why you are not being called for an interview.

Save your cover letter and resume

You should type your cover letter on a word document s that you be able to save it. the best way to save your letter and resume is in Pdf, doc, and docx form. With such, the recipient will always receive them in the rightful format. Remember emailing can at times distort the organization of your letter and resume. However, saving it prior to attaching it guarantees you that the receiver will get it as an original copy. When saving the resume or the cover letter, ensure you save it using your name so that after downloading it, the recipient can connect your documents and the subject of your email.

Include a subject line

Your recipient might be receiving several emails at the same time, some of which are not important to him or her. This means that it is possible to assume some messages. If you fail to put a subject line, you are giving the recipient a chance to assume your letter. It is through the subject that the recipient can know how to handle your application. In the subject line, be specific on what you are applying for, remember there are other people applying for different positions. Therefore, add your name and the position you are applying for. if the job has a reference number, do not ignore it.

Example: subject: your name- job title (reference number)

Formatting an email message to send along with the resume and cover letter

At times, employers are very specific on whether to attach the cover letter or not. If they do not instruct you to attach it, you might choose whether to copy it from the word document to the message body and also attach it in the file. However, when instructed to only attach it, you need to look for something to place in the email body. You might have to keep it short and simply let the recipient know what has been attached to the document. Keep it short since your cover letter contains your whole request. To create a new message, you simply log into your email and click the ‘compose’ button. From there you can create your mail according to the employer’s instructions.

Sample email message

Subject: Liam- communication officer

The dear Hiring manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of a communication officer within XY consultancy firm. I have been working at ABC Limited for the past three years. I am competent in communication skills, research, and public relations skills. I can work with no or minimal supervision.

Attached are my cover letter and a resume for your perusal. I am waiting in hope to get your feedback.

Thank you



[email protected]


Add your signature on the email

At a glance, the employer should be able to see your contacts to ease their process of recruitment. Ensure you put your name, phone number, email address, and any other social media platform which you use for career purposes. If you have created your signature, you can as well insert it.

Attach your resume and cover letter

  • Click on the attach button: At the end of your message body, you will see different icons. The second one is the ‘attach file’ icon. Click it. It will direct you to your PC documents. Click on your cover letter and allow it to be attached on your message files. Do the same to the resume.
  • Confirm your email body: Before you click on send, ensure that you have done it right. Look back to the employer’s instruction to ensure that you have done as required. If all is well, click send.

Send a copy to your email so that you can always refer to it and make consistent follow-ups on your application.

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