Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Sample

Mechanical engineers handle and tackle machines. They design, analyze, repair, and operational all kinds of machines and mechanical apparatus. Before gaining employment in this field, a cover letter to this effect has to be drafted. The aim of this letter is basically to summarize the contents of a resume and vouch for an applicant’s expertise.

It contains a list of the skills of the applicant concerned, the work experience, and the various things that the applicant can do well. Upon reading these details, a prospective employer ought to make up his mind whether the candidate concerned qualifies for an interview or not.

Sample Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter

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Dear HR Manager,

Re: Application for the Position of a Mechanical Engineer

I got to know that you want a mechanical engineer to come on board your company. Well, I have been working in the capacity of a mechanical engineer for the last eight years now with XYZ Mechanics Limited.
Having read your job descriptions and career expectations, I am also glad to note that the descriptions closely match my expertise and skill-set. I am particularly apt at the designs of prototypes, maintenance of industrial machines, and the execution of tough jobs.

Making me particularly outstanding for this role is my possession of a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the renowned MNT University. I did graduate with honors and moved ahead to shine at my workplace.

In my past years of work, I have attained a wealth of experience, which is unmatched. I have developed three prototypes, operated complex machines, repaired broken parts and components, and rejuvenated dying machines.

Many thanks for reading my application cover letter thus far. It is now my hope that you will move ahead to ask me to come over for an interview. Given the high volumes of applications you receive, I will have to make some inspection later.

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[Your Name]

Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter (Word Format)

Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter

Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Email Example

To: e-mail address

Re: Applications for the Assistant Mechanical Engineer

Dear [Hiring Manager’s Name],

My name is XXXX. I have just completed my internship from the prestigious WWWW College and a 3-month internship at DDDD Incorporated. I do draft this application letter in response to an advert that I came across in several job sites.

Well, I am extremely passionate about mechanical engineering. My strong points are the high grades I attained while at school, as well as the passion I have to further my career in the field of mechanical engineering. If accepted, you may count on me to stay on for a long duration of time indeed.

You also indicated that you want someone who has exceptional reading and comprehension skills. The person is to act as your brand ambassador and represent your company in the many symposia and conferences. Well, I am that kind of person.

Find contained in my resume a breakdown of all the skills and expertise I have to bring on board. As always, feel free to reach out to me for any in-depth clarifications if need be. I am always ready and willing to offer the same.

Your Name


Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

Mechanical Engineering Cover Letter Email example

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