Sample Application for Admission (School, College, University)

When a student wants to join a college, university, or school, they are required to write a permission letter for admission to request to be admitted to a specific course. A parent may also write such a letter to a school on behalf of their child to ask for admission. This letter must be addressed to the right authority besides bearing the relevant details.

Sample Permission Letters for Admission

Sample 1:

The dean
College of health sciences
University of California
January 5, 2020,
Jack Osteen
Student MBCH
College of health sciences

Sub: Request for admission to a Master’s degree in Surgery
Dear Sir,

Having completed my bachelor’s degree in Medicine early this year, I’m interested in joining a master’s degree in Surgery in this prestigious university. I believe after completing this course, I will have the relevant knowledge and experience to work as a surgeon and fulfill my career dream. In this regard, I request you to send me the prospectus and any other relevant information about this course.

I have enclosed copies of my transcripts. Additionally, I have also attached a check of $200 for the prospectus and the postal charges. I’ll be glad to receive this information soonest.

I am thanking you.

Jack Osteen

Sample 2:

February 13, 2020
The Principal,
Kendall College
234 Beverly Street,
Chicago IL, 98231

Subject: Application for Admission

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write this letter to request admission to a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. I finished high school last year and attained seven A’s and two B’s. Besides academics, I also showed remarkable achievements in co-curricular activities. In my last two years in high school, I was the president of the Green country Club.

I request admission into this course also as to sharpen my skills and gain the necessary knowledge that will help me launch a successful career in hospitality. I have attached the relevant documents, including copies of my transcripts.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely Yours,
Agatha Saltwort
400 Grapes Ave
Chicago IL, 92013
+733- 102-9856

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Permission Letter for Admission (Word Format)

Permission Letter for Admission Example

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