6 Best Medical Assistant Cover Letter Examples with Tips

medical assistant cover letter

A Cover Letter is usually a one-page document that is written to highlight a job applicant’s professional skills, work history, and experience in relation to the job they are applying for.

A Medical Assistant Cover Letter is a cover letter that is applied by an individual interested in a job role of a medical assistant.

A medical assistant job is a coveted job that might have many candidates applying for the position. To perform a medical assistant’s administrative and record-keeping tasks, you need to highlight your professional abilities and to stand out among other potential employees. A medical assistant introductory letter is an authority letter written to catch the consideration of a likely manager, particularly in case you are a candidate with next to zero insight as a medical assistant.

To stand out among the many job applicants and get a chance of being selected, you need to have a well-crafted and detailed medical assistant cover letter.

Purpose of a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

With a proper medical assistant cover letter, you can increase your chances of getting hired.

The following are a few reasons why and how:

  • This is because this letter provides a clear summary of your résumé, which means that your potential employer will have a chance to know more about you faster than other job candidates.
  • The letter also increases your chances of getting an interview since it will highlight your experiences, skills, and strengths in a way that benefits you.

Step-by-Step Writing Guide for the Cover Letter

Including a medical assistant cover letter in your application for the job, position increases your chances of getting hired.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write it:

Name and contact information in the header

A medical assistant cover letter is a formal letter and should therefore have a header. The information to be included in the header includes your name and contact information. Do not include emoticons since they are not professional.

For example:

Albert Reign (Your Name)
(Phone Number)
(Email Address)

Address the recipient/manager by name

The next step is to include a formal greeting as you address the manager or recipient of the letter by name. Again, addressing the recipient should be done formally and achieved by avoiding terms like “Hi Manager” or “To Peterson”. Instead, here is an example of how to adequately address them.

For example:

Dear (Mr. /Ms. / Miss/ Dr.) (Name of the person)

This is a way of creating a positive impression of your professionalism and respect for employers.

First body paragraph

The first body paragraph of the letter mentions where you spotted the job opportunity and what makes you qualified for the position. Here are three critical things you should mention in the first paragraph.

Reason for sending the resume

It would be best if you informed the potential employer about the reasons why you want the medical assistant position in the first body paragraph of this letter. This is achieved by explaining what you want to achieve if selected and the nature of employment you seek. Also, do not forget to mention the position you are applying for and where you heard about the opportunity. It is not wise to assume that your potential employer knows about this.

Your knowledge about the company/job

It is also essential to highlight how much you know about the company (health care facility) you are applying to and the job position you want, in this case, a medical assistant. This information goes beyond just mentioning your skills. It also highlights your professional character.

You can base the knowledge you have about the job or company on other employees’ recommendations.

Talk about your interest in the company

You need to go beyond just listing what everyone knows about the company in the first body paragraph. Instead, it would help to highlight how their values and ethics impact your professional goals as an aspiring medical assistant. This will help the employer see your genuine interest in the job.

Also, your interest in working at that company can be based on their excellent reputation, the way they treat their employees, the values, and other aspects of the job position you admire.

For example:

I am writing this letter regarding the vacant medical assistant job in your health facility as mentioned on your website. I am a well-qualified, experienced person and my skills would be beneficial to the company. Your company is well-known for its top-notch health care services, which is in line with my career goals as an aspiring medical assistant. I want to improve my record-keeping abilities by working at the company to get better with patient care.

Second body paragraph

The second paragraph briefly highlights all your qualifications and experiences related to being a medical assistant.

Talk about acheivements

It would be best if you mentioned where you studied and graduated from to highlight all your qualifications and accomplishments/skills. Try to elaborate on how all that helped prepare and shape you for the medical assistant job.

You can also mention all your internship programs to help your potential employer understand your level of experience.

Note: If you do not have any work experience, focus on your academic qualifications as they are your strengths.

How you can contribute to the company

Apart from just mentioning your qualifications and experiences, your second paragraph of the letter should illuminate how you plan to better the workplace by applying your knowledge.

For example:

I graduated from an (MA program), and this achievement helped to equip me with all the theoretical and practical knowledge I needed to have as a medical assistant. Using my communication skills, I would be able to properly execute my administrative tasks and keep the health facility fully operational.

Closing paragraph 

A formal letter must remain brief and straight to the point. This means that two paragraphs are sufficient for a medical assistant cover letter, and the next step should be writing a closing paragraph.

Request an interview

It would help if you asked for an interview intelligently and politely. Avoid stating it directly, as your potential employer will view it as disrespectful. However, you can suggest that an interview would be the best option for more information about yourself and your professional character in the closing paragraph.

