Librarian Cover Letter – Sample & Writing Tips

A librarian cover letter will accompany your resume when you are applying for a librarian job. The letter aims to present you as the best candidate for the advertised job. You must take your time to write an outstanding cover letter. Hiring managers use cover letters as a screening tools for interview candidates.

Make sure the cover letter isn’t a duplicate of your resume. It should instead complement your resume. Use the right words to explain to the hiring manager why you’re the best candidate.

The cover letter should be a response to the job advert. Do you have the relevant skills, experience, knowledge, and passion for the job?

Sample Librarian Cover Letter

Consider this sample as you write your librarian cover letter.

Jack Luggit232 Flavor Street

Blacktown, BA 45320

222 343 3451

April 5, 2019

Renee Mark

Human Resources Manager

Bright school Academy

113 Riverside Lane

Campcity, CA 30021

Dear Mrs. Mark,

I was excited to find an advert for a school librarian on your website. I’m a skilled librarian with experience in school library services for over 13 years.

My background education in library studies and success in assuming the responsibilities of a school librarian for years make me the best candidate to take over the role of a librarian in your school. Besides I’ve been successful in assisting students in research, locating materials and acquiring information. Finally, I’ve got strong organizational and interpersonal skills.

Remarkable achievements in my Librarian career include;

  • Digitization of library services. I was instrumental in the digitization of library services at St Georges High school, making access to books and other literacy materials fast and convenient.
  • Implementation of advanced information and technology resources at Junta Academy including both external and internal databases, remote access of information and digital libraries to facilitate easy access to information.
  • Development of the interlibrary loan service and reference desk support at St Georges High School.

With a solid knowledge of implementation and management of library services in several schools and a deep passion for helping students in their pursuit of knowledge, I believe your institution stands to benefit significantly from my knowledge, skills, and experience.

I look forward to a chance to discuss further what I Can offer to your school.

I’m thanking you for your consideration.



Jack Luggit

Enclosure: Resume and testimonials

Librarian cover letter (Word DOC)


Tips for writing a librarian cover letter

  • Use a few sentences to explain to the hiring manager why you’re the best candidate for the librarian position.
  • In the letter highlight the most relevant achievements in your career that relate to the job you’re applying for.
  • Appreciate the hiring manager in advance for a chance to discuss what you can offer to their institution.
  • Avoid including skills and work experience that doesn’t relate to the job at hand.