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When you start a new business, one of the most important things you need to do is to come up with a price list. The price is essentially a list stating the prices of goods and services which you are selling. Typically, before establishing a price list, you need to take into account your target clients, the kind of business you operate as well as the total number of targeted customers.

How can a Price list template help?

When running a business involves the sale of goods and services, it is crucial to have a template. Different templates are necessary, which ensure you get to carry out activates successfully, and the price list is one of these essential templates.

Through a price list, you can convey to your consumers the goods and services being sold. You also include the prices of these goods and services, an essential element that affects the customer’s decision.

Moreover, you can make use of the price list template to do other different purposes. For example, a price list is useful when you are creating an inventory for your business. Therefore, thanks to it, you will always be able to verify your inventory is updated at all times. There are different types of price lists, so you first need to understand their differences to know which is perfect for your business.

The common business that may require to use a price list

There are numerous types of price list templates. Therefore, it is up to you to decide which is perfect for your business, but some of the most common types are;

  • Grocery shop template
  • Herbicide price list template
  • Instrument price list template
  • Hair salon price list template
  • Coffee price list template
  • Car price list template
  • Bar price list template
  • Flower shop price list template
  • Basic memory storage price list template
  • Furniture price list template
  • Dairy farm price list template
  • Food and beverages price list template

Free Templates

Business Price List Template :

Business Price List Template

Hair Salon Price List :

Hair Salon Price List Template

Product Price List Template for Excel® :

Product Price List Template for Excel®

Product Price List Template :

Product Price List Template

Retail Store Price List :

Retail Store Price List Template

Service Price List Template :

Service Price List Template

Tips for making the Perfect Price List Template

You need to consider multiple factors when looking to create the perfect price list template for your business. Furthermore, you need to make sure it is as detailed as possible, hence giving your customers an easy time to understand it.

Some of the valuable tips to help you come up with a comprehensive price list are;

Include every product or service you are selling

Before you create a price list template, you first should have an idea of all the goods and services that your business has in stock. This is critical to ensure the information in your price list is accurate and valid.

Thus, you should start by writing down all the commodities, and if you stock a broad category, proceed to categorize them. Doing this will give your customers a much easier time finding whatever they need.

List the prices immediately next to the commodity or service

Once you have written down the good of service, proceed to write its prices right next to it. When doing this, you can either opt for a detailed or basic template, but if you have a knack for designing, then create one that makes your business stand out from your competition. However, this is not a requirement as the crucial thing is the contents inside your price list.

Moreover, the price list needs to be as precise as possible. The reason for this is customers tend to be repulsed by lengthy details as they first need to know the price of the good or service.

Coordinate the products on your lists with the store inventory

You should make use of your latest catalog as a guide when creating a price list template. By doing this, you will have a much simpler task of coming up with a detailed price list. Therefore, all you need to do is organize the products as you wish. Additionally, all goods that are sold out must never be included in the price list to prevent giving your clients false hope only to disappoint them. Thus, always double-check to make sure you have stock of everything on your list.


After reading through this article, you now know what a price list as well as the vital purpose it plays in a business. You also know of the insightful tips to guide you when looking to create a price template. Consequently, you will always include the suitable and correct information in your list, which is crucial to prevent disappointing your customers.

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