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Due to the increased global economy accompanied by technological advancements, most businesses are improving their marketing strategies to stay relevant. This has caused a ripple effect in the job market, as well. Most businesses are in search of marketing employees who will promote and market their products and services. However, you need to prove yourself to your potential employers that you are fit for their jobs. Before recruitment, the majority of employers are always keen on specific marketing skills and qualities. These include communication skills, creativity, negotiation, public speaking, analytical thinking, and stress management, among others.

One thing with marketing jobs is that they are always very competitive. Nonetheless, this should not be the cause of your worries. Once you have the right qualifications, the next thing you should focus on is the cover letter. Write a state of the art marketing cover letter build upon your resume to make you land interviews much faster.

Tips for Marketing Cover Letter

Include associated experience

For marketing job posts, experience plays a key role in a successful application. Therefore, always ensure you include experience(s) related to the job post when writing your cover letter.

Use specific examples

In your cover letter, ensure you include some examples that validate your skills and past experiences. Make your potential employer convinced that you indeed have prior knowledge of what the post requires

Include Keywords

To be at a higher advantage, you need to involve some keywords within your cover letter. These include words that emphasize the qualifications required for the job. Therefore, borrow some keywords from the job description.

Start your letter with a sample/template

If perhaps you are wondering where to start your cover letter, take a look at some samples or templates. They will guide you on how to write your letter. However, avoid copy-pasting every information from the samples. Instead, you can change the information to maintain originality.

Observe business letter formats.

Another crucial thing to observe is the writing format and tone. Just like other cover letters, marketing cover letters should always follow official business formats. Ensure you write your letter like a pro

Edit your letter

The last thing you should do is to edit your letter. Don’t send the letter without proofreading. Ensure your letter is free from spelling errors and that your grammar is as good as perfect.

Sample Marketing Cover Letter

Maria Hernandez
001 Corner Street
Good Town, CA 00100
(515) 515 5151
[email protected]

October 13, 2019

XYZ Company
022 Business Rd.
Business Town, CA 4545

Dear Sales Team Leader,

I am excited to apply for the post of marketing representative as advertised on your company’s website. I recently graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in business management. While at the university, I got the opportunity to learn a variety of information regarding marketing and business administration.

Also, I went through my internship program at A&E group of companies. Here, I got the chance to sharpen my knowledge and skills, which added more to my experience. Therefore, I believe I will be an excellent fit for your position. I also possess strong communication and presentation skills, which are necessary for marketing and sales roles.

Given a chance to work at your company, I will ensure I dedicate myself to ensure the company’s goals and ambitions are realized just at the right time.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. You can always reach me through (515) 515 5151 or [email protected]

Yours sincerely,
Maria Hernandez


Marketing Cover Letter (Word Format)

Marketing Cover Letter

Marketing Cover Letter Email Example

Email Subject Line: Maria Hernandez Marketing Representative Cover Letter

Dear Sir/Madam,

Kindly accept this application letter from a highly motivated and enthusiastic professional who wishes to work in your company as a marketing representative.

With over five years of experience, I have a wealth of marketing experience which I wish to bring into your company. Some of these experiences include campaign effectiveness, customer analytics, marketing insights, and marketing reports, to mention a few.

I have a strong belief that my experience and skills make to be the prime candidate for this position. Other than communication skills, I also possess presentation skills that are necessary as per your job description. I welcome any invite for an interview. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Maria Hernandez

Marketing Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

Marketing Cover Letter Email Example

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