Permission Letter to Principal to Go Camping

Life at school can sometimes be challenging. At some point, you need to take some day(s) and go out for an adventure with friends or relatives. But before you make your trip plan, you must seek permission from your senior- for this case the school principle. The permission letter informs the principle o your plan and how your absence will affect your child/school in one way or the other. Once you have go-ahead permission from the principle, you can always enjoy your outdoor camping without any fear. Therefore, if you are wondering where to start with your vacation request letter, the following samples will greatly help you out.

Sample Permission Letter to go Camping

Jane Labara
Parent Bright Academy

Mr. John Wick
Principle Bright Academy
22212, 322 Flo Street, Fa
2nd Jan 2020

Dear Mr. Wick,

I am writing this letter to request my child’s permission to go camping this coming weekend 5th Jan 2020. My child is James Blur who is in grade 6. We have planned everything in place and would request for your approval. For any other query, kindly contact me through 33354544566 or [email protected]

Jane Labara
James Blur’s mother.

Sample Permission Letter to Principal to go Camping

Juana Perez
Parent Learners Academy


Mrs. Marry Ann
Principle Learners Academy
444454, 65 Golden Street, IND
3rd Jan 2020


Dear Mrs. Ann,



I want to request for your permission to take my daughter for outdoor camping and bonfire. We plan to go out as a family and my daughter shouldn’t miss out on this golden opportunity. Thanks in advance. For any clarification, please do contact me through +1 818 4343099

Yours sincerely,
Juana Perez
Parent at Learners Academy

Samples in Word Format

Letter of Permission to go on Camping

Letter of Permission to go on Camping Email Example

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