Music Teaching Statement Samples

Samples of Music Teaching Statement

A good teaching statement, like many others out there, will demonstrate your commitment to teaching while also stating your teaching methodology. A great music teaching statement will illuminate your character while also evocating emotional responses based on how persuasively you’re able to articulate and integrate your personal experience into your value and teaching belief system.

Along this line, because of how intimate music is, a distinguishable music teaching statement should, after highlighting your teaching methods and practices, enable the reader to visualize you in a classroom setting. Most importantly, it should also enable the reader to place his/herself at the receiving end of the learning process. Rachel. N. Austin of Bates College Maine, says that most teaching statements serve as filter mainly to weed out applicants who do not think things through. This, she says, is because lots of applicants either bulk out their statements with things already on their resumes, or sound too generically passionate. With this in mind, our music teaching statement sample is designed to not only be professionally appealing, but to ensure you stand out from other “good” applications by targeting areas most people surprisingly overlook.

Samples of Music Teaching Statement

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