Free Project Budget Templates for Excel (Guide & Tips)

Project budget

Like with any other kind of expenditure, you have to draft and adhere strictly to a budget while implementing a project. That is where the relevant project budget planning comes in. It is a special kind of budgeting that seeks to break down the steps of each project as well as the costs that each step is likely to inflict.

But just what is a project planning and how best might you go about it? Well, we draft the entire length and breadth of this article to answer these and many more concerns. It is our hope that you shall get a nice head start.

Project Budget Planning

Project budget planning, as we have already hinted above, is a way of assigning money to projects and accounting for the same. It is important as it minimizes wastage while at the same time ensuring that the projects are run to their utmost perfection. In fact, it is important that you can never do without it in carrying out your large scale projects.

Make Use of Worksheets & Planners

Given the complex nature of large scale projects and the processes of budgeting for the same, you badly need a project budget planning template to go about drafting such a budget. A template basically provides a framework against which you fill out the finer details. In doing so, it minimizes confusion that is likely to arise when budgeting.

A typical project budget planning template comprises the following pieces of information:

  • A breakdown of all the expenses to be incurred while implementing the project
  • A slot for the sum total amount of money to be incurred in the process
  • The time aspect of the implementation of the projects
  • The phases through which the projects shall be implemented
  • The persons or companies who are in charge of which phase of the project
  • The materials to be used and their associated costs
  • The timeline within which each phase has to be concluded

Free Worksheets

project management budget template excel

project budget template google sheets

project budget template pdf

simple budget template excel

business budget template excel

    You need a project budget template for several reasons. Below are some of the main reasons which such a template is crucial insofar as budgeting is concerned:

    Eliminate Confusion: The template primarily eliminates confusion. That is because it breaks down the other complex concepts into simpler languages and forms that just about any other person can understand. In doing so, it helps with seeing to it that the projects are accounted for better. Chances of there being unnecessary conflicts are also kept down to an absolute minimum.

    Oversee every aspect of the project: A template is general quite comprehensive in nature and scope. It literally ‘leaves no stone unturned’ in the sense that it handles and cares for every aspect of the project thereof. That goes a long way to see to it that the project is handled to its logical conclusion.

    Minimize Wastage: With the proper assignment of the project and the scope, the template also guarantees zero wastage of the resources at hand. Each resource is appropriately cared for, with none going to waste at all. It also gives each participant or stakeholder a clear roadmap of what exactly is expected of him and how to deal with the same.

    Apportion Resources Precisely: There is no better way to apportion the resources to each phase of the project as precisely as using a template to that effect. The significance of apportioning resources can never be gainsaid or taken lightly. A project, no doubt, has to operate within some timelines and budget space to be profitable.

    Facilitate the Execution of Projects: The sum total of the above benefits boils down to the facilitation of the execution of projects. This is the utmost goal of each project planner and manager. It is never, in fact, really easy to carry out any huge scale project without the incorporation of the template in its planning and execution.


    It is by all means strongly recommended that you make good use of the project budget templates to draft your budgets. Such an approach will no doubt negate any possibility of you wasting your money or coming up with a budget that is not to your unique states and specifications.

    Reading through the discussions, we have given forth above is no doubt one sure way of achieving this end. It also pays to share the information far and wide. That way, you will aid others who are in your shoes to similarly make good use of the pieces of information we have generously provided.

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