Temporary Custody Letter from Parents (Guide & Samples)

Taking custody of children is a delicate issue. The main reason underlying this is the fact that any errors or problems that arise when the child is in your custody will normally be credited to you. It is for this reason that a ‘permission letter from parents’ has to be drafted.

This letter is drafted by those who wish to take custody of the children who do not belong to them. In most cases, these are the teachers, workers and close relatives. It seeks to express permission, in written form, of the custody of the child in question.

Contents of a Permission Letter From Parents

For a large part, the ‘permission letter from parents’ is an official document or letter. This is especially the case if it originates from a teacher, a professional or any other full-fledged institution. It may take an informal tone and character though if it originates from another member of the family.

Regardless of where it originates from, this letter contains the following pieces of information:

Full description of the request

Why exactly do you want to take custody of that child? Is it for holiday, outing, picnic, trip, or travel abroad? You must tell the parent your exact reason. At the same time, you should also notify the parent of any legal implications of your custody if it does exist.

Terms of Liability

While the child is in your custody, and some dangers arise, who will shoulder the responsibility? Is it the parent alone, both of you, or you alone? Could it also be that each party will bear some responsibilities? You must make this pretty clear.

Activities and Environment

You should also specify the environment and the specific activities that the child will be involved in. Avoid being ambiguous to make any subsequent litigation a hassle-free undertaking. You might end up being the one on the receiving end if things get south.

Basic Contact Information

Your letter has to comprise the basic contact information of both parties. The contacts have to be diverse and as relevant to the circumstances as could be practically possible. They are the ones that may be relied on when litigating any disputes in a court of law.

In closing, the letter has to comprise a parental consent slip. As you may have guessed, this slip shows cause that the parent has not only read the letter but also acquiesced to its demands. The letter will not become or be deemed valid save for it containing this consent.

Sample Permission Letter From Parents (for Church Event)

Your Name
Your Address
Your City, State Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. /Ms. Lastname:

RE: Permission to take your child for a picnic

I am the events coordinator for Ebenezer Baptist Church of Lucerne. As part of our schedules, our church does hold picnics for the children annually. This year’s picnic shall take place on the last Saturday, just before Christmas.

Your child, being a member of our church, ought to attend the meeting without fail. It is for this reason that I officially seek your permission to have him join and partake in the event.
During our custody of your child, we shall engage in eating, dancing, rope skipping, road races, and singing. It shall commence very early in the morning and run through to the dusk that same day.
Expect your child to be back at your home by some time at 9:00 PM. In the unlikely event that the child sustains injuries, gets lost, or is involved in an accident, we shall take full responsibility for the same. You need not worry.


FirstName LastName

Parents Permission Letter for Church Event (Word Format)

Permission Letter From Parents

Permission Letter From Parents to Send Child for Summer Holidays

Permission Letter From Parents (Email Example)

Sample Permission Letter for Temporary Custody

Dear Brother,
RE: Request for permission to have your child keep mine company

My dear brother, I currently operate on a strict schedule, indeed. I do leave home very early every morning and return late in the evening. The main reason is that I got a job pretty far from home. As such, I have to start my commutes a bit too early and return way too late.

Due to my squeezed schedules, I am rarely able to be there for my children. Owing to their small and juvenile natures, it might not normally be that they may stay alone and handle their household chores appropriately.

For this reason, I earnestly implore you to release your children to come over and keep mine company, at least during the upcoming summer holidays. When here at my home, I shall take full care of everything they need.

I also understand that one of your sons has chronic asthma infections. Yet again, I shall cater to his medical needs and the associated examinations.

Thank you in advance for giving my request a positive consideration. I look forward to receiving a favorable response from you.

FirstName LastName

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