Office Manager Cover Letter Examples (Skills + Tips)

It is essential to write a cover letter to secure an office manager job. It is an official cover letter that must be written formally to present you as a professional office manager. Try and incorporate the job requirements listed by the company when describing the aspects that make you the most qualified individual for the position. Also, it is crucial to include all the skills, qualifications, and experience you have as an office manager.

The aim is to stand out among the rest of the job candidates by presenting yourself as a solution they need. This will not only earn you an interview but will also increase your chances of getting the job. When applying for the office manager position, the cover letter is a crucial document that must be included.

Free Templates

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career in office management, these templates are designed to help you create a standout cover letter that highlights your skills and qualifications. By using these templates, you’ll save time and effort, ensuring that your cover letter is formatted correctly and showcases your expertise in a professional manner.

Sample Office Manager Cover Letter

Office Manager Cover Letter Example

    What Does a Cover Letter Do?

    Writing a cover letter when applying to be an office manager serves different purposes that are beneficial to you as the job candidate. The cover letter helps to highlight your interest in the job you are applying for, allows you to advertise yourself as a qualified candidate, and introduces any information that might be missing in your résumé. Also, your cover letter will inform your prospective employers of your achievements and qualifications as an office manager.

    Another critical aspect that a cover letter deals with is providing you with a chance to tell your story. A cover letter is meant to include both personal and professional information. This means that you can share your story even before being called in for an interview. Therefore, ensure that you include relevant examples to present yourself as a suitable office manager for the company. Most importantly, the cover letter will enable you to highlight all the skills you have as a job candidate, contributing to your impeccable performance and benefiting the company.

    Pre Considerations

    Here are some pre considerations that you should have in mind before writing a cover letter for the office manager position:

    Read the job description

    The job description is usually provided by the company you are applying to. It is usually a list of aspects that explain the qualifications they are looking for in a job candidate. Ensure that you have read this description to determine if you are the right individual. Also, this will help you to know how best to write your cover letter.

    The job description will also inform you of all the materials they need in your application for the office manager position and the application instructions that must be observed when applying for the job.

    Research the company

    Another vital aspect you should observe is taking your time and researching the company. You can conduct your extensive research by using different means. Some of the ways you can use for this purpose include checking the company’s website, employee reviews, social media handles, industry communication materials, and previous recruitment materials for more details on how they operate and handle their employees. Your cover letter will align with the company’s goals, culture, and values, presenting you as a more suitable candidate for the office manager position.

    Find out the hiring manager’s name

    It is also essential to know the name of the hiring manager. You can directly address the letter to them by using their first name. This is an effective way of starting your cover letter as it will present you as an individual interested in the office manager position and the company itself.

    What to Include?

    You must include essential elements in your office manager’s cover letter. These details will help you address the most crucial issue in your cover letter; wanting the office manager job. Ensure that you include these essential details, as they will help the hiring manager understand you better.

    Here is what you should include in your cover letter:

    The purpose of the letter

    Ensure that you introduce yourself and state the letter’s purpose in the first section of your cover letter. In addition, you need to mention the job title you are applying for; for instance, in this case, you are applying for the office manager position. You can also express your passion for the job by briefly highlighting an aspect about you that makes you the most suitable candidate.

    Experience details

    For your experience section, the hiring manager would like to know the number of years you have spent being an office manager. This will allow them to analyze if you qualify for the position. Ensure that you highlight the roles and responsibilities you had in your previous job, part of your work experience. You can also include the training and internships you had that helped you prepare for this position.


    Your cover letter should also include your accomplishments related to the office manager position. You can integrate the skills you possess as an office manager and mention all the accomplishments you have been able to achieve based on these skills. Ensure you quantify your accomplishments to present yourself as result-oriented to your prospective employers.

    Leadership skills

    An office manager position is a leadership position, which means that you should include some of the leadership qualities you possess. Show the hiring manager that you can take charge and handle supervision duties while accomplishing all the office manager’s roles, responsibilities, and tasks.

