12 Free Demand Letter for Payment Templates

Demand Letter

A demand letter for payment is generally a formal, written document detailing how debt should be paid before going to court to open a dispute. It notifies an individual/company that you are considering legal action against them. This letter can be viewed as an initial, non-confrontational approach to recovering a debt. The best outcome is that once the individual/company is … Read more

Character Reference Letter for Court (14 Effective Samples)

Reference Letter Court

A Character Reference Letter for Court is an official document used to demonstrate and provide insight into an accused person’s or defendant’s good morals, values, and qualities to a judge or the court. It is written by an individual who knows the accused well, such as a family member, friend, coworker, employer, religious leader, etc. A writer of the letter … Read more

16 General Service Contract Templates (Free Downloads)

Signing a Contract

A general service contract is a document that is used for the provision of any services for an agreed-upon fee. This non-specific agreement can be customized to suit your needs and provide details about it. These documents outline the expectations of both the provider and the client and specify other essential details such as pricing, time restrictions, and payment options. … Read more

Lease Termination Letter (For Month to Month Tenancy)

Lease Termination Letter

Like any other contract, there comes a time when a lease agreement has to be terminated. A letter to that effect, no doubt, has to be drafted. Here go the questions: What is a lease termination letter? What are the steps involved in the exercise? And what are the contents of a typical lease agreement termination letter? A month-to-month tenant … Read more

Free Photography Contract Templates – Word – PDF

Product Photography

When an individual or a company requires the services of a photographer or videographer, they hire them as independent contractors. The legal mechanism that facilitates such a relationship is a Photography Contract. Such a document typically contains information and stipulations regarding the length of the gig, payment, and a detailed description of what the client demands from the photographer. Additionally, … Read more

Free Cleaning Service Contract Templates (Word | PDF)

Cleaning Service

A cleaning service contract is a legally binding agreement between an individual or a cleaning company and their client. It highlights what the company or individual will offer in terms of cleaning services in exchange for payment. This contract can be used either for commercial, such as janitorial services, or residential, such as housekeeping work. The purpose of such agreements … Read more

Business Letter Format Explained – Free Templates

writing business letter

In business, when writing to clients, stakeholders, employees, or another company, it’s important to use the right type of letter formatting. Any professional correspondence should be done using a Business Letter Format. How to Write a Business Letter? To begin with, such letters should be written on the company’s letterhead. There should be between 1 to 1.5 inches of a … Read more

24 Free Deposit Receipt Templates (Cash, Security, etc.)

Deposit Receipt Template

Most transactions between buyers and sellers involve negotiations to find mutually beneficial and agreeable terms of sale. One of the most highly negotiated aspects of a transaction is the payment terms. Even if the buyer is unable to increase the item’s current sale price, the seller (payee) and the buyer (payer) can still agree to proceed with the transaction. It … Read more

Permission Letter to Go on Educational Trip (Samples)


Letters of permission are usually written to gain the approval of higher authorities to execute an upcoming plan. Hence, they follow the same pattern, irrespective of the difference in purpose.  There’s not much difference between writing it for an educational trip and other forms of such letters. The slight difference comes from the details provided and the likely recipients. The … Read more

18+ FREE Contractor Receipt Templates (Word | PDF)

Contractor Receipt Template

A contractor receipt is a document that states that work has been performed at a specific place on a given date and has been paid for by the employer. It is also called a work completion receipt. It is usually issued at the end of the transaction, once all agreements have been settled, services have been rendered, and an exchange … Read more

Sample Early Lease Termination Letter (Tenant to Landlord)


Early lease termination letter written by tenants to notify the landlord of their intention to terminate a lease agreement earlier than previously agreed upon and request a formal release from the agreement. Once the request is accepted and the tenant has fulfilled all their pending contractual responsibilities, they are relieved of any financial and legal obligations under the lease agreement. … Read more

Free Residential Lease Agreement Templates (Word, PDF)

Residential Lease Agreement

This type of lease agreement is unique and exclusive to the residential properties alone. It basically spells out the terms and conditions of the occupancy of that building facility while at the same time incorporating the rights and the obligations of both the tenant and the landlord. By legal definition, it is stated as: A residential lease agreement is a … Read more

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