Key Components of a Good Vision Statement (with Examples)

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What is a Vision Statement? If you own a business, then you’ll want to have a solid vision statement. A vision statement is very much like a small, motivational outline for your business, organization or non-profit. It is simply a document which holds the goals and aspirations you have for your business. Vision statements are extremely useful in keeping your business on track and from wavering off course. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to creating your vision . It can be as short as a sentence, a few paragraphs, or a page or two long. The vision statement is your North Star, it’s there to guide you on your journey, not to tell you how to do the journey, for that we use a mission statement.

What Exactly is the Difference Between a Vision Statement and Mission Statement?

Businesses are are forever expanding, working to ensure customer satisfaction, dealing with competition, and concerned with making a profit. To assist in staying on track, business owners utilize a variety of techniques, such as business plans, and strategic plans. Add to that, the vision statement and mission statements. A business should have both a vision statement and a mission statement, as each of these statements supports the other, and if properly followed, can be the difference between success and failure. However, it’s often easy to confuse the two, so lets take a look at what makes each one of these business statements unique.

In a vision statement, your main concern is where your business is headed, what your goals are, what your business will accomplish. In other words, where do you see your business in 5 years? The mission statement, on the other hand, represents what you will do to achieve those goals. The mission statement is a carefully crafted outline of your businesses day to day operations. In short, your vision statement refers to what you wish your company to become, and the mission statement is the fuel that takes you there. The mission statement makes it easy to spot what is getting in the way of your goals, and replace it with a tactic which is more time and cost efficient.

What Your Vision Statement Should Represent

A vision statement represents where you see your company in the future. Ask yourself what it is you are aspiring to achieve. For example, the inventor of the popular vegan faux meat, Tofurky was so driven to succeed, that he rented out a few oak trees for $25.00 a month and lived in a tree house, so he could give his time and money to his business. His vision was to create a faux meat that both vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters would enjoy. He succeeded, and today his once tiny business is worth millions. The same could be said for any number of successful entrepreneurs, from Walt Disney to Ethan Brown. It begins with a vision, fueled by drive and carried out by action.

When you sit down to write, remember the spirit of the vision statement. Your vision statement need not be formal, so avoid using technical terms, just keep it friendly, inspirational and upbeat. Include a statement or two on what you offer, how it will help society, and your goals. The vision behind Tofurky was to create a more sustainable, compassionate, eco-friendly meat substitute, and that’s just what happened.

Many business owners also choose to reinforce their written vision statement with a visual aid called a vision board. The vision board is a visual representation of your company’s vision statement. Here, you’ll make a collage of sorts, filled with imagery and text designed to motivate and inspire you. The advantage to using a vision board, is its accessibility. You can place it in your office, and make a copy for your home as constant reminders of the goals you wish to achieve.


Your vision statement is not set in stone. When you reach the goal, you then must write a new vision statement. When composing your vision , remember to look toward the future, use inspirational and motivational phrases, and stay on point. Once completed, work to compose a visually stimulating vision board which reflects the exact ideals you’ve placed in your vision statement, frame it for placement in both home and office. As can be seen, the vision statement is the heart and soul of your business, and if adhered to can be a main factor in your initial and continued success.


Vision Statement Examples of Top Companies

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