How to Get Verified by Social Security Administration

Social Security verification Process
Social Security verification Process

Every citizen of the United States is entitled to some form of government assistance or benefits. These include Medicaid, housing assistance, food stamps, and so on. In order to qualify for these benefits, you have to show cause that you indeed fall under the category that is deemed vulnerable.

That requires that you obtain a letter of verification from the social administration. This letter basically vouches for your suitability for the receipt of the benefits that come along. Knowing all about it is definitely a great idea, is it not? We take a look at it here below.

Purpose of this Letter

This letter generally serves the following purposes:

Your Suitability for the Benefits

It explains your suitability for the various benefits you are interested in. This could take the forms of your age, gender, disability, veteran status, and so on. It is the pieces of information you provide that will determine whether or not you may subsequently receive those benefits.

The Benefits you qualify for

Next, it demonstrates the benefits you qualify for? Are these benefits retirement, pension, disability, food grants, or veterans? If the applicant qualifies for more than one of these, the letter specifies the exact total benefits plus the basis under which he qualifies for the same.

The Benefits you presently receive

Also related to the above are the benefits that the applicant is presently receiving. They could yet again take the forms of retirement, pension, disability, food grants, or veterans, respectively. As is the case above, the letter may also go the length of detailing the multiple benefits that the applicant is presently leveraging.

Any other important term of reference

The issuance of these benefits is subject to the fulfillment of some terms of references. It is also the responsibility of the letter to lay bare these terms for the reader to know. That goes a long way in letting the reader know how prepared the applicant is to receive the said benefits.

Other Transactions

It is possible for you to use this letter to apply for loans, mortgage, and other forms of financial obligations. That is because it supplies some vital pieces of information that may be used to assess whether or not you are creditworthy enough to be trusted with the loan or financial instrument.

How to Request Verification from Social Security Administration

To request this letter from the relevant authority, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • Visit the social security administration web address:
  • Log in to your own online account by providing your username and password
  • Click the link entitled “Get a Benefit Verification Letter.”
  • Proceed to click “Customize Your Letter.”
  • Select the relevant pieces of information you want to incorporate in the letter
  • Click “Apply to Letter”
  • Choose whether you would want to print it (Print Now) or merely save it online (Save a Copy)

Alternatively, you may also call the social security office via the following number 800-772-1213 and make a formal request.

What a Letter of Verification Contains?

  • Name of the Applicant: This is the official name of the person who is seeking to have this letter. The names are as they appear on official documents like the birth certificate, state-issued IDs, passports, and driving licenses.
  • Applicant’s Social Security Number: Each citizen is usually assigned a unique social security number that separates him from the rest. The letter contains this number in a way that is bold and easily visible by just about everyone.
  • Date of Birth:  It was the precise date when the applicant was born.
  • State of Residence: The current residence of the applicant.
  • The Benefits Qualified:  This is a listing of all the benefits that the applicant qualifies for. Some may also dare to explain why the applicant qualifies for those benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some mysteries do abound concerning this letter of verification from the Social Security Administration. In this section, we take a look at these questions and provide substantive answers to them:

How Long Does It Take To Receive An Award Letter From Social Security?

In case your application sails through, you are likely to obtain the award letter within three months. This date, however, varies significantly depending on the volume of the cases that are presently under scrutiny by the office concerned.

What Does An Award Letter To Share With The Social Security Letter?

Both vouch for your receipt of several benefits under the social security program. They bear almost no other semblance beyond that. An award letter merely states that you are now enrolled in the social security program while the letter spells out the details of the benefits you are entitled to or are presently receiving.

What Is The Validity Of The Letter Of Verification From The Social Security Administration?

Generally, a letter of this kind is valid until such a time when there is sufficient reason to believe that the dynamics have shifted in such a way as to impact the kinds of benefits that the applicant is naturally eligible to.

How Can I Check My Social Security Benefits?

Simply log on to the official site of the social security administration,, and create an account. You will receive every help you might naturally want from the site.

What Does It Mean When Social Security Is In The Payment Center?

That means the payment is presently being processed or considered. All the pertinent issues that concern it are currently being looked into and addressed appropriately. It is at this stage that the finer details, as well as the final fate of the application, are deliberated.


Our look into the letter of verification from the Social Security Administration comes to an end there. We now pass the buck to you to implement the provisions and insights provided. When do you plan to apply for and subsequently obtain your verification letter?

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