Nursing Cover Letter Samples

A nursing cover letter is used by nurses when applying for jobs. The letter highlights the qualifications, skills, and experience of the nurse. Nursing is a noble profession that requires dedication to patients and humanity. Whether you’re a male or female nurse, you need to have a powerful connection and respect for your patients. Therefore it’s essential to use the nursing cover letter to highlight your passion for this profession besides your skills and achievements.

Tips for creating a winning nursing cover letter

If you want to land a nursing job faster, you should consider the following tips when writing your letter:

Utilize your networks: If you want to land a nursing job more quickly, it’s essential to utilize your networks. Ask around and get leads to job interviews. Individuals you’ve met in college, in conferences and seminars may help you land a job faster.

Utilize online resources: Today more than ever, you can easily land a dream job by utilizing online databases and websites that advertise job openings for different professions.

Follow-ups: Any time you apply for a nursing job, it’s vital to follow-up at least twice. Ensure you use proper language to avoid appearing to be nagging. Always thank the recipient and ask them to alert you whenever there is a vacancy in their institution.

Know what you want: If you have a strong desire to work for a particular company or institution and you have the relevant qualifications, be confident that one day you’ll secure your dream job. Always research to know when they need new nurses.

Sample Nursing Cover Letter

Hiring Manager Name
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Current Company (If Any)
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Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I’m writing this letter as a response to your recent posting for a nurse at your hospital. I have eight years working as a nurse in various hospitals, and I believe my skills, qualifications, and experience fit into this role perfectly.

I have recovered impressive results in managing patients latest been in my current job at St Adams Pediatric hospital. I was able to reduce the unit’s budget by 20% without compromising the service offered to the juniors. I am confident I can replicate the same success story in your hospital.

In the last eight years working as a nurse, I have developed incredible skills and earned some significant successes in different hospitals. Some of my past significant achievements include:

• Managing a team of 22 nurses at Premier Staff Hospital
• Creating efficient schedules that lead to a 10% savings in patients care costs at Ravine Seniors Hospital
• Training over 30 nurses on best practices and EMR systems

I believe I can do more in a focused and supportive environment like your hospital.

If possible, let’s meet soon and discuss how I can duplicate my past success in your institution and improve the patient’s welfare.

Best Regards,
[Your name]

Nursing Cover Letter (Word Format)

Nursing Cover Letter Email Example

Subject: Pediatric nurse- Joy Amanda

Dear Dr. Elvis,

According to your post on your website last we, I am excited to submit my application for this position as a pediatric nurse at your Children’s surgical ward.
Currently, I work as a surgical nurse at Jeniver Children Hospital, a position I have held for the past six years. I have learned to work under pressure yet remain calm and gentle, thus been able to offer the best services to children.

As you will see from my resume, I have worked as a pediatric nurse for the past ten years in various hospitals after graduating with a BSN from John Hopkins University.
In my present job, my responsibilities include:

•        Managing the pediatric surgical ward
•        Taking and monitoring vital signs for children before and after surgery.
•        Ensuring effective communicating between the hospital and the family members
•        Assessing and admitting new patients
•        Managing suppliers and equipment in the pediatric ward.

Last year I developed a technique of distracting the children while drawing a blood sample, a technique that has been replicated in several other neighboring hospitals.
I’m always eager to acquire new knowledge through attending seminars and conferences regularly; this has been the basis of offering g superior healthcare to children.
I’m available for further discussion on this opportunity, and I would be happy to visit your hospital for more talks on what I can do to improve the welfare of pediatric parents in your hospital.

Joy Amanda

Nursing Cover Letter Email (Word Format)

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