How to Word a Thank You Letter for Scholarship (Examples)

Many students seek out scholarship money to help them pay for their time in school. Whether you are a high school student trying to plan ahead or already in college and need monetary assistance to help you further your education, a scholarship can be a great way to lighten the financial burden of your time in school and the second important thing is to write a Scholarship thank you Letter so you can appreciate the donor for all their help or support throughout this difficult time.

There are a lot of plates to juggle when you are in college. You have to not only keep up with the coursework that your teachers provide, but you may have extracurricular to worry about, a job that helps you pay for college, and a social calendar with friends and family.

Getting a scholarship during this time can provide some relief from the rising college costs. It can offset the expenses and gives you a mental break as you work to reach your academic goals. If you do happen to get a scholarship during this time, you must take the time to write a scholarship thank you letter to the person or organization who gave you the money.

This is the best way to show the donor that you appreciate the generous donation that they gave to you is by writing a thank you letter. Learning how to write a scholarship thank you letter can be a simple process as you need to let them know your appreciation.

Free Templates

When it comes to expressing gratitude for the opportunities afforded by a scholarship, a well-crafted thank-you letter can make a lasting impression. Sample thank-you letters for scholarships provided below can be a valuable resource for articulating your appreciation in a thoughtful and impactful manner. These samples can guide you in structuring your own letter, ensuring that your words convey sincerity, professionalism, and gratitude effectively.

Editable Scholarship Thank You Template

Free Scholarship Thank You Example

Sample Scholarship Thank You Format

Word Scholarship Thank You Template

Editable Scholarship Thank You Sample

Free Scholarship Thank You Format


    If you receive a scholarship from any donor or organization, you need to write a Scholarship thank you letter to show your appreciation for the money. Scholarship donors are generous people who want to show their support for the educational endeavors of students. They will often ask for nothing in return, though some may require you to have a certain GPA or take classes.

    Since you are getting help with your education, writing a scholarship thank you letter is a great idea. This allows you to thank the donor and show them that you appreciate the scholarship they have given you. The letter can also remind them why they gave you the scholarship in the first place and can help secure more funding in the future.

    While it is usually not contingent on getting the funding, a Scholarship thank you letter for a scholarship is an intelligent idea once you are awarded one for your time in school. Therefore, it would be best to consider writing this letter for the scholarship money you earn.

    Essentials to Include

    While you may appreciate the donor’s money, a Scholarship thank you letter may seem difficult to write. Some of the things that you can have in your scholarship thank you letter include:


    Start your scholarship thank you letter with a greeting to the donor. It is crucial to write the greeting directly to the organization or the donor who gave you the scholarship money, not the selection committee. The donor’s name should be easy to find on your award notification to help make this easier.

    Express your gratitude

    Once the greeting is over, it is time to show your gratitude for the money that you were given. Make sure the words you use are sincere, and you stick to writing in an active voice. Mention the scholarship by name rather than being generic with the wording here. Never use this space to request additional financial support from the organization or the donor. You already have the scholarship, and this is a time to show that you appreciate it with your Scholarship thank you letter.

    Write the positive impact of scholarship

    The donor for the scholarship will appreciate hearing about you and the positive impact the scholarship has had on your academics and your schooling. Take some time to show how it positively impacts you. Share how being a student at this university impacts your life and something about this experience you enjoy the most. You can also talk about your course of study, why you choose your current university, and any honors you have received.

    Write about your plans

    Your scholarship thank you letter should include information about your plans for the future. The donor may be interested in some of the classes you are pursuing or what major you plan to receive when you are done with your schooling. This can include your future trips, activities, prospective jobs, or what you plan to do when you graduate. While discussing this, you need to let them know how the scholarship has helped you further your education and reach some of these future goals.

    Thanks again

    Finish your scholarship thank you letter with another round of thanks to the donor or the organization that gave you the money.


    The letter needs to end with a signing-off, so the information does not seem like it is just hanging there. You can end with a simple “Sincerely” and then your name if this makes the most sense for your letter.

