Free Volunteer Application Forms (Templates) – Word, PDF

Church Volunteer Application Form

Nonprofits and other charity organizations rely on volunteers to ensure the continuity of various operations. With people from all walks of life presenting themselves for consideration, the organizations have to enact measures to ensure they acquire only the ideal volunteers. A volunteer application form can help with that. This form is a tool used by nonprofits to streamline the recruitment … Read more

40 Free Time Log Templates (Hourly, Daily) – Word, Excel

Daily Time Tracking Spreadsheet

A Time Log Sheet is a sequential set of written records that details employee/worker activities with a time stamp. Where’s a Time Log Template is a pre-built sheet that assists you in keeping the time logs and printing the hard copies of log sheets. It is a comprehensive record of the tasks, the date, and time taken to complete certain … Read more

20 Best Letter of Recommendation Samples (How to Format)

sample of recommendation letter

Recommendation letters are important because they corroborate the skills an applicant provides on their application. In this article, we have provided the best and professionally crafted sample letters of recommendation, but first, let us understand what it is: It is a formal letter that demonstrates the skills and performance of another person through the writer’s description of their professional, academic, … Read more

Sample Authorization Letters to Release Information

Authorization to release information

Various transactions and processes require the collection and exchange of sensitive information, including medical reports, government records, financial data, and educational documents. Both local and federal laws typically protect this confidential information. Therefore, the owner must grant authorization for the sharing or access of such information by third parties. This can be accomplished through the use of a letter of … Read more

6 Perfect College Reference Letter Samples

College reference

A college reference letter is a document prepared by a person who knows the subject of the document professionally. This document is usually prepared in order to introduce the subject to a particular college where they seek admission. This document is usually prepared by a teacher who has professional knowledge of the subject’s characteristics and convictions. This document can also … Read more

22 Adoption Reference Letter Samples (How to Write)

Adoption Reference Letter

An Adoption Reference Letter is a formal document written by a person who knows an individual or a couple who is in the process of adopting a child.  The letter endorses the adoptive parents’ character, personality, and ability to care for a child. It was written during an adoption home study carried out by the agency. It enables the agency … Read more

Writing a Babysitter Reference Letter (Templates)

Babysitter Reference Letter

A Babysitter Reference Letter is a formal letter that you, as a former employer, usually write to highlight the positive attributes, experience, and skills of a babysitter applying for a new position. In this reference letter, you should write about their child care skills, strengths, personal attributes, state the duties performed, and elaborate on how successful s/he was in accomplishing … Read more

Volunteer Reference Letter: 19 Best Examples (Writing Tips)

Volunteer Reference Letter

Unlike the rest of the application, a reference letter provides vital information about the candidate from an outside source, providing details regarding qualifications, skills, traits, and abilities and listing laudable achievements. In addition, it helps the recipient understand the kind of person the candidate is. A time will come when you will need to write a reference letter for someone—a … Read more

19 Outstanding Examples of Reference Letter from Manager

reference letter from manager

In the highly competitive world of employment, obtaining an advantage is crucial to staying ahead. Having a person vouch for you is excellent for appearing more desirable to potential employers. In addition, a new employer feels more confident taking on an employee whose value is guaranteed by a person of reputable standing. Between employers, valuable employees are made apparent through … Read more

16 Best Internship Recommendation Letter Samples

sample of internship reference letter

Many students opt for internships nowadays. They tend to be easy to get since they are like jobs without payment. Here are some of the reasons why they chose it. Recommendation Letter A recommendation letter is a document that acts as a character reference for the student in question. A student may request their recommender for a recommendation letter to … Read more

6 Free HR Reference Letter Templates (with Writing Tips)

Human Resource

A human resource reference or HR recommendation letter evaluates the personal characteristics, skills, achievements, and qualities of a person seeking employment in an HR position. The reference letter indicates why you are best suited for the human resource position and of your qualities for that position. The referee or writer has to have played a supervisory role and could be … Read more

Sample Contractor Appointment Letters

sample of contractor appointment letter

It is an appointment letter that serves as an agreement/document between a business and a contractor. It states that a contractor will work for a business and outlines the agreement between them. It contains the scope, limitations, and all the rules and regulations that guide the whole transaction for both parties involved in the contract. Contract Appointment Letters may be … Read more

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