How to Fill an Internship Application Form (Free Samples)

Internship Application Example

An internship application form is a template that companies and employers require students and immediate graduates to fill before they are considered for an internship in their companies. Most companies need interns to fill the intern application form online and submit it online.

 Tips to fill in the internship application form  

It is important to note that your internship application form is the only link between you and your employer. If your job application form is impressive, you will end up being invited for an interview. Most employers discard the forms which are incomplete and which are not giving enough information about the applicant. It is therefore important to include the following tips on your application form to make it stand out from the rest.

  • Have a clear and clean resume.

Internship forms must be accompanied by a cover letter which is your resume and helps to explain who you are to the employer. Make sure that your resume if free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes as most employers find it hard to read such resume.

  • State the experience you have on intern you are applying for.

Even if you are not expected to have a lot of experience as an intern, stating out that you have worked under similar conditions and job requirements before help the employer to know that you understand the job requirements.

  • State that you are flexible

Even if interns have a set duty, they are sometimes allocated jobs that no one needs in the office. Therefore, stating that you are flexible to any role assigned to you will give you an upper hand.

  • Indicate your contact information.

Some interns write a good application form but forget to indicate their contacts information. it points to the employer that you are not keen and they end up being rejected.

Internship Application Form Example

Internship Application Form Internship Application Form


Internship Application form Pdf 

General Internship Form General Internship Form


You need a precise internship application form to succeed as the intern. We have therefore compiled ten blank internship application samples in PDF format to help you write a super quality application. These are free internship applications form samples, and you can download them here.

Clinical Internship Form Sample

Clcinical Internship Form Clcinical Internship Form Download

Legal Internship Application Form

Legal Internship ApplicationLegal Internship Application


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