No Notice Resignation Letter (Samples, Guide, and Examples)

A resignation letter is simply the letter you write to inform your employer of your plan to resign. Whether the reason can be spoken or not, it is not professional to just disappear from the job. In most cases, you are supposed to write a notice a few days before the last reporting day. However, at times, things might happen that you don’t have time to give notice. All you need is to quit with an immediate effect. At such a time, you can write a no notice resignation letter to inform the employer that you will not report again. You are free to explain why or not to but at least communicate before you fail to report.

Sample no notice resignation letter

Rollan Junior
PO.BOX 12345-001

Dear Sir/Madam,


I am writing this letter to express my remorse for having to resign from this job without notice. For the season I have served in this firm, I have been well treated. There is no privilege that I have been denied. It is not a good thing to quit without notice. However, things have happened in my life that I did not plan for, and I practically have to leave immediately.

I have divorced my husband, and so I have to move to my home state immediately. Well, I cannot explain further about this, but know that it wasn’t my wish to end my job in this manner.

I promise to be open to any communication from the firm in case of any inquiries in my department. I would have wished to have a smooth transition, but then I am limited. The further I can get is to clarify anything to my team to at least help them bridge the gap.

Thank you
Rollan Junior

No notice resignation letter (Word Format)

No notice resignation email example


It is a disappointment from my side that I should resign from my job without notice. I have worked for this firm for a long time, and I don’t think that this is not the best way of quitting. I am, however, not able to handle the disappointment in a better way. For some time now, I have developed depression. The pressure I am getting from the job and family at the same time is not bearable. I have realized that I am not the kind of person to work on a tricked deadline.

The doctor has advised me to reduce my load with immediate effect. I cannot let go of my family. With a lot of humility, I bet to quit this job immediately and deal with my health condition. I am sorry if the decision hurts the firm in a way. I hope you understand.

Thank you
Regards Rollan

No-notice resignation email (Word Format)

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