Free Massage Gift Certificate Templates for Your Spa (Word, PDF)


A massage gift certificate is a perfect gift to give to someone you love, for instance, mum, dad, or friend, to aid them in their massage workouts so as to relax and pamper them after the busy working day.

Design of Massage Gift Certificate

Different massage gift certificates consist of different designs, that depends on the person giving the certificate. The person giving the gift may decide to use a design that helps him/her express the love and care he/she has towards the intended gift receiver. For instance, this can be achieved by using love signs in the background as well as a love frame. Also, you can decide to use a design that matches the receiver in terms of color, theme, graphics, among other design features. For instance, you can use a frame and background with the receiver’s favorite color or one that portrays love accompanied by sweet and loving words.

A massage gift certificate consists of a different design from that of a spa gift certificate. The two might be confusing as the activities engaged between the two are quite similar, but their designs vary to some extent. The design used in a massage gift certificate is more specific to the intended activities to engage in, as well as the theme, it consists of a more specific theme as the gift consists of a specific subscription that the receiver will engage in.

A spa gift certificate is also a good gift for the loved ones, with the aim of giving them a chance to visit a certain spa center and engage with the activities offered in that spa, these activities may include beauty activities, massage activities, fun activities among others. Generally, a spa gift certificate provides a chance of engaging in varied leisure activities hence the difference in design. For instance, a massage gift certificate can use a theme focusing on body fitness and health, unlike the generalized theme in a spa gift certificate.

It is important that a massage gift certificate theme matches the theme of the massage center. This is to prepare the gift receiver both mentally and physically on what he/she will engage in. This is because different massage centers offer different specified themes; this prevents the gift receiver from finding a different thing from what he/she expected or wished for.

Format of the Massage Gift Certificate

1. Name.

This is the first or second part of a massage gift certificate. It is situated at the top of the certificate, just below the word massage gift certificate or below the center’s name. These are the full names of the sender and the receiver.

2. Center name.

This is usually the first top part in many certificate templates, but can also come second after the names of the sender and receiver. This includes the name of the center, contacts, and location. It may also include an email or a website.

3. Message.

This is the third part of the certificate and creates the body of the certificate. This includes the message that the sender wants to pass to the receiver, including the theme of the gift, as well as any other message that the original template could consist of.

4. Date and Time.

This is the fourth part of this certificate, it specifies the date(s), and time when the gift is valid, that is when the receiver should go for the massage.

5. Signature.

This is the last part, usually located at the bottom of the certificate. It includes the massage center signature.

Gift Certificate Templates

Sometimes a massage gift certificate consists of discounted offers to the intended user, and these offers make the certificate more charming and attractive to purchase. This is because the user will experience more at a lower cost. The following templates will help you in making a gift certificate for your business or family members.

Massage Gift Certificate Design:

Massage Gift Certificate Designs

Gift Certificate Template Sample

Fashion Girl Gift Certificate Template Preview

Saloon Gift Certificate Template

Chaps Saloon Gift Certificate Template

Spa Gift Certificate Template

Special Treatment Spa Gift Certificate

Spa Gift(Voucher) Certificate Template

Printable spa gift certificate template

You can find more beautiful designs from here.

Attributes of Massage Gift Certificate

The fact that a massage gift certificate is an ideal gift for your loved ones is attributed to the many ideal features of a massage gift and the benefits associated with massage. Most of the massage centers provide massage gift certificates with different massage subscriptions at different costs. Once you purchase a massage gift certificate and give it to the intended person, the receiver is given a chance to engage and enjoy the massage activities in the destined massage center.

The gift receiver is supposed to engage himself/herself to the specified massage activities as per the agreed subscriptions. This provides a relaxing and pampering moment as well as calming and relieving muscle fatigue and tension. Other benefits of massaging that the user will experience include improved blood circulation, reduced stress, improved joint flexibility, and mobility, among others. Another attribute about this gift is that it creates and shows a sign of lots of love and care to the person receiving the gift. It makes the receiver feel appreciated in a great way and shows that you appreciate their daily work and concerned about their health and daily welfare.

A massage gift certificate also introduces someone to the extra facilities found in the massage center as well as different offers. This means that in case there is any offer, the gift receiver can be lucky enough to enjoy the offer given by the massage center during his/her workout period. Massage gift certificate offers, and discounts are also important to the owner of the massage center. This helps in boosting the massage center’s sales as well as introducing customers to new facilities. This allows the owner to win the customer’s favor in the future as well as increased massage visits, which add up to increased sales.

Another benefit is that when the gift receiver attends the massage session, he/she is introduced to other massaging facilities that could be new to them, and learn how to use them. This might turn helpful as they can identify other massaging facilities that can be used at home and how to use them after the gift duration expires.

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