    Some of the skills you should highlight in your cover letter for the office manager’s job include:

    • Critical thinking
    • Brainstorming
    • Active listening
    • Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets)
    • Public speaking skills
    • Communication skills
    • Interpersonal skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Computer skills
    • Language skills
    • Budgeting
    • Presentation skills

    Ending with a positive note and call to action

    As you use a positive tone across your letter, it is crucial to focus significantly on being positive when writing the final section of your letter. In addition, you should focus on summarizing your great qualities and include a call to action at the end of your cover letter.

    Office Manager Cover Letter

    Here is an example of office manager cover letter you can use to write your own letter:


    James Cody
    765, River road Street
    777 777 7777
    [email protected]

     27th May 20xx

     Rita Chelsea
    Hiring Manager
    ABC Company
    456 CA, During Avenue

     Dear Mrs. Chelsea,

     My name is James Cody, and I am applying for the office manager position in your company, ABC Company. I learned about the opening from your website, and I was ecstatic about applying for this position. I am reliable, professional, efficient, and passionate about this job. I believe this makes me the most suitable candidate for the job as I can work following the company’s beliefs and work culture.

    I have been an office manager for six years, and my work experience has shaped me to be a proper office manager. I was tasked with supervising a group of 9 employees in my previous company. As a result, we implemented a new management system that eliminated communication problems, ensuring proper communication within and between departments. With this level of experience, I believe that I will make an excellent addition to your team at ABC Company.

    Apart from being a leader and team player, I accomplished all my responsibilities while working under pressure. Together with my team, I ensured that the company’s operations were smooth and efficient by improving communication by 55%. This also boosted the company’s profits by a significant margin that year which guaranteed better work execution.

    I believe that I am a great leader, and that is one of the qualities that your company is looking for in an office manager. I can organize teams to handle and complete projects while observing office procedures with my leadership qualities. In addition, I can prepare payrolls, design effective filing systems, and monitor operations in the office.

    My skills, qualifications, and experience make me the most suitable job candidate. I would greatly appreciate an interview where I can share more information about what I will bring to the company once hired as an office manager. Please feel free to reach out to me at my email address or phone number. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.


    James Cody.

    Essential Considerations

    Here are some essential considerations to consider during and after writing the cover letter for the office manager position. The idea is to ensure you have a complete and professional letter that will help you to stand out for the job.

    Make it personal

    As an office manager, when you write a cover letter, ensure that you make the letter personal. You should use the hiring manager’s name, including their proper contact details, and ensure you address them professionally. This will add a personal touch to your letter.

    In addition, ensure that you always craft an original and unique cover letter that presents you as an individual who understands your responsibility as an office manager. Even when you use a cover letter template, you need to prepare an original cover letter by making it personal. As a result, the manager will view you as a more serious job candidate than your competition.

    Incorporate specific keywords

    It is essential to identify and incorporate the specific keywords from the job description in your cover letter. Some companies tend to receive many cover letters and use the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to select cover letters relevant to their needs. Therefore, naturally and appropriately, including the keywords increases the chances of your cover letter being reviewed.

    Keep it short

    Make sure that your cover letter is detailed but brief and short. A short office manager’s cover letter is more effective since the hiring manager is more likely to read it and identify your relevant skills and qualifications. Ensure that you avoid repeating information and only include details to help you land that job.


    Before you send your cover letter, you need to proofread and edit out any spelling and grammar mistakes. This is because the hiring manager will interpret who you are as a person based on your cover letter. That means that you should ensure that it is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Also, ensure that you use the proper format, including the correct address details, the right margins, and the appropriate font and font size.

    Final Thoughts

    A cover letter is a professional letter that you should include among your other application documents when applying for the office manager job. With this letter, you can provide the hiring manager with personal and professional details about yourself. This includes your skills, qualifications, achievements, and experience as a hiring manager. Therefore, it is essential to include the correct details and use a suitable format when writing this letter. Also, ensure that you observe all the necessary considerations before, during, and after writing your cover letter for an office manager position.

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