    Scholarship Thank you Letter

    Given below is the template and example you can use to write your own:



     [Organization Name]
    [Address of the organization]
    [City, State, Zip]

    Dear [Name of Organization or Scholarship Donor]

    I am writing to thank you for your generous [Scholarship Name] of [Amount of scholarship]. This generous scholarship will help me pursue my [name of degree] at [name of educational facility].

    I am enrolled in the [mention the name of the program you are studying], focusing on [Major subject/field]. I have been able to maintain my performance during my time in the college and enjoy participating in many extracurricular activities, including [name some activities in which you participated] in my spare time. These activities have shown me how to work on time management and communication skills. At that time, I was excited to pursue a career in [name of job or industry]. I am confident that I will be able to use the knowledge and skills I gain during my time at college to contribute to the [industry] after I graduate.

    This scholarship will pay for my [expense type], allowing me more time to focus on my various academic pursuits in the classroom and my extracurricular. With this donation from your organization, I will be able to raise funds to reach my goal of becoming a [job title]. Thank you for your generous support in my future.


     [Your name]




    July 1, 20xx

     Mr. Adam Criner
    GMCDA Scholarship
    444 Garden Drive
    Beatrice, NE 68310

     Dear Adam,

     My name is Felicia Johnson, and I would like to share my appreciation for the generous $700 GMCDA scholarship you have awarded me. This scholarship will go a long way in helping me pursue my academic goals at Garden State, where I plan to graduate in May 2023.

     I am currently a Journalism major at Garden State, emphasizing Advertising and Public relations. My goal is to pursue a career in marketing when I finish my studies. As a junior, I currently attend Garden State, taking 17 credit hours with a planned graduation date of May 2023. Once I finish my undergraduate degree, I plan to join the marketing industry and begin my contributions to this field. Your generous scholarship helps me make it one step closer to that goal.

     The GMCDA scholarship has provided me with the resources to focus more thoroughly on my academic interests. With your help, I will be able to focus more on my studies and my extracurricular to prepare myself better to enter the marketing industry as a professional. I thank you again for your support in my future.


     Felicia Johnson

    Tips for Writing the Thank You Letter for a Scholarship

    Writing a thank you letter for a scholarship is a great way to show the donor that you appreciate the generosity that has helped you reach some of your educational goals. Some of the tips that you can use to help you when writing this letter include:

    Express enthusiasm

    You have earned a scholarship to help offset some of your education costs. This is something to be excited about, and you need to express your enthusiasm in the scholarship thank you letter. Let the donor or organization know that you are excited about the money and how it will help you further your education.

    Be sincere

    When writing this letter, make sure that you are sincere in your thanks. If something sounds unnatural to you, it may be good to try saying it another way. The letter does not need to be mushy or too full of fluff. Saying a sincere thanks and explaining some of your future educational and career goals can fit here.

    Write concisely and clearly

    The scholarship thank you letter needs to be written unambiguously and clearly. You may need to take a few looks at it and read the letter aloud to make sure it flows nicely, and the language makes sense when you are done. However, the thank you letter does not need to be long or drawn out.

    Follow up again

    Beyond writing the thank you letter for the scholarship, the sender should consider following up with the scholarship organizers. You can write the initial letter when you get the money, but then consider reaching out to the scholarship organizers a year later to thank them again for the money. This follow-up letter can let the sponsoring organization know more about the students’ progress and how well they are reaching some of their goals. In addition, it is nice to keep the sponsoring organization informed of how the student is doing.

    Proofread your letter

    Read through the letter a few times to check for grammar and spelling errors. If you worry about your proofreading skills, you can ask someone else to step in and proofread the letter for you. The goal is to make the letter polished and perfect before sending it out to the donor or organization that gave you the scholarship.


    Receiving a scholarship can be a big deal. However, the hiring manager looked over your qualifications and decided that you were the right candidate for their available scholarship. Since you can use this as a way to reach all of your goals academically, it is a thoughtful gesture to write a thank you letter to show your appreciation. A scholarship thank you letter is a simple way to show your appreciation and help the donor see the impact of their donation on your education and future goals. This can also help encourage them to donate to future students too.

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