This is also a way of displaying confidence. So try to secure that interview by being smart about the way you convey your desire of being scheduled for a meeting.

Close politely with a thank you

Do not forget to thank the manager or recipient of the letter in the closing paragraph. Ensure that you remain professional and polite while you close the letter. Do not use informal language or emoticons when closing the letter.

The best way is to use phrases like “Sincerely” or “Regards” in order to maintain a formal and polite closing.

Professional sign-off

The final part is to sign off professionally and not forget to add your full name and contact information at the end.

For example:

I am available for an interview in case you need any more information. I can schedule any time that you might be convenient with.

I am so grateful for the time and opportunity.
(Phone Number)


At this point, you should proofread and edit your cover letter to avoid any spelling and grammar mistakes. Also, proofread and edit the letter to ensure that it is about one page or less, to avoid boring the recipient with irrelevant information.

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Template

Here is a medical assistant cover letter template to guide you on the information that must be included when writing this type of cover letter:

(Your Full Name)

(Phone Number)

(Email Address)

Dear (Mr. /Mrs. / Miss/ Dr.) (Recipient’s Full Name)

I am writing this letter in relation to the vacant (job position) in your (company) as (where you saw the job posting). I am (mention your qualifications). I would appreciate working at (name of company) due to (mention your interest in working with the company).

I schooled and graduated with (mention your academic qualification). (Mention any work experience you might have) (Also mention what you will add to the company if hired).

I am grateful for (thank the recipient and then request for an interview politely).


(Your Full Name)

(Phone Number)

(Email Address)

Medical Assistant Cover Letter Sample

With this medical assistant cover letter sample, you have the perfect example to help you craft your cover letter for the medical assistant job:

Regina Roberto

(Phone Number)

(Email Address)

Dear Mr. Patrick,

I am writing this letter to apply for the vacant medical assistant job position in your ABC Medical Centre as mentioned on your website. I am a qualified medical assistant whose skills, passion, and interest are aligned with your clinical practices. I would appreciate working at ABC Medical Centre in order to learn how to serve the patients better and improve my administrative role.

I am hardworking and can easily adapt to different working conditions. I schooled and graduated with some great theoretical and practical expertise related to being a medical assistant. I have been working in this position for 4 years at QPR Health Facility. I believe that my level of experience and qualifications will be beneficial to the medical center and its values and ethics.

I am grateful for your time and opportunity to fulfill my goals and achieve any set objectives. For more information, I am available for an interview and free to attend one whenever you schedule it. Thank you.


Regina Roberto

(Phone Number)

(Email Address)

Format of a Medical Assistant Cover Letter

There is a specific format of a medical assistant cover letter that is acceptable and considered properly formal generally.

After writing the medical assistant cover letter, here is how to format it to ensure it is an official and professional letter:

Ensure it is 3 paragraphs and 1 page long

You should ensure that you write only three paragraphs and deliver your writing material on one page. This is the official format of most formal letters, especially a cover letter.

Adjust the margins to 1-inch

Cover letters are types of official letters, and the medical assistant cover letter is no different. As that is the case, the letter should be formatted in a way that the margin is 1-inch. That’s how you will have neat text when you print the letter, essential for the first impression.

Left-align the text

It would be best if you also left-align the text of your letter. This will make it easier for the manager to read as it is better than having your content center-aligned. Left alignment also makes it faster to read your letter, which is what you want so that the letter’s recipient can go through the whole letter.

Font style must match that of résumé

Another important formatting style of a cover letter is maintaining the same font style as your résumé. Maintaining the same font style makes the manager have a particular perception of the information you have provided. This means that they will view your letter as essential and professional as the text looks like your résumé.

Cover Letter Examples

Following are some free downloadable templates for you:

lead medical assistant cover letter

dermatology medical assistant cover letter

medical assistant cover letter examples with no experience

sample medical assistant cover letter entry level

lead medical assistant cover letter


    When writing a medical assistant cover letter, the main aim is to grasp the manager’s attention or recipient of the letter to increase your chances of getting hired. Therefore, the best way is to use the 3-paragraph format when writing the letter. Also, keep in mind that you should address the manager by name and highlight the job position you are applying for.

    Another important aspect of writing a medical assistant cover letter is to get the manager’s attention in your first paragraph. List your achievements and qualifications in the second paragraph and end the letter by requesting an interview and thanking the manager for their time. Again, you can use the templates and samples as a guide to craft the best medical assistant cover letter